Top 10 Best Job Portals in India [Job Search Websites]

Do you remember when job-seekers physically distributed copies of their CV at company receptions? Those times, thankfully, are long gone.

Now there is a plethora of job portals where employers and recruiters list available positions using their software. Users can search for open positions on these sites based on criteria such as their area of expertise, degree level, and professional background.

Depending on where they are in the process, job-seekers can use job portals to get in touch with a diverse range of available employment in a short amount of time.

 Most online resources for finding work also allow users to refine their search using various criteria. Candidates will find it easier to zero in on a career path with this trait.

 Companies might benefit from using online job boards to find qualified candidates more quickly. Hiring managers and recruiters may opt to validate prospective applications online rather than sift through paper resumes. Therefore, they are able to save time and energy by using job portals.

List of Top Job Searching Portals in India

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Here is a complete list of best job portals in India that can help you find your dream job



Many people in India utilize a popular job-hunting website that first appeared online in 1997. It can be used by people to assist them get jobs in the United States and other countries. It is a first-rate platform for finding employment opportunities, featuring a resume bank, job ads, and reaction tracking tools, among other things.

Its premium version also provides users with expert advice on developing a marketable resume., one of the most popular job boards, welcomes applications from everyone and is constantly updated with fresh postings from companies looking to fill open positions.

2. Linkedin


The use of online information sources is not always the optimal choice. Make connections and start networking instead; LinkedIn makes it easy. In addition to opening up doors to excellent job opportunities all over the world, it also helps you meet new people and expand your professional sphere.

It’s a lucky charm for more than simply job hunting; professional networking in general. Here you may network with professionals working for a variety of companies, learn about available positions and career paths, and even take aptitude tests.

This pack is already a big value. It is much easier to get in touch with decision-makers and recruiters when you have a LinkedIn profile, as the vast majority of these professionals use the site. This is a great place to hang out, have meaningful interactions, and naturally expand your professional network.

3. Indeed

URL: is not just one of the largest job boards in India, but in the world. This service is fantastic for locating and listing open employment. As a meta-search engine, it aggregates job postings from several sources, making it easy to find the right opportunity.

No other website provides as many opportunities as this and is as well-known for putting everyone on the planet to work. A firm review is also a resource that can help job seekers learn more about the company to which they’re applying.

4. Glassdoor


Many job seekers now consult Glassdoor before submitting an application. Glassdoor’s unique approach has helped many people find fulfilling careers. Information about the organisation, salary ranges, interview questions, and employee reviews are all available here. Its pride in having the greatest professional network and expanding to more than 200 nations shows.

Glassdoor is one of the most popular and effective online job forums for young people, offering several internship and entry-level job opportunities to current students and recent graduates.



Monster, is now changed to Foundit, was among the earliest online job boards. The leading employment site has also served as an investor in the past. Getting ready for the upcoming millennial and Gen-Z workforce entrants is currently their top focus. They believe that this new generation will be very different from the Baby Boomers.

Foundit does provide a skills assessment tool, but it is far more limited than those featured on other online job boards. Foundit will post jobs for you, help you design applications for specific positions, track applicants, and manage your ad campaigns with little to no effort on your part.

Moreover, they include tactics that account for the volume of interest you anticipate receiving in response to your job ad. is a well-known and respected online resource for finding employment.

In addition to a variety of professions, the site also features a blog where readers can keep up with the most recent developments in the job market, get a feel for the area, and pick up some useful tips. Foundit, active in 40+ countries, is the global industry standard for innovative recruiting tools. They also have a service called “Right resume” that provides guidance appropriate to your professional standing.

6. Shine


Shine, which is owned and operated by HT Media, is one of India’s most popular and innovative job-searching platforms, where users may also look for advice from industry professionals. The app, phone, email, live chat, & straightforward structure of this job platform are its primary strengths.

Identify qualified candidates inside the industry and hire them. Learn rapidly about some of the best candidates. The free work can be uploaded in a short amount of time with the use of widely accessible pre-written task templates. There are more than 650 million people on one of the largest talent platforms, where you may advertise your business and showcase your own skills.

HT Media operates a job portal where people in India may look for work and receive expert career advice. Common functions of employment portals include user-friendly interfaces and access to support via various mediums (e.g., phone, email, and live chat). It also runs its personalized mobile app.

7. Jobs for her


When it comes to career opportunities, this is one of the best options for women to pursue. The goal of this initiative was to help women in India who had previously left the labor force return to it by providing them with employment opportunities and re-engaging them in their chosen fields.

Those interested in finding work in the urban centers of India can do so by visiting this website. Insights and access to the many company programs designed to reintroduce women to the workforce are also provided. When it comes to helping women restart their professional lives, Jobs for Her will stop at nothing short of doing whatever it takes.

8. Google jobs


Google has strong market share and huge fan support. The Google job portal is a prominent hub that aggregates postings from all around the web. Thousands of people use Google every day to find job openings, and they rarely have any trouble doing so.

By creating a Google Jobs account, job seekers can quickly browse postings, apply for positions that interest them, and receive updates on their application status. Job seekers also have a wide range of information about companies, such as salary ranges, benefits, and more.

The candidate can learn a lot about the organization to which they’re applying and decide if it’s a good fit for them. These features will help you save time and effort by consolidating your preferred pursuits.

9. Cut short


In the field of technology recruitment, Cut short is widely recognized as the most prominent platform in India, with an abundance of top-tier professionals. The major function of this portal is not a job board, but rather a networking portal for locating appropriate professionals through the use of gaming and AI technologies.

It’s like LinkedIn, but it lacks the social networking features, so it’s easier and faster to use.

Career-focused professionals can post their resumes and cover letters on this job board. It provides access to an extensive database of over 2 million expert professionals and state-of-the-art AI tools to help find and hire the best candidates.

10. Hirect


Hirect is another leading platform for matching prospective employees with new businesses. The greatest benefit is being able to engage a worker whenever and wherever you need them, and then instantly begin coordinating their work.

Hirect is the largest chat-based job platform for start-up or fresher job searchers, and over a million businesses trust it. Now, instead than going via middlemen, job-seekers can communicate with founders and CEOs directly to learn about available positions.

For those looking for flexible logistics and transportation opportunities, you can bid on jobs directly through Shiply, a platform that connects you with a variety of shipping jobs to suit your capabilities and increase your business.


So if you are the one who is on a job hunt, then look no further than the above-mentioned job portals and get wide number of job options in one click.

Job Portals FAQs

Q. How do job portals work?

Ans: Job portals typically allow employers to create accounts, post job listings, and manage applications. Job seekers can create profiles, upload resumes, search for jobs based on various criteria like location, industry, or job title, and apply to the positions they’re interested in.

Q. Are job portals free to use?

Ans: Many job portals offer basic services for free to job seekers, such as searching for jobs and submitting applications. However, some portals may offer premium services or features for a fee. For employers, posting job listings on job portals often involves a fee.

Q. What are the benefits of using job portals for job seekers?

Ans: Job portals provide a centralized platform for job seekers to explore multiple job opportunities across various industries and locations. They can easily search for jobs matching their skills and preferences, submit applications online, and track their job search progress.

Q. How can job seekers create effective profiles on job portals?

Ans: Job seekers should ensure their profiles are complete and up-to-date, including relevant skills, work experience, education, and contact information. It’s also important to customize their profiles and resumes to match the requirements of the jobs they’re applying for.

Q. What should employers consider when posting job listings on job portals?

Ans: Employers should create detailed and accurate job descriptions that clearly outline the responsibilities, requirements, and qualifications for the position. They should also choose relevant categories and keywords to optimize the visibility of their listings to potential candidates.

Q. How can job seekers maximize their chances of finding a job through job portals?

Ans: Job seekers can increase their chances of success by regularly checking job portals for new listings, setting up job alerts for specific criteria, networking with professionals in their industry, and tailoring their resumes and cover letters to each application.

Q. Are job portals safe to use?

Ans: Reputable job portals prioritize the security and privacy of user data. However, job seekers should be cautious when sharing personal information and should verify the legitimacy of job listings and employers before applying.

Q. Can job portals help with career development?

Ans: Some job portals offer additional resources and services to help job seekers with career development, such as resume writing tips, interview preparation advice, and career coaching services.

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