CSC Course Full Form

What is The Full Form of CSC?

The full form of CSC is a Common Service Center, an activity of the Ministry of Electronics and Information technology, the government of India. CSCs are the route for the imparting of multiple electronic administrations to towns across the country. CSCs are located as advancing provincial enterprises, change specialists, occupations, and building rustic limits.

Common Service Center

CSC History

It is an essential foundation of the National e-governance plan, authorized by the Government. Established in 2006, CSCs deliver practical voice, video, administration, and information substance in the territories of wellbeing, and e-administration, like other private institutions.

It is a special purpose vehicle used to connect the rural people with the government & private banks, and other service providers like institutes, insurance companies, and more.

Objective of CSC

Following are some of the major purposes of CSC:

  • CSC aims to access data remotely across every Indian hom
  • To empower network support, advance provincial business enterprise, and impact aggregate activity for social improvement.
  • Ensure delivery of public services to the rural area
  • To provides rural population a point to access information
  • Online access to affordable and quality health services
  • Provide access to skill upgradation and quality education
  • Boost rural empowerment of socially affected people for immense growth
  • Promote participation from the people, rural entrepreneurship, and social improvement
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