Data Analytics Courses In India: Details, Eligibility, Fees, Syllabus, Career

Data analytics is a method of inspecting data according to the existing information. The candidates who graduate from this course can let organizations make appropriate decisions based on the data and research. Also, it includes certain tools to help professionals and researchers in examining different models, theories, and improve the overall performance of a business. It can use both historical and real-time data to make the right decisions.

The data analytics professionals can help businesses to decide the right price of new products in the market, perform the business operations at low possible cost, decide the work forces to improve the productivity of the company. Data analytics has two methods – exploratory data analysis and confirmatory data analysis. Moreover, there are two structures of data analysis quantitative data analysis and qualitative data analysis. Qualitative data analysis contains numerical data that can be analyzed statistically. Qualitative data analysis includes non-numerical data that helps companies to make good business decisions. Predictive analytics, machine learning, and data mining are some other types of data analytics.

Therefore, this course is a brilliant option for candidates who want to create a bright career in statistics and research. Data analytics course provides knowledge of computer programs such as Microsoft Access, SQL databases, Microsoft Excel, and SharePoint. The main motto of data analytics is to examine the figures for a business and help it to increase revenue. The professionals who pass out from this course can do logistics analysis, market research, strategy planning, and many more activities. The data analytics course allows the candidates to get jobs like data scientists, data analysts, data engineers, database administrators, etc.

Here are all the important things that you need to know about the data analytics course.

Data Analytics Course Details

Data Analytics Course

Data analytics courses are available in both UG and PG levels. UG courses include BE or B.Tech and BSc. PG courses include MSc, MCA, M.Tech, MBA, and PGDM. Also, some online short term courses are there that can be pursued by working professionals. The duration of the data analytics course can vary between 1 and 2 years, depending on the level you select. The average fee for the data analytics course is INR 85,000 per year.

This course also allows you to study in different disciplines like computer science, economics, mathematics, statistics, information management, and business information system.

Eligibility for Data Analytics Courses:

Data analytics is an advanced course for management and information technology. Therefore, candidates who want to pursue their careers in this course need to have proper knowledge and experience in the specific field. Some data analytics courses also require work experience of three to four years for admission.

  • The minimum eligibility for this course is graduation with at least 60% marks in fields like statistics, IT, and others.
  • Students who have completed a degree from recognized universities in mathematics, computer science, and statistics are also eligible for this course.

Skills Required For Data Analytics Course:

The candidates also need to have some specific skills to perform well in industries after completing this course. Because this profession requires thorough research in different fields, you must have coding skills to do the job appropriately. Other skills, such as problem-solving, statistical, and data analysis are essential to be successful in this field.

Those who want to pursue their career in this course must understand computer software, such as scripting language, excel, statistical language, and querying language. Apart from that, communication, data visualization, and decision-making skills are essential to perform well in this field. Some other skills, like attention to detail and critical thinking, are also important to become a successful data analyst.

Admission Process for Data Analytics Course:

In order to join the data analytics course, you need to visit the official website of the institute where you want to study. Then complete the registration process and make the payment. Also, you will need to submit academic and work experience certificates while submitting the application. During this process, some institutes also ask for scores of exams like XAT, CAT, GMAT, etc. Apart from that, some colleges conduct personal interviews and group discussions during the admission process.

Syllabus for Data Analytics Course:

The candidates who pursue the data analytics course should have a thorough understanding of business and technical subjects. Here is the syllabus of this course.

Business Fundamentals Pricing Analytics Text Analytics Marketing Analytics
Forecasting Analytics Simulation Optimization Data Structures And Algorithms
Social Network Analytics Relational Database Management Systems Supply Chain Analytics Statistical Analytics
Machine Learning Retail Analytics Customer Analytics Probability And Statistics
Data Collection Data Visualization

The data analytics course also provide learning in some of the software tools, and those are –

MySQL Hadoop Tableau @Risk
XLMiner Simio Python NodeXL –MeXL
Stata R

Career Opportunities for Data Analytics Course:

After completing the data analytics course, candidates can apply for various job profiles in top companies in India. The common areas where data analytics specialists can work are finance, business intelligence, data assurance, and many more. The main objective of a data analytics professional is to find out ways how a business can improve its efficiency, gather data, and audit the data using different tools and methods, and find out the solution. They also share the solution with the concerned people in a simple way.

This is a demanding profession because every business needs someone to carry out business researches and analyze the data. So by enrolling in this course, you can create a bright career for you. Usually, the starting salary for data analytics professionals varies from INR 10 to 12 lakh per annum in different cities in India. Also, the salaries can increase up to INR 25 lakh with your experience. However, if you want to study more, then you can opt for higher education programs.

Job Roles for the Data Analytics Course:

Here are some job roles that you can apply for after passing out the data analytics course.

  • Data Analyst:

This is one of the popular job roles for this course. The professionals in this role analyze the data to take out the important information required for a specific project. Also, they are responsible for recognizing the changes in the market and create a model accordingly using the collected data. Data analysts also prepare presentations of the collected data in the form of graphs, reports, charts, dashboards, and many more. This way, they ensure that people can understand that with ease. The salary of a data analyst starts from INR 4 lakh per annum or more.

  • Data Scientist:

The professionals in this role are responsible for cleaning and organizing scientific data collected for certain projects. For this act, they use programming languages like python, R, and SAS. They do broad research in the specific field and help app developers to take out the relevant data, make methods and blueprints for use, and create data definition of specific data. The starting salary of a data scientist in India is INR 7 lakh per year and more.

  • Statistician:

Statisticians collect quantitative data, analyze it, and interpret it using a set of theories and methodologies used in statistics. They regulate the process of data collection and find out the required data for solving a particular problem. Statisticians can start their career from INR 5 lakh and go up to INR 15 lakh per year.

  • Data Engineer:

The Data Engineer is another popular job role in this field. They create prototypes, algorithms, and theoretical models depending on the blueprint of a data architect. Also, a data engineer defines the right time for analyzing the data and informs the data analysts and statisticians. In India, the starting salary of a data engineer is INR 5 lakh and more.

  • Data Architect:

The job of a data architect is to create blueprints of the data science projects that can be used by a company. Data architects collate, organize, maintain, and protect the data sources from all the data management and technologies used. Furthermore, they ensure the availability, stability, and security of the data. This is a highly responsible job, and the salary of this job role starts from INR 18 lakh per annum in India.

  • Database Administrator:

The candidates of data analytics can also apply for the database administrator job role. The responsibility of this role is to make sure that the database is secure and available for all specified users. The salary of a database administrator starts from INR 4 lakh per year.

Top Recruiters for Data Analytics Graduates:

Nowadays, the demand for data analytics has increased in various industries, including finance, banking, sales and marketing, electronics, information technology, heavy industries, and many more. Apart from increasing the revenue of a company, it can also ensure customer satisfaction, increase customers, and decrease the overall cost. Therefore, the graduates of this course are eligible for various job posts in different companies. Here are the top companies that hire the graduates of the data analytics course.

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Yahoo
  • HCL Technologies LTD.
  • Automatic Data Processing
  • WNS Global Services
  • Accenture
  • HSBC
  • Walmart Labs
  • The Smart Cube
  • Google
  • Linkedin
  • Microsoft, etc.

Data Analytics Course Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Data Analytics Course?

The Data Analytics course is mainly designed to examine the figures and Statistics, which is related to business. Candidates who want to become a data scientist or data engineer or database administrators can check this course. The course mainly focused to provide in-depth knowledge of Computer Like – Microsoft Excel, Share Point, Microsoft Access, SQL and more.

  1. How can I do Analytics Course?

You can pursue this course at the UG level or PG level.  You should have completed your graduation with a 60% aggregate in IT or statistics fields from any recognized university/college/institute.  Apart from this, Candidate who has completed their graduation with mathematics or computer science is also eligible for Analytics course. Some institutes required experienced certificates at the time of admission procedure. So candidates need t check all eligibility criteria before applying.

  1. Can I do Analytics Course without any entrance exam?

And the answer is yes. You can submit your academic certificates and experience certificates at the time of admission but several institutes/colleges operate their own entrance exams and personal interviews to offer admission in Analytics course. While other institutes ask for XAT, GMAT and CAT scores during the admission process.

  1. What are the top Job Roles for Analytics Course?

Students after completing the Analytics course may apply for top-notch posts. Some top job Roles are listed below-

  • Data Scientist
  • Statistician
  • Data Architect
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  1. What is the total duration of the Analytics Course?

The minimum duration of the data analytics course is nearby 1 to 2 year. Moreover, the duration depends on the level that you can select.  Some Online analytics courses are available for a short period.

  1. Which type of subjects should I learn in Analytics Course?

Data Analytics course is offering business and related subjects that include various topics like-

Business Fundamentals, Social Network Analytics, Pricing Analytics, Simulation, Forecasting Analytics, Relational Database Management systems, Machine Learning, Data Visualizations and more

  1. Is Analytics Course a job- orientation option?

The demand for analytics professional is rapidly and also they can find desirable jobs in the banking sector, finance department, IT department and many more. You will get various employment opportunities across the world. After the completion, of course, you are getting hired by the following companies- Flipkart, Amazon, Walmart Labs, The Smart Cube, Google, Linkedin, Microsoft, Accenture, Automatic Data Processing, Yahoo, HSBC etc.

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