Architecture Vs Interior Design: What are the Differences?

You may be confused about the work and function of architecture and interior design. Architecture is the work that is mainly engaged with giving a structural look to a building. It is engaged with the structural pattern of a building. On the other part, an interior design is associated with the task that is done after the completion of the building. It is the design or modifications that are done to enhance the room’s look or a building. Both the subjects are different from each other. The only similarity between the two is that both of these subjects are related to the real estate industry.

You must know that every building has its own story. The stones laid on the building to give a structure are done or come under the category of architecture. If you want to craft the building’s interior portion, you should take the help of an interior design. People who are engaged with this profession work by keeping a touch with each other. It is found that the work profile of both the architects and an interior designer is somehow similar to each other.

If you are thinking to choose any of these professions and make it a career you should acquire sufficient knowledge about them.

What is Architecture?

Architecture courses

Before selecting the career of an architect, you should know about the subject. Architecture is the subject that is related to the proper structure of a building. The work of an architect is to make the building strong, stable, and hardy. The architect should make a good plan that will build a wonderful facility. All types of exterior work of the building should be dealt with by an architect.

Architecture is associated with the structure of the building. The architect makes and draws a plan for the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. They play a crucial role in giving shape to the building.

What is Interior Design?

Interior Design Courses

Once the building is erected, it needs to be furnished and given a new look. Here comes the work of interior design. An interior designer does all types of interior fittings and furnishings. It is not always possible for you to give a perfect look to your interior. However, with the help of an interior designer you can get a fantastic glimpse at your house. Take for, example if you are an interior designer, you will be given the work to decide in which direction the sofas are to be put. As an interior designer, you will be entrusted with putting the clocks, wall hangings in the right place and putting the right color curtains according to the color of the room. The subject of interior design also includes choosing the correct color pattern for the room. They are equally essential for giving a perfect shape and look to the room.

Eligibility of becoming an architect:

It would help if you had the minimum qualification to become an architect.

  • To pursue the course of architecture, you have to qualify 10+2 from the science stream with a minimum of 50% marks.
  • You have to appear before NATA or National Aptitude Test in Architecture. It is better to make prior preparations to appear before the test. The exam is based upon critical and logical reasoning, General knowledge, mathematics, and creative thinking ability.
  • The course of architecture is for five years. If you wish, you can also pursue Master’s in architecture after completing the graduation course.
  • The best colleges for architecture are the school of planning and architecture (New Delhi), Sir J.J College of Architecture (Mumbai), Indian Institute of Technology (Roorkee and Kharagpur), Birla Institute of Technology (Mesra), Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology ( Ahmedabad)

Eligibility of becoming an interior design:

Similarly, it would help if you attained the minimum qualification for becoming an interior designer.

  • To pursue or select a career in interior design, you should complete 10+2 with a science stream. It would help if you mandatorily had mathematics in 10+2.
  • Various institutes conduct assessment tests for selecting candidates in an interior design courses. You have to qualify for the test for getting admission to interior design. The test is based on multiple-questions.
  • If you have the potential, you can apply for the admission test that is conducted by the National Institute of Design or NID. It is the premier institute on interior design.
  • After the completion of 4 years course in interior design, you can apply for jobs or can pursue Master’s in Interior Design.

The best interior design colleges are the National Institute of Design (Ahmadabad), the Center for Environmental Planning and Technology (Ahmadabad), Sir J.J School of art (Mumbai), etc. They are the premier colleges on Interior design.

Which can be a better choice for you?

Here comes the most critical question that may arise in your mind. Which can be more suitable for you, Interior design and architecture? If analyzed carefully, you will find that architecture is much more technical and better than interior design. Architects focus on the structure of the building and materials.

On the other part, the interior design aims at the interior design of the building. It plays a crucial role in decorating the internal portion of the room to enhance the look. Architecture is much more specific and vital.

What is the fundamental difference between architecture and interior design?

It will be great to know that a vast difference exists between architecture and interior design. Although they are from the same field, there still lies a difference. Let us discuss some of the critical differences.

  • The primary difference lies in respect of the pattern of work. Architecture is the field that deals with the perfect construction of buildings. They help in the easy design of the buildings. On the other part, interior design deals with the creation of the interior portion of the building. It helps to create the desired look of the internal portion of the building.
  • An architect’s job responsibilities are to attend the clients meetings, review all the project needs and prepare a design proposal and budget plan. He is also entrusted with the responsibility of finalizing the contracts related to the construction of the buildings. Apart from all this, the job responsibility of an interior design is to meet with the potential clients, discuss the projects, present a project design to the clients, modify the designs make it a budget-friendly one, and secure the materials needed for designing the interior of the building.
  • A distinction exists between the training parts. An architect is trained to handle the structural building so that it meets the national and local needs. On the other part, an interior designer is trained to create a functional and quality look to the interior building.
  • Another vital distinction that exists between architecture and interior design is the focus. The focus of architecture is on the technical part, including lighting, ventilation, or flooring. Apart from all this, interior designers pay special attention to the emotional aspects of the people. They try to design the internal part of the room.
  • An architect has to work on the exterior part of the building while interior design is to look after the internal work of the building and space. The result of architecture is more challenging than that of an interior designer. They have to carry out various types of extensive projects and work that may appear to be risky and tedious.
  • It is also found that architecture is much more technical than interior design. If compared architecture, is much demanding than interior design.
  • The work of interior design includes and is much dependent on architecture. This is because interior design depends much on the exact placement of doors and windows. But the work of architecture is not reliant on anyone. An architect can work solely and independently. This is the primary difference that exists between the two.
  • Architects work is associated with floor planning, site plans, exterior materials, all the things related to waterproofing details, exterior elevations. On the other side, interior design is to take care of furniture selections, wall coverings, and various types of soft and good selections.

Thus these are the actual discussions that exist between architecture and interior design. An architect gives a shape to your house, and an interior designer gives a beautiful look to your room.


In the present market, both architects and interior designers play a crucial role in the real estate industry. It seems that the construction of the building remains incomplete without both of them. If an architect creates or gives birth to your home, the interior designer will provide a new look for your dream home. However, the job of an architect is much essential because it deals with the structural part. If the structure of the building is unstable, it can cause severe problems. Thus, architecture forms a vital role of the real estate industry.  They are both related to each other but different in terms of work and function.

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