Complete Umpires List of ICC Cricket World Cup 2023

The whole world eagerly awaits the ICC ODI Men’s Cricket World Cup! Teams have been selected, squads have been announced, the schedules are locked in and the matches have started. Notably, ODI World Cup Betting is in full swing.

Cricket fans are keeping track of all the latest news and reports related to the tournament. One important factor we need to discuss now is the ICC umpire list for the World Cup! These are the people who are always present on the field with the players and ensure the matches go smoothly. They will make the important decisions in the crucial hours!


ICC has announced a team of 20 officials who will be conducting the 48 matches held over 46 days in ten different Indian cities. Join us as we explore the WC 2023 umpires list!

Umpires for ODI World Cup 2023

Everyone’s eyes go to the umpire when a decision is pending on the cricket field. While everyone actively plays, the umpires must stand in one place and closely watch every movement. Imagine two teams clashing with each other and a stadium full of people cheering for their favourite team at the top of their voices! In such situations, the umpires must remain calm and give unbiased opinions!

Umpires uphold the rules and regulations on the field. There are three umpires directly involved in each match. One umpire remains in reserve, and there is also a referee.

List of Umpires for ICC World Cup 2023

For the 13th edition of the Cricket World Cup, we will see 20 match officials managing the games. Like the ten teams playing in the tournament are selected from the CWCSL table and other qualifiers, ICC has different panels of umpires.

For the World Cup 2023, there will be 16 umpires from two different panels and four referees from ICC’s Elite panel.

12 Umpires from the Emirates ICC International Panel of Umpires

Among the 16 umpires, 12 are from the ICC international panel. This team also includes three umpires who officiated 2019’s World Cup final match in Lords.

  1. Christopher Gaffaney from New Zealand
  2. Kumar Dharmasena from Sri Lanka (officiated in the previous World Cup final)
  3. Marais Erasmus from South Africa (officiated in the previous World Cup final)
  4. Adrian Holdstock from South Africa
  5. Michael Gough from England
  6. Richard Illingworth from England
  7. Richard Kettleborough from England
  8. Nitin Menon from India
  9. Paul Reiffel from Australia
  10. Rodney Tucker from Australia (officiated in the previous World Cup final)
  11. Joel Wilson from the West Indies
  12. Ahsan Raza from Pakistan

Aleem Dar from Pakistan was the fourth umpire appointed for the final of 2019’s World Cup. His name could have been on this list. However, he stepped down from ICC’s Elite panel in March this year.

4 Umpires from the ICC Emerging Umpire Panel

The remaining 4 umpires are:

  1. Sharfuddoula Ibne Shahid from Bangladesh
  2. Paul Wilson from Australia
  3. Alex Wharf from England
  4. Chris Brown from New Zealand

4 Referees from the Emirates ICC International Panel of Umpires

The four referees are all international cricketers.

  1. Jeff Crowe, former batsman of New Zealand
  2. Andy Pycroft, former batsman of Zimbabwe
  3. Richie Richardson, former batsman and captain of the West Indies team
  4. Javagal Srinath, former bowler of India

Umpires to Officiate Different Matches During ICC World Cup 2023

A team of three umpires and one referee are appointed for each match to be played in the tournament. For example, Nitin Menon and Kumar Dharmasena from the Elite panel will be the on-field umpires for the first World Cup match 2023 between the previous World Cup finalists, England and New Zealand. Paul Wilson from the emerging panel will be the third, i.e., the TV umpire. Sharfuddoula Ibne Shahid has been appointed as the referee.

Umpires and referees have been appointed for the next 44 matches as well. However, the same for the two semi-finals and the final is yet to be finalised. ICC will announce the names in due course of the tournament.

How will Umpires Conduct the World Cup Matches?

Umpires need comprehensive knowledge of the game. They must be able to adapt to different formats of cricket quickly. In this World Cup, umpires’ duties will begin before the first over is bowled. They will first inspect the pitch, ensuring it is fit for play and that all dimensions are marked out properly. Two empires will take position at the two ends of the pitch. The third umpire will also take the position off the field and be ready to give out verdicts whenever needed.

As the match proceeds, the umpires will conduct the match as per the rules stated by ICC. They will decide on different appeals, no ball, wide balls, etc.

A referee stays off the field like the third umpire. He is responsible for ensuring ICC’s Code of Conduct during the match. He will not interfere with the match. Instead, he will note all happenings and submit a thorough and unbiased report to ICC. If any player breaches the code of conduct, the referee can report disciplinary issues, and adequate actions will be taken on behalf of the ICC.


Umpires rarely make the news. Unless some controversy or issues related to any decision arise, they do not come under the spotlight. However, they are on the field, monitoring the entire game from start to finish and keeping records of all-overs. Being an umpire is no easy job, as you must be alert and focused each second you are on the field. ICC is confident that their team of umpires will do an excellent job conducting the matches and upholding all rules!

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