Some of the Best Aptitude Exam Preparation Apps for Android

A student’s life is packed with examinations, whether they are for school, university, or recruitment in public or private services. Whether an entrance exam for admission in college/university or a government recruitment exam, logical reasoning and aptitude tests have become crucial in the process of screening candidates.

As a result, the significance of these tests should never be underestimated. Nearly all the students start preparing for the Recruitment Exam from their pre-final year and start going through the subjects and the syllabus.

You can study and prepare for the aptitude exam using these applications while in a classroom, at home, in a garden, or just while in line, or while traveling by metro. Whether you wish to study a simple topic like percentage or a complex one like Equation of Parabola, these apps have you covered.

Aptitude Exam

On that note, let’s discuss a few amazing aptitude preparation apps that will help ace the aptitude section of any competitive exam with ease.

Pocket Aptitude

The Pocket Aptitude app allows you to practice for the foremost common Aptitude and Logical Reasoning questions found in tests like the CAT and CSAT. To aid you in your studies, Pocket Aptitude offers over 1800 quantitative aptitude problems. It is yet another software that allows you to study for examinations like CAT and SCAT, as well as banking, SSC, and other placement exams.

It includes aptitude tips and tricks, logical thinking tips and techniques, extensive answers to difficult questions, as well as the daily practice tests and live exam scores. Furthermore, it has features like scratchpad and bookmark questions for rough work and revision respectively.

Aptitude & Logical Reasoning

Aptitude and Logical Thinking is one of the greatest aptitude preparation apps for Android, and it’s ideal for practicing numeric aptitude, logical reasoning, general reasoning, and verbal reasoning for a variety of aptitude tests, including the CAT, CSAT, and other civil service aptitude examinations.

Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning are the most significant sections of modern examinations, and they are asked in practically all sorts of exams today, from campus placement to admission exams and some common exams like CAT, XAT, MAT, GRE, GMAT, SAT, NTSE, and numerous bank exams.


IndiaBix Aptitude is a free Android app for preparing for aptitude tests. It is also one of the Online android aptitude test preparation applications in which you will receive a silver reward if you offer 5 accurate answers at the end of the test, a gold award if you give 10 correct answers, and a diamond if you give 15 correct answers.

This study app includes a simple and user-friendly interface, as well as a vast library of mathematical aptitude problems and solutions from competitive examinations and placement papers.

It is intended as a tool for all job seekers, as well as those who are preparing to take any bank or other entrance exam. Mathematically minded people can use this software to improve their IQ and expand their knowledge.

Microsoft Maths Solver

The Microsoft Maths Solver app uses a superior AI-powered maths solver to assist with a spread of issues, including arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and other areas.

Simply write a maths problem on the screen or take a photo using the camera. The Microsoft Maths issue solver detects the problem right away and guides you through the solution using step-by-step instructions, interactive graphs, similar problems from the web, and online video courses.

Whether you are struggling with homework problems on Hyperbola or studying trigonometric ratios, the Maths solver will help you in gaining confidence in mastering the concepts

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