Psychology Courses in India: Eligibility, Syllabus, Scope & Salary 

When we talk about career options, there are a number of fields we can go for. Most of us take science or other fields of course as a major focus and it is also on the tip of the tongue whenever we think of career options. But even in science stream there are multiple choices to go for. One such field of choice for many is psychology. Although this has started to gain quite a traction, still not many know about this field.

We here look to shed light on the psychology courses and its details as part of our series on career options and courses. Let’s read along.

What is Psychology and its scope?

Psychology is a field of study which looks into human behavior and mental performance. It studies the factors like a person’s reaction, emotions, behavior, and understanding in a bid to assess the issues and any problems associated with the person. It also looks into the therapeutic process of understanding and allows for the counseling and other options that help to provide leverage to person’s well-being.

A psychologist who is attuned into this field is known for the diagnosis of the issues that are regarded as psychological, emotional and behavioral-based and help to treat the same. It follows a process that is quite different from the normal medical treatment as there are patient interviews, counseling, therapy, and adhering to individual treatment of patient on customized treatment plans.

Although India has not openly accepted the theme of psychology all over the nation with the rural parts still citing this as something out of the blue, the city areas have openly accepted the option for psychology. The stats of people going for admission in this field and then taking on roles as a psychologist supports this narration that India is openly accepting the course and its benefits.

What are the different psychology courses in India?

There are various academic courses related to psychology in India starting from the bachelor’s degree to the master courses and the doctoral courses. Since these are quite specialized fields there are not any diploma or certificate cases as of now on a major scale for psychology. All these courses help build the narration of people in becoming a top-ranked psychologist in India. We will list the courses along with descriptions down below for you:

Bachelor’s course in Psychology

  • B.Sc. In Psychology
  • BA (Hons) in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Master’s course in Psychology

  • Master of Arts in Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Applied Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology
  • M.Sc. in Psychology

Top Bachelor Course in Psychology in India

Here we look at the major bachelor courses that are offered as part of psychology stream in India

1. B.Sc. In Psychology

The first course of our list is the B.Sc. in Psychology which is one of the most popular choices of courses around that people take along. This course allows a person to learn about the human mind and their workings along with the feature of how to process different instances and circumstances. Let’s get into detail about this down below.

  • Course details

This is a three-year bachelor-based course that allows the students to learn about the processing of human mind and the way humans behave. It seeks to answer how people react to different emotions and occasions. It also helps to analyze the behavior of the person and how the change in human behavior can result in the better well being of the person.

  • Eligibility

This course being a bachelor-based degree requires a person to have completed the class 12 course from any recognized board. It also requires the student to have taken the science stream as part of their course and should have scored at least 55% marks. It also requires a person to undergo entrance or qualifying tests for the exam so that they pass it. After that if there are interview rounds then the candidate should attend that and then they can go for the admission.

  • Scope

The scope for a person who has completed this course is very good as it is one of the major qualifications when it comes to psychology and since it teaches a person about how to analyze and provide solutions to the different behavioral issues faced by person. They can get jobs as counselors, research analysts on human behavior and more.

2. B.A (Hons) in Psychology

This one is another course that is widely popular among people who are keen on the psychology field. A similar course to the B.Sc. in Psychology, many people list this course as one to go for if you want to make a career in this field. We here will look into detail about this course down below.

  • Course details

This one is also a three-year bachelor based degree and allows a person to learn about the diagnosis and more regarding human behavior. It teaches in-depth about the aspects of how a human mind’s perception and anticipation affects the outcome of different situations. One needs to study about contours of human emotions and their basis on applied science. It also teaches about the aspect of rehab and counseling options.

  • Eligibility

This course can be taken up by students once they complete their class 12th exams. They have to complete the class 12 from any recognized board and should have scored a minimum of 55%. They should then apply for the entrance test after which an interview session and a group discussion will be held and the candidate will be selected on the basis of it.

  • Scope

This course allows a person to go into the fields of a career counselor, human psychologist, motivational speaker, psychiatric, rehab expert and other major roles in helping benefit human behavior.

3. B.A In Psychology

Next up we are looking at B.A in Psychology which as per the namesake may sound similar to the previous course B.A (Hons) in Human Psychology although it is a bit different. This course is a bit toned down than previous although nothing to take away from it, this one is an equally impressive and good career choice for people.

  • Course details

This course is a three-year course and undergoes the syllabus of understanding human behavior and human science. It also helps along regarding the basis for actions that a human being can take along and allows for comprehensive knowledge for the functioning of human psyche and their behavior. It also helps to harbor knowledge about the traits of human mind and the concrete principles that govern it.

  • Eligibility

This course can be taken by a student after they complete the class 12 course from any recognized board. The students should have scored at least 55% marks in class 12 and should then apply for the qualifying exam in the concerned institute or university. Once the students are shortlisted for qualification then they can go for the admission.

  • Scope

This course allows a person to take on roles like career advisor, psychologist, rehab experts and more. They can join hospitals or trauma centers and places alike for jobs in the field.

Master Course in Psychology

1. Master of Arts in Psychology

This course is an advancement of the knowledge that a person gains as part of their bachelor’s degree. This one is an extension and specialization of the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and people learn about the aspects of human mind and their behavior in an advanced form. Let’s head down for more details on this.

  • Course details

This course is a two-year master’s program and allows a person to learn about psychology in a comprehensive way. It helps nurture the skill set required for the management of mind, crisis control, the way mental processes are conducted and much more. This course helps to teach the student about the aspect of emotional, mental and psychological status of people and specific plans to counter the same.

  • Eligibility

This course being a master’s program requires a person to have completed a bachelor’s degree in similar field from a recognized college or university. It also requires a person to have completed the course with at least 50% marks. They can then apply for the course and once they clear the qualifying round they can then go for the admission.

  • Scope

This course has a wide scope and allows people to go for jobs profile like a clinical psychologist, health psychologist, teacher, doctor, and other roles.

2. M.Sc. In Psychology

Next, we have the course which also is quite an advanced form of B.Sc. course that a person can take to progress in their career. A person can go for this course and improve their knowledge set to become a specialized one in the field. Let’s read more about the course down below.

  • Course details

This is a two-year program where a person learns about the field of human congenital behavior and the way they can be expressed so that human beings can be at mental peace and fulfilling. It also studies the aspect of reading into psychological issues and catering to specialized programs so as to support the patients and more.

  • Eligibility

This course is a master’s program and requires a person to have completed a bachelor’s degree in similar field. It also requires a person to have completed the degree from a recognized university. They can then apply for the course and once they are eligible can progress with the admission.

  • Scope

A person with a qualification in this field can go onto becoming career counselor, teacher, therapist, psychologist and more. They can also open their practice or become part of the hospital and well-being chains.

Psychology Courses Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the different career options or roles will I be offered after completing the Psychology Course?

Once you complete the course, there will be several job opportunities that you will start receiving. You can receive offers like Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Career Counselor, Motivational Speaker, Social Psychologist and Rehabilitation expert. Apart from these, there will be many other career options for you.

  • Is there any specific requirement for taking up BA psychology?

People from any background in 10+2 standard will be able to get admission in BA psychology course and so you need not have to worry about your previous education before getting admission into this. You just need to make sure that you are at least having 50 percent marks in your last exam.

  • Is there any entrance exam to get admission into Psychology course?

Not all colleges have the entrance examination, but there are certain colleges and universities that have their own entrance test. So, you will be able to get an admission only if you clear the entrance test. Some of them merit based admission process and for that you need to make sure that you have good marks in your previous exams.

  • What are some of the best colleges for Psychology course in India?

We have a number of colleges in India that offer you the best education in BA Psychology in India. So, it is not at all difficult to find the best colleges. Some of them are University of Mumbai, Christ University, Bangalore, Manipal Institute of Health profession, University of Madras and many others. So, you should be able to decide which is the best for you.

  • What is the duration of the Psychology course in India?

If you are going for a graduation level course, then the duration of the course is three years. But if you are choosing a post graduation level course, then it is a course of two years. So, even if you wish to complete your post graduation in Psychology, it will hardly take you five years.

  • How much a psychologist earn at the beginning of the career?

At the beginning, the salary is going to be between 3 lakhs to 5.5 lakhs per annum. And just like any other professional you will start earning more when you start getting more and more experience in the job. It also depends on where you wish to work.


Psychology is a major field of health and it is something we must value on. Without mental well-being, a human body cannot cite themselves as fit ones. These aforementioned courses allow a person to expand their skills in psychology and help people with better performance and uplifting behavior around. We hope these courses helped you gain an insight into the psychological courses and their scope in India.

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