CCNA Course: Details, Eligibility, Syllabus, Career, Fees, Scope, And More

In the networking world, CCNA is one of the most popular certification courses offered by CISCO systems. The CCNA Full Form is CISCO certified network associate, it is a technical certification course and is one of the most pursued career options in the field of technology. One who pursues this course can make a rewarding career as a network administrator or engineer. Since it is an associate-level course, students can work in many types of network associate roles in the field of networking.

Being one of the most popular companies in the field of manufacturing and networking equipment selling, CISCO offers a great opportunity to students to improve their skills in the field of IT. By pursuing this course, students can enhance their skills related to network access, IP services, security fundamentals, automation, IP connectivity, network fundamentals, etc. The CISCO certified network associate certification course provides techniques for designing, installing, operating, and troubleshooting switched systems.

After completing this certification course, students can be CCNA certified experts and work in various industries. Those who are willing to make a career in the field of technology can consider pursuing this course to get plenty of job opportunities. This course has high importance in the technology industry and lets students make an excellent career in the same field. This certification course includes the fundamentals of the networking field and enables students to understand all the aspects clearly.

Therefore, one should know about the CCNA course if he/she wants to make a career in the field of technology. Here we are going to discuss what the CCNA course is and its details.

What Is the CCNA Course?

CCNA Course

The CCNA course is a top-level certification course in the field of information technology which is offered by the CISCO systems. This certification program is similar to a vocational training program that enhances the skills of students so that they can get better job opportunities. This course mainly focuses on the hardware and networking factors of IT. The duration of the CCNA course is 1.5 years.

As we all know, IT has a huge impact in different fields like healthcare, business, finance, education, etc. And the IT field needs both software and hardware to create, manage, operate, and maintain its system. In this case, the CCNA course plays an important role. The certification course mainly focuses on the software, hardware, and networking techniques required for creating, operating, managing, and maintaining IT systems. It also provides basic knowledge about IT systems, LAN & WAN technologies, IP addressing, network protocols, routing and switching, etc. So, the CCNA course is the best suit for you if you are willing to make a career in this field.

The Course Fee for The CCNACourse:

The fee for the CCNA certification course usually varies from college to college. The colleges or universities that are a member of the CISCO networking academy offer this course. The course fee for the CCNA course in different colleges ranges from 22,000 rupees to 25,000 rupees.

Scope of The CCNA Certification Course:

Computer networking is one of the high demanding fields in the current era,which increases the requirement for professionals who can work in multiple networking fields. This is why the CCNA certification course is widely popular. With the help of this course, candidates can improve their knowledge and skills with the technology trends.

Because the demand for computer networks is increasing with time, the demand for candidates who can work in this field will also increase. This is where the candidates can get plenty of opportunities in the future. This course also provides a lot of valuable skills to students related to computer networks. So, students who pursue this course will get a higher career scope in this field and earn higher salaries.

Required Skills for The CCNA Course:

The candidates should have some key skills in order to pursue the CISCO certified network associate course. Some common skills required for the CCNA course include troubleshooting skills, customer service skills, analytical skills, organizational skills, ability to use industry-specific skills, etc.

The following are the 8 required skills for the CCNA course.

  • Design:

This is an essential skill required for CISCO certified design associate. This ensures that the candidates are able to design network infrastructures and services.

  • Security:

Security is another important aspect of the CCNA course. The students need to know how to develop a security infrastructure, recognize threats and vulnerabilities to networks, and mitigate security threats.

  • Service Provider:

They should know about the service provider industry, core technologies, and trends. They should also be able to configure and execute service provider networks. This is required for CISCO certified network associate service provider.

  • Wireless:

The candidates should be able to configure, manage, and troubleshoot different tasks of CISCOWLAN in SMB and enterprise networks. This skill is required for the CISCO certified network associate wireless.

  • Data Center:

The applicants should have the basic knowledge to install, configure and manage data centers.The data center skills are essential for CISCO Certified Network Associate Data Center.

  • Routing and Switching:

They should be able to install, manage, and troubleshoot network infrastructure products.This is required for the CISCO Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching certification.

  • Video:

Students should know the process of deploying video endpoints, setting up new users, and operating networked video solutions. This certification is known as CISCO Certified Network Associate Video.

  • Voice:

The candidates should be aware of call control, IP telephony, voicemail solutions, and other VoIP technologies.

Eligibility Criteria CCNA Certificate Course:

Those who have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science, or information science can opt for the CCNA course. Moreover, the CISCO certified network associate course doesn’t have any official eligibility requirements. So, any person can pursue this course no matter whether he/she has a previous networking background or not.

The candidates will need to clear the initial stage of the interconnecting CISCO networking devices exam to get admission to the CISCO Certified Entry Network Technician certification course. This course and exam are additional requirements for the CCNA course.

Admission Process for The CISCO Certified Network Associate Course:

To get admission to this certification course, the candidates should have at least 3 to 5 years of experience in the field of networking. They should also have a diploma or any equivalent certificate to get admission to this course. However, there is no specified eligibility for this certification program.

Syllabus for The CCNA Course:

The CCNA certification program is classified into seven important parts. Here are the subjects that are covered in this course, read full report here:

  • Routing information protocol (version 2)
  • Virtual local area networks
  • Frame relay
  • Internet protocol
  • Enhanced interior gateway routing protocol
  • Access control lists
  • Ethernet

Career Prospects for The Graduates of CCNA Course:

The CISCO certified network associate certification program is an excellent career opportunity for candidates who are willing to work in the field of networking. The course offers deeper knowledge about various networking subjects to the students. Therefore, one can get plenty of job opportunities in the field of computer networking and earn good salaries.

The candidates can apply for various job profiles as per their skills and expertise.

  • Data Center Network Administrator:

This is one of the top job profiles for the graduates of the CCNA course. the candidates should know how to install, configure, and maintain data centers to work in this job profile.

  • Network Design Technician:

The professionals in this job role usually design network infrastructures and services in the company. The CISCO certification for this job profile is known as CISCO certified design associate.

  • Security Administrator:

The job role of a security administrator is to develop security infrastructures for networking systems. The individual in this job role also identifies threats and vulnerabilities to networks and takes the necessary steps to solve those.

  • Network Administrator:

The work of a network administrator is to configure, manage, and troubleshoot various tasks of CISCOWLAN in server message block and enterprise networks. This is a top job role in the wireless field for the candidates of the CCNA course.

Apart from the above job profiles, the CCNA certified professionals can opt for many other job profiles like system engineer, network designer, network optimizer, support engineer, video media operator, network support executive, video technician, etc.

Salaries of CCNA Certified Candidates:

The CISCO certified network associate certification course is a brilliant option for students to make a rewarding career in the field of computer networks and IT. The course provides in-depth training to the candidates to enhance their employability skills and make them ready for jobs. The training partners of the CISCO systems provide appropriate knowledge to the students and improve their skills in the field. This way, the graduates of this course are well suited for jobs, and most companies prefer hiring them for different job profiles. They can earn an average salary of 4.5 lakh rupees to 8 lakh rupees per year.

List of Top Colleges in India For CCNA Course:

Many colleges are there in the country for pursuing the CISCO certified network associate certification course. So, one can easily get admission to a good college to pursue this course. The following are some of the top collegesfor the CCNA course.

  • Technocrat Institute
  • Reliable Network Technologies
  • CMS IT Training Institute, Andheri
  • Ussoft Anna nagar
  • Precognition Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • IIHT India

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