B.Tech Computer Science Course: Eligibility, Syllabus, Subjects, Career, Duration, Salary

Tech Computer Science Course is one of the most popular courses in these days. This course is also known as Computer Science Engineering, and most students like to build their career in this domain. Moreover, the B. Tech Computer Science Course is one of the top courses in India. Also, this course is available in most institutes that offer Bachelor of Technology programs. Like other engineering courses, the B.Tech computer science course is a four years course. It mainly includes Algorithms, Calculus, Database learning, Computer architecture, computer science, and many other topics like other engineering courses.

It is an undergraduate course and contains the basics of computer systems and their applications. Those who want to work as a Software Developer or Engineer in the top organizations in India can study this course. Also, the students who graduate from this course can apply for posts related to microprocessor design, circuit design, software design, personal computer & supercomputer design, etc. after completing this course. The candidates who study this course get familiar with analog and digital electronics, programming languages, networking, and telecommunication. So the students who study the B. Tech computer science course get skilled in problem-solving, database management, operating systems, and other parameters needed in the industry.

Tech Computer Science Course

The institutes that offer this course also enable students to get updated about the changes in technologies by building tie-ups with different companies. This way, the students who pursue this course get to know about the changes in technologies so that they can meet the needs of the industry. Computers are the need of the future, so this course is gaining popularity day by day. Also, it has importance in the industry and offers a bright career to the students. Here are important things to know about the B. Tech computer science course.

Course Summary

B.Tech computer science course mainly deals with computer systems and its applications. It enables students to work in different programming languages and networking fields. The subjects included in this course are designed to improve the knowledge about the computer system and its applications. Also, this course teaches the students about the design and implementation of computer software and hardware. So the students can work on the roles related to computer software and its applications in different companies. Another good thing about the B. Tech computer science course is it enables students to find a job for them easily. Here are the details of this engineering course.

B.Tech Computer Science Course Details:

Course name Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering
Degree Bachelor of Technology
Duration of course Duration of this course is 4 years, which is divided into eight semesters
Average course fee B. Tech computer science course average course fee ranges between 80,000 rupees to 1, 20,000 rupees per semester.

What Is B. Tech Computer Science Engineering?

Tech computer science course is designed to teach students about different technologies and let them work in the industry efficiently. It is a study of engineering that deals with the study of computer hardware, algorithms, calculus, programming languages, design & implementation of computer software, mechanics, physics, and other topics related to computer science. The students who study this course can work on the roles of Software Engineers and Developers in different companies. Also, it enables the students to apply for posts like System Analyst, Technical Support Manager, Testing Engineer, etc. Moreover, the graduates can opt for higher studies such as M.Tech in computer science and MBA.

It is an undergraduate course for four years that covers various subjects related to computer systems and its applications. It provides basic learning about all the subjects related to computer science to let the graduates work in different industries. Also, the B. Tech Computer Science Course is a demanding course in many organizations that enables graduates to get their desired jobs. The students completed this course can stand out of their peers and have higher chances to get their dream job in the top firms. Another specialty of this course is it covers the important subjects that enable students to meet the industry needs. So it can enhance the skills of students and allow them to work efficiently in the industry.

Eligibility for B.Tech Computer Science Course

Those who want to enroll in the B. Tech computer science course need to pass the minimum eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria for this course are –

  • The applicants who want to apply for this course need to be passed 12th class or other equivalent examination from an acknowledged board. Also, they need to score at least 50% marks to be eligible for this course.
  • The students who have applied the 12th class exam and waiting for results can also apply for this course.
  • The student must have studied physics, mathematics, and chemistry to be eligible for this course.
  • The applicants need to pass the entrance exam conducted by the specific college or university to enroll in this course.

Usually, entrance exams are conducted to test the ability of students for the particular B.Tech course. So the selection of the candidates for B.Tech computer science is based on the results of the entrance exam. The following are some popular entrance exams conducted for the computer science course.

  • JEE Main: This entrance exam is conducted by the National Testing Agency for the enrollment of students in different engineering courses. It is a national-level exam and conducted twice a year. The passed candidates from this exam can apply for engineering courses offered by different institutes in India.
  • IPU CET: This entrance exam is conducted for admission of the students to engineering courses in IP University. IPU CET exam is conducted once in a year in the month of May.
  • LPU NEST: It is a special entrance examination conducted to admit students in various engineering courses offered by the Lovely Professional University.
  • SRMJEEE: SRMJEEE entrance exam is conducted for the admission of students in various B.Tech courses offered by SRM University.

If you meet the eligibility criteria for the B.Tech computer science course, then you can prepare for the entrance exams to enroll in this course. You can study the previous year’s question papers and other related questions to the entrance exams to understand the structure of the questions of the exam.

Syllabus for B.Tech Computer Science Course

As mentioned above, the B.Tech computer science course is a four years course and classified in eight semesters. The detailed syllabus for the B.Tech computer science course is given below.

1st Year
Semester 1 Semester 2
Chemistry 1 Applied Physics 1 theory and Lab
Economics for Engineers Sociology and Elements of Indian History for Engineers
Elementary Mathematics for Engineers Differential Equations
Computer Programming Engineering Workshop Practice
Chemistry Laboratory 1 Basic Electrical engineering theory and Lab
Environmental Studies Engineering Graphics
Basic Engineering Mechanics Computer Programming
Law of Engineers
Business Communication and Presentation skills
Value Education, Legislative Procedure, and Human Rights
2nd Year
Semester 3 Semester 4
Computer Networking Systems Digital Systems
Elementary Biology Basic Electronics Lab
Material Science and Engineering Chemistry 2
Energy Studies Unix Programming
Basic Electronics Engineering Discrete Mathematics
Algorithm Design and Analysis Data Structure and Algorithm
Complex Algebra Simulation Lab
Computer Design Automation Theory
Multivariate Analysis, Linear Algebra, and Special Functions
3rd Year
Semester 5 Semester 6
Internet Web Programming Advanced Biology
Compiler Design Artificial Intelligence
Graph Theory Software Engineering
Simulation and Modeling Elective Course 3
Embedded Systems Fuzzy Mathematics
Elective Course 1
Elective Course 2
4th Year
Semester 7 Semester 8
Pattern Recognition Mobile Computing
Project Work 1 Project Work 2
Elective Course 4 Elective Course 7
Elective Course 5 Elective Course 8
Elective Course 6 Elective Course 9

Tech Computer Science Course Career Opportunities

Students who graduate from the B.Tech computer science course can apply for jobs in different industries. Also, this course has a great scope in the future and offers brilliant career opportunities. After completing this course, the candidates can avail of numerous jobs in top IT and other companies. Also, it allows them to showcase their skills in various industries. They can work on software projects in different organizations. Moreover, the graduates from this course can apply for both private and public sector firms. Also, this undergraduate course allows students to apply for high paying jobs. The following are some job posts for the B. Tech computer science course.

  • Software Developer:

A Software Developer is a demanding role for a computer science graduate. Also, being a Software Developer is a dream of many computer science graduates. The main work of a software developer is to create software for the organization.

  • IT Technical Content Developer:

In this role, you can create technical content for the organization where you are working. Some examples of technical content are audio recordings, graphics, etc.

  • Computer Programmer:

It is a special role for Computer Science Engineers in any organization. This post also abbreviated as System Programmer. The job of a Computer Programmer is to create software programs, analyze algorithms, maintain operating systems, debug and modify source code, write system instructions, etc. Also, this role is responsible for providing technical support for any program-related issues.

  • Technical Support Engineer:

The purpose of this role is to troubleshoot software and hardware issues in the system. Also, this role needs a technical expert who can identify computer issues and solve them.

  • Testing Engineer:

It is another special post in different organizations that need a graduate from B.Tech computer science. A Testing Engineer tests the software developed by the Developer and confirms whether it is working or not.

  • System Designer:

The work of a System Designer is to make designs and documentation for the computer system developments according to the needs of the organization. It is a highly demanding role in many organizations and requires strong knowledge of computer systems.

  • Engineering Support Specialist:

An Engineering Support Specialist is responsible for clearing the customer doubts about the products of the company. This professional needs to attend the calls of the customers and solve all the technical problems.

  • System Database Administrator:

The job of this role is to ensure the proper working of the database and do the necessary developments of the database. Also, a System Database Administrator needs to troubleshoot the problems of users to ensure a smooth performance. This role is usually offered to graduates from the B. Tech computer science for better performance.

These are some popular jobs for graduates from the B.Tech computer science course. Excluding these, you can also find many opportunities in different government and private sectors. HCL, Wipro, TCS, Infosys, and Accenture are some popular companies in India to provide job opportunities for computer science engineering graduates.

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The Average Salary Package of a Computer Science Engineer in Different Job Roles

Role Average Salary per Annum
Software developer INR 6.5 to 7 lakhs
IT technical content developer INR 5.5 to 6 lakhs
Computer programmer INR 4.3 to 5 lakhs
Technical support engineer INR 9 to 10 lakhs
Testing engineer INR 8 to 9 lakhs
System designer INR 6.6 to 10 lakhs
Engineering support specialist INR 4.5 to 9 lakhs
System database administrator INR 5.4 to 9 lakhs

These are the average salary of computer science engineers in different roles. These salaries may vary from company to company.

List of the Leading B.Tech Computer Science Engineering Colleges in India

  1. Vignan’s Foundation for Science, Technology, and Research, Guntur
  2. Tolani Maritime Institute, [TMI] Pune
  3. Centurion University of Technology and Management, [CUTM] Paralkhemundi
  4. ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad
  5. Institute of Advanced Studies in Education, [IASE University] Sardarshahr
  6. Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, [NSIT] Patna
  7. University Institute of Engineering and Technology, [UIET] Kanpur
  8. Motihari College of Engineering, [MCE] Motihari
  9. Jamia Millia Islamia University, [JMI] New Delhi
  10. National Institute of Technology, [NITC] Calicut
  11. Institute of Technical Education and Research, [ITER] Bhubaneswar
  12. SSN College of Engineering, [SSNCE] Chennai
  13. Lovely Professional University, [LPU] Jalandhar
  14. Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science, [HITS] Chennai
  15. Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, [IIITD] New Delhi

These are some of the top colleges situated in different cities of India that offer the B.Tech Computer Science course. Also, many other colleges in India offer this course, excluding the above listed.

B.Tech Computer Science Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will I be able to learn in B.Tech Computer Science?

Right from the basics about computers to the a few programming languages you will be able to learn a lot of things. You will learn things like Fundamentals of computers, Computer networking, Database management system, Algorithms, analysis and designing of algorithms and much more. It is a course all about computers and its networks.

  • What is the duration of B.Tech Computer Science course?

Usually, any engineering course is for four years. So, the B.Tech Computer Science is also a course of four years if you are getting admission into it after completing your 12th standard. If you take admission after diploma, then you will be able to get admission into second year directly and then it will be a three year course. The exams are conducted on semester basis and you will have eight to six semesters for the entire course.

  • How much will a B.Tech Computer Science student earn after completion of the course?

The salary of a B.Tech Computer Science student after successful completion of the course will be from Rs 2,50,000 per annum to Rs 5,00,000. But just in a few years you will be able to earn double of it. When your skills are very good, you will be hired by some of the best software companies in India. So, getting a good opportunity is not at all a problem for you.

  • What is the minimum qualification required for getting admission into B.Tech Computer Science course?

You should have completed your high school education with good score. You should also complete your 12th standard with at least 50 percent marks. Make sure that you have Mathematics, Physics and chemistry as the main subjects. You can also get admission in B.Tech Computer Science course after completing your diploma in Computer Science. This is going to be a three-year course and you need at least 50 percent marks.

  • What is the course fee for B.Tech Computer Science?

The course fee depends on the college where you are going to get admission. You have several private and government colleges for engineering. Usually, the fee structure starts from Rs 10,000 per year and it can also be more than Rs 50,000 per month. So, based on your requirements you will have to pick the right college or university. You will get the complete details about the fee from the official website of the college.

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