Sociology Course: Details, Eligibility, Syllabus, Career, Fees, Scope, and More

In simplest words, Sociology is the study of society. And how humans live in a society. Social interaction and culture and how they impact the overall human society is what the students learn about in the Sociology courses. And in the current scenarios, the importance and demand of sociology experts have been raised by many folds. And if you have just completed your 12th and want to add important input to society, you should be looking forward to enroll in the sociology course.

In the article, we will be talking about the different sociology courses in India. With different courses and their scope in the country, you can easily choose the right course for yourself if you have the right knowledge of them. So, if you are considering sociology as a regular course, this article is going to help you a lot in choosing the right course.

Sociology Course Details

Sociology Course India

Sociology is a vast field to learn. However, there are a few important things that the course focuses on. These fields include general science of the society, social mobility secularization, and many other topics that actually define sociology. Additionally, like the other courses in India, sociology can be divided into UG and PG courses. Also, if you are looking forward to enroll in a perfect course that can help you get a better reputation in public and a good salary, a sociology course depending on the educational qualifications you currently have.

Sociology Course: Eligibility and other prerequisites

Like the many other degree courses in India, you can choose to enroll in Sociology courses in two ways. One after completing school, and the other after completing your graduation. For the undergraduate courses available in India, you will need to complete your 12th with a recognized board in any stream with a minimum of 45% marks.

On the other hand, the postgraduate courses for sociology require the candidate to complete the BA (Bachelor of Arts). Unlike the other PG courses, you can enroll in the course after completing your BA in any stream. If you have completed your graduation with 50% marks, you can easily enroll in the course. Additionally, if you are looking to enroll for M Phil, it is essential that you have an MA degree in Sociology with 55% marks. So, choose the best suitable course according to your qualifications and interest.

Sociology Course: Syllabus

The sociology Course is one of the most vibrant courses in India. With the rightly chosen course, you can easily achieve your desired position and career option after completing your course. Though there are numerous topics and subjects that you will earn throughout the course, some of the most important subjects that you are going to learn are Sociology concepts, Nationalism, Economic changes,Political Sociology, Environment, and society along with many others.

Although these are some of the important subjects to learn through the course, there are several other things that you will learn during your studies. So, we will suggest you to talk with the college administration about the legit syllabus for the course you are planning to enroll in.

Sociology Course: Colleges

Colleges play an important role in order to get the right information about the course and the field. So, be sure to check the placement history, facilities and faculties, and fee. By choosing an ideal college for the course, you can be assured of getting a better placement after course completion and have good knowledge about the field. So, whenever you are planning for sociology, or any other course, be sure to check for the reputation of the college before enrolling in the course.

Whether you are looking for a UG program or a PG course, you won’t find any difficulty in choosing the right college for yourself. For both the categories of course, you can easily find the reputed private as well as government colleges. Also, if you are after better knowledge, you can go with the premium colleges like JNU, LPU, DU, or IGNOU.

Sociology Course: Duration and Admission process

The duration of the course for sociology typically differs for each other in terms of their level and university. In this section, we are going to talk about the different courses and their durations. So, have a look at it, and you can be assured of choosing the right course.

  • BA (Sociology)

BA Sociology is a common and most popular degree for the students who have completed their schooling and have achieved good marks in their stream.

The duration of the course is 3 years and you will get a graduate degree after completing it.

  • MA (Sociology)

For the students who have completed graduation and want to earn more knowledge about the subjects and field, the course to opt for is the MA (Sociology). This is a postgraduate degree and you can earn it in 2 years.

  • MPhil (Sociology)

Even after pursuing your MA, if you are looking for a better career scope, you can opt for the MPhil. This course offers advanced knowledge of the field and you can earn it in two years.

Also, after doing the MPhil in Sociology, you can opt for the Ph.D. That would be a great step to learn more about the sociology and effect of human society. IF you are opting for it, it usually takes 2-3 years to complete the Ph.D.

Talking about the admission process for the sociology courses, the BA in Sociology does not require any special eligibility tests. You can enroll in your desired college and university.

On the other hand, the MA requires you to complete your graduation in any field. So, even if you have not chosen Sociology in your graduation, you can still opt for the MA Sociology. There are some universities and colleges that require the candidate to clear the entrance exam. So, be prepared for it also.

MPhil on the other hand requires the candidates to complete their MA in Sociology. Also, it requires the students to clear the entrance tests too.

Sociology Course: Fee Structure

The free structure of the Sociology courses heavily depends on the college you are enrolling in and the course you have opted for. Here, we will discuss the general fee structure of the common courses for Sociology in India. Have a look at these and decide which course you can opt for.

The BA (Sociology) costs roughly around 40,000-60000 per annum. The fee heavily depends on the college and university. So, be sure to check the final fee structure from the college.

MA in Sociology costs roughly around 60,000-1 lakh. Another aspect that plays important role in deciding the fee of an MA course is the scholarships. Also, your performance in the entrance exam can help you get some concession in the fee.

Lastly, the average course fee for MPhil in sociology is 20,000-80,000.

Sociology Course: Future Aspects

Sociology is an ideal course option to get a perfect career afterward. With lots of job opportunities in both the private and government sector, sociology is going to be a perfect course to choose for. After completed your Sociology course, you can choose to work as a family counselor, Human Services Assistant, Social worker, teacher, Psychologist, Urban planner, and rehabilitation counselor. There are several other positions that you can choose to work in.

Now, let’s talk about the different industries that you can opt for work for after completing the course. After completing the course, you can apply for the following areas. Have a look

  • Rural and Child welfare
  • Hospitals
  • Political Campaigns
  • Media Research
  • NGO
  • Education
  • Management consultancy

These were the few career options to choose from after you have completed your course in Sociology. There are plenty of more options to go with, but these are the most popular and opted-for fields for the students to get a stable life.

Sociology Course: Should you opt for it?

Lastly,let’s discuss the most important question, that is, whether you should opt for the course or not. And for short, the sociology courses are great to opt for after you have completed your schooling. With the perfect options and levels of the courses, you can easily opt for them whenever you think that sociology is the right field for you to work in.

Also, the course can be done for a reasonable fee in comparison with the other popular course in India. So, if you are looking for a relatively affordable and promising course for yourself and aren’t too keen to go with the more popular courses, Sociology course options are the best ones for you to go with.

Additionally, sociology courses offer better opportunities abroad also. So, if you are looking forward to buy the best study option that lets you understand the human social network in detail, this is the right course option to go with. What else? You can easily get the highest-paid jobs with ease after completing the course and applying for the right career option.


So, if you are looking for a course that can help you learn about society and help you work on improving it, the sociology course is going to be a perfect course for you.With lots of career options and vast job profiles to opt for, this is an ideal choice for the students who are looking for making a good career. Depending on your educational qualifications, you can easily choose the right course for yourself.

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