Top 7 Best Accounting Courses In India 2023

Accounting is a major part of our daily life. Although we might not notice much, accounting plays a vital role in making sure that we know all about finances, managing and all. It’s engrained in even the smallest of the things. It’s not surprise that we see people so interested in accounting field and as a result, accounting course is pretty much a favored choice for many people around.

There are plenty of courses to go for in India, in all sorts of stream, variety, skill, level and field. Each of them holds a major role in the formation of the student’s career and more. There are many ways a student can go across in the later stages of life after he is done with the class 12 and more. One of them is a accounting field where many people go on to become part of the professional and graduate degrees and even the post graduate degrees in accountancy.

We have been looking at major courses that a student can take along in their career timeline and make the most of it. As such we are today for the top accounting courses that a student can take along in his career. We’ll look to seek the best courses and their scope and eligibility so that it provides a proper guidance and advice to anyone who is seeking it.

The scope after accounting courses in commerce stream

Accountancy is the major field in today’s era. There is hardly any time where you can discount accounting at all. It has culminated into being one of the best courses that you can take along and make a good career. There is quite a scope for a student after completing an accounting course. There are various aspects that a student learns during his time into biding the accounting course and they can apply the safe into making sure that they make the most of their career. Also check this website:

There are various ways a student can make the most of their career with the help of accounting course. They can certainly become one of the specialists in the field or take on the professional route and become a major professional of the accounting field. There are fields and courses which will prepare you well for the boding future ahead in your life. These courses also tend to make you more perfect and skilled at accountancy things so that you can get the best hang of it.

List of Top Accounting Courses in India

Course Name Course Duration Course Eligibility Course Type
Bachelor of Commerce 3 Years Aftrer Class 12th Undergradute
Masters of Commerce 2 Years After Graduation Postgraduate
Chartered Accountant 5 Years Aftrer Class 12th Undergradute
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants 2-3 years Aftrer Class 12th Undergradute
US Certified Public Accounting 1 Year After Graduation Postgraduate
Diploma in Accounting 1 Year Aftrer Class 12th Diploma
Cost Management Accounting 6 months Aftrer Class 12th Certificate

What are the top accounting courses that we should go for?

There are multiple courses around and are in form of either professional degrees or the undergraduate programs or even the certificate based course. You can also go for the short term based courses or even the long term ones. All these courses can be taken up either during the graduation period or after one has completed it.

The major chunk of top accounting courses range into Chartered Accountancy, ACCA, CPA, B.Com in Accounting and Finance and more. We will look to describe all in depth and brief down below for you. Read along.

1. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) in Accounting and Finance

One of the major courses around that student take along when it comes to accounting and commerce field, this one is entrusted by many and is one of the top choices along. Many student take along this course to further their career and make the first foray into the career into accountancy field.

Let’s discuss about the course in brief down below:

  • Course details

There are different sorts of B.Com courses on offer and people tend to join along. And for those who want to make a major in the accounting field, this B.Com in Accounting and Finance is the best go-to option for everyone. A student can take along this course and go ahead to learn the aspects of accounting and management and grow along. This will also make you step into the world of accounting and finance. This is a three year program and is offered by all major university and colleges.

  • Eligibility

This course requires a student to have completed the class 12 exams and then they need to have a certain criteria of percentage so that they are eligible for the entrance. Once they appear for the entrance tests, they can then go along to pursue the preferred course in the college or university that they want. Then they also have to go for the admission via qualifying the personal interview session.

  • Scope

A student who has a B.Com degree in the accounts and finance field can go along to become accountant, manager, organizational leader, and more.

2. Masters of Commerce (M.Com) in Accountancy and Finance

This course is an advancement of the previous course and is one of the programs after graduation. This course can be taken by people after they have completed the bachelor course and this is a major in the aspect of accountancy and finance. The people who take this course tend to learn the professional and advanced aspects of the accounts and finance.

Here’s the course and scope for this course

  • Course details

This course just like any post graduate course is a two year program and the students need to have their graduation done so that they can pursue this course. The people can learn more about finance, management, accounts, trading and so much more in this course. This course is offered by many top university and colleges around the nation.

  • Eligibility

As we said earlier a candidate needs to have completed the graduation in similar stream and should have the required eligible marks. They can then go ahead with the entrance test and then continue to go through the admission procedure.

  • Scope

M.Com in Accounts and Finance is one of the trendy and worthy courses around and is much loved by people. This course allows people to take on the roles of senior accountant, higher management and more.

3. Chartered Accountant (CA)

Next up we have the professional degree based on the accountancy field. This course is also termed the epitome of the accountancy field and is one of the top courses that a person can take along in their career. The students can have the ultimate flight and go ahead option with CA degree on their profile.

Here’s the course, scope and eligibility for this course

  • Course details

This course, i.e. Chartered Accountancy is a professional course and comprises of three levels namely foundation, intermediate and finals. A student needs to clear the levels and then they can go for the higher level one by one. There is also practical training associated with this one and the people will be awarded with the degree at the end of the completion of the course.

  • Eligibility

Any person who has completed the class 12 levels can join in the CA field. They can go along and take the route of being in the foundation level. After that their journey starts. The person needs to have at least 55% in bachelors and if that is the case then they can directly enroll in the Intermediate levels and be granted exemption from the foundation level.

  • Scope

This course is a major course and will allow people to get the high profile jobs in the roles of account manager, auditor, senior corporate levels and more.

4. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

A similar course to the CA course this one is based out of UK and is the CA course of there. It is denoted as Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and can be taken by students just like the CA route. We here will discuss in detail about this course down below.

  • Course details

This course also is based on the practical and theoretical approach and comprises of three different levels as Knowledge, Skill and Professional level. People can take this course and start their journey into the top ranks of accounts expert and professional degree holder with this one. There are total of 13 papers that a student needs to complete when it comes to this. And also there is 3 years of practical training associated within.

  • Eligibility

A student needs to have completed the class 12 exams and then they can pursue the course of ACCA. Any student who wants to go for this one should have at least 55% in the class 12 marks and then they can be eligible for admission in the ACCA course.

  • Scope

Any student who will complete this course can go on to become one of the best in the field and get the global degree which will open the doors for them to achieve more in the other fields of accountancy, taxation, audit and much more.

5. US Certified Public Accounting (CPA)

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Course

Another course that represents the top of the accountancy and more is the US Certified Public Accountancy. This is another professional course that students can take over in their career to further progress and achieve top ranks and more knowledge in life. This CPA course is based out of USA like the previous one ACCA was based out of UK.

We here will talk about them down below

  • Course details

This is a professional course and is in similar mold to the previous two course and can be taken by the students once they are done with their course of bachelors. This course also has three different levels and the people can take along this to enhance their skills in the field of accountancy, taxation, laws, audit and more. The levels in this course are of Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. The levels are completed and then the students move onto the next level and achieve more.

  • Eligibility

A person needs to have a relevant bachelor’s degree so as to be eligible for this course. One you are eligible for this course then you can take this course and grow ahead in life. This also allows you to enroll and clear all the three levels so as to achieve the final qualification.

  • Scope

This degree is quite marvelous and can be taken by people and allow for them to be fields of accounting and taxation and more. They can also become leaders and earn more.

6. Diploma in Accounting

One other course that is quite held along in terms of accounting course is Diploma in Accounting. This course is something that many take along and this is a short term course and people can take along this course and then learn many things about accounting.

Here’s the course, scope and eligibility for this course

  • Course details

This course is a diploma course and is offered by many colleges and university. This course is being termed as a diploma and is a short term course and is taken by many students who want to prefer going into the course and take the certificate and short term period. This course is normally of 2 years. And people can earn the degree in this field.

  • Eligibility

The students need to be of class 12 qualified so as to take part into this field. They can go into this field even after the class 10 but that diploma degree can be shorter and not a expanded and knowledgeable. This diploma course can be taken by students and then they can go along to be into the skillset.

  • Scope

This degree is a diploma degree and comes along with students getting knowledge into the fields of accountancy and corporate and financial field. They can go along with the jobs in the field of accounting and finance.

7. CMA (Cost Management Accounting) Course

CMA (Cost Management Accounting) Course

CMA or cost management accounting is a popular course in the finance sector. The course offers many opportunities for students who want to make a rewarding career in the field of management accounting. The course offers deeper knowledge about the finance field and makes students ready for various jobs in the same field.

  • Course Details:

CMA is considered one of the hardest exams in the country and is mostly pursued by commerce students. Candidates who want to be experts in the field of finance and accounting can consider joining this course. The course covers both the business as well as accounting sides to provide appropriate knowledge about the field to students. The cost management accounting course is divided into three levels, and these are foundation level, intermediate level, and final level. One needs to clear all these levels to become a certified CMA.

  • Eligibility:

The eligibility for different levels of the CMA course is different. To be eligible for the CMA foundation level exam, one should have passed the 12th standard or any equivalent course from a recognized board. Students who have a national diploma in commerce are also eligible for the CMA foundation level. To apply for the CMA intermediate level exam, one should have passed the CMA foundation level and have an undergraduate degree in any discipline. After clearing the CMA intermediate level, the students can apply for the CMA final level exam.

  • Scope:

The candidates who have completed their CMA course can apply for various jobs in different industries. The course offers a higher career scope in the field of management and accounting. Also, it enables candidates to earn 30% more compared to other courses in the same field. The top job profiles for the CMA graduates are chief financial officer, financial controller, chief investment officer, corporate controller, etc.

These are the top accounting courses that a student can go for in their life after completing the class 12 or bachelor’s. The students can then get extensive knowledge about the fields of accountancy and then they can go for extensive skillset.

These courses will allow the people to achieve more in life and make the most of their career going further. These courses then allows people to go for the further jobs in life and gain high profile works.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any relation between accounting and commerce?

Yes, most of the accounting lessons are taught in commerce subject. People who are with commerce backgrounds are only eligible to pursue accounting subjects. So, both these subjects are interrelated to each other.

  • What is the scope of accounting courses?

You have ample scopes and options once you complete the course on accounting. Most financial firms look for candidates who are with commerce background. It is thought that they will have a clear conception of accounting. It is always best to move with accounting subjects.

  • What are the best accounting courses?

You will have ample options in selecting the best accounting courses. However, the best ones are in accounting and finance, Chartered accountancy, CPA, and many other ones. All of them have good prospects.

  • What is the importance of the Chartered Accountancy courses?

It is another course that is well-known all over the country. Through this course, you can become a trained and professional chartered accountant. You have to clear three levels of exam to become a chartered accountant. These are foundation, intermediate, and finals. If you do not qualify any of the levels, you cannot become a qualified CA. But once you are eligible it, you will have unlimited options and better prospects.

  • What is the eligibility for pursuing a CA course?

You have to gather specific educational qualifications for getting enrolled in this course. You have to be from a commerce background for pursuing this Course. It would help if you scored minimum marks of 55% at the graduation level. However, in some cases, you can opt for the foundation level after completing the 10+2 level.

  • Are there any prospects of Masters of Accountancy and Finance?

Yes, you have ample prospects after completing the Master’s degree. You can take this course after completing the Bachelor’s degree. It is a two-year program that can give you vast opportunities in the financial sector. You can also get the option to serve in many multinational companies.

  • Is it better to pursue a course in Diploma in Accounting?

Yes, you can go ahead with this course. It is a short-term course. The course duration is two years, and after the completion, you can have many job opportunities. You can get a good job in the accounting and finance field. Many candidates can also join the corporate world. They will get better exposure and scope.

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