List of Physiotherapy Courses: Eligibility Details, Scope, Career, Salary

Ever thought of career choices after class 12? There are so many scope going forth with the career choices after class 12. We often go for the science based course or the management or the arts based course or a completely different route into the professional courses. It is that part of life where we tend to look at different course and decide upon.

There is quite a debate around with the medical field when it comes to students career choice. Normally we tend to think of MBBS and BDS foremost when it comes to medical based courses. Here is where we tend to discount the other factors and courses. Physiotherapy is one such course around that is quite often taken by students who knows about this one while not many seem to know of it.

We here will look into the aspects of physiotherapy and the different courses offered under this field. We also look into the eligibility, career choices and other aspects of going into the physiotherapy field after finishing class 12.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is one of the most promising fields of medical stream. It seeks knowledge into the muscular health of a person and allows a person to look after the therapy and the after effects of a surgery and a muscular pain. It has a great scope going forth. A physiotherapist allows you to reach for the physical movement and also gives you option to function towards cure and prevention. It is one of the in-depth anatomical knowledge and a musculoskeletal knowledge.

The major parts of the therapy under physiotherapy involves going for exercise, stretching, massage, medication and more. Physiotherapy involves a good level of empathy, friendliness, communication, patience and other traits. It has a good career going forth and allows you to make a good salary out of it once you complete your course.

What are the different Physiotherapy courses that we should go for?

There are wide fields of physiotherapy courses that you can go for in life. You can simply go for the courses that allows you to go for after you have completed the class 12. At this level you can go for the graduate courses. And if you have other courses ahead, then you can also go for the post graduate programs also. There are many courses in that look. And there is also the PH.D course in physiotherapy can you can choose for.

We will look at all these courses and will let you know about it. Read along.

Physiotherapy Courses After 12th (Undergraduate Program)

There are plenty of undergraduate courses that you can take along in your life under physiotherapy. We will list them down with details down here.

1. Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)

One of the top courses that a person can go for when it comes to physiotherapy field. This course is a preferred choice for anyone who wants to make a career in a physiotherapy field. This course allows you to garner much knowledge and skillset that will require you to go on to become an expert in the field.

Let’s discuss about the course in brief down below:

Course details

This BPT course is a 4 year course and is divided into different semesters that looks into different subjects that helps complete the whole course. This course teaches a student about different aspects like anatomy, biochemistry, English, nursing, sociology, psychology and much more. You also tend to learn from the aspects of physiotherapy and physics and chemistry also. There are exercise aspects, clinical observing and more.


This course is an undergraduate program and requires a person to have completed the class 12 from a recognized board or a school. They need to have a science stream and then they can apply for the course. They can go for the entrance tests and after that for the interview round and then they can be selected for admission.


A person who qualifies with this degree can go onto become into NGO’s, fitness centers, gyms, hospitals, health institutions, physiotherapy instrument manufacturing and more. You can become consultant, physiotherapist and much more.

2. BSc In Physiotherapy

Another important course that you can go along for when it comes to physiotherapy field after completing the class 12. This is also an undergraduate program and a student can go for this course once they have completed the class 12 and this course will give them the upliftment that they need to go ahead in life.

Here’s the course and scope for this course

Course details

This is a three year course and is based on the extensive skillset that teaches about physiotherapy and all. This course allows you to learn about the requirements that needs to be fulfilled for becoming a physiotherapist. It also provides knowledge of the physical structure and the pain relievers and also teaches about the mental exhaustion related to it. This largely improves all your caliber to become one of the best in this field.


You need to have a science based background for this subject and then only you can apply. You can go for this course after completing your class 12 from any recognized board or anything. After that then you can apply for the entrance tests and then you can go for the other details like interview session and more.


A career in physiotherapy is quite well known and gives you opportunity to become one of the best in the field. It also gives you opportunity to become one of the known clinical practice or go into hospitals or even part of the fitness chains.

3. Diploma in Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Courses

Next up we have the diploma course which is more of lesser inclined course than the two aforementioned above. This course is more practical based course and is of short term duration than the bachelor courses. This one comes along with the opportunity for people who are looking for a career in this field.

Here’s the course, scope and eligibility for this course

Course details

This DPT course is also an undergraduate program and is taken up after students clear their class 12 exams. This one is taken by students so that they can learn physiotherapy and get into jobs and more. They also can take practical approach and get into fields more quickly. This course is of 2 to 3 years depending on the institute. And then you can easily take on the practical training within the period also.


One needs to have completed the class 12 exams to get into this field. People might think that they can go after completing class 10 itself, but since this is a proper course of diploma in physiotherapy you need to have completed the class 12 itself. After that you can apply in the institute of your choice and then go for other procedures like admission and more.


After completing this course a person can join any hospital or clinic and then they can go for the practice. They can also learn to go into other fitness regions and more also.

Post Graduate Programs in Physiotherapy

After going for the undergraduate programs, this time we are looking at the post graduate programs. Post graduate programs are the major into the specialized center and this will give your career a new lift and a specialized qualification that will provide you the best of career scope ahead. Let’s see what courses we have got under this.

1. Masters in Physiotherapy

This one is a more specialized course and is for those who tend to make a career an exclusive one in the same field. This course allows you to learn about the physiotherapy in extensive detail and that will give you the opportunity to go for the best skillset in the field.

We here profile the course down below for you. Read along.

Course details

This is a post graduate program and is generally of 2 years. The people who have completed the bachelor in the same field are more likely to take this course and go ahead in life. This course also gives you so much detailed knowledge about the injury, physical endurance, recovery, sociology, mental trauma due to injury and more.


A person who has completed bachelor’s in this field can go for this course with ease. They can learn and grow further in life with the help of this course. They have to have taken the entrance test and then complete that also so that they can go ahead to becoming the level required for this course. And then they can do the admission and grow into this course.


This is one of the advanced courses into this field and people who take this course can go onto it to become a specialist in the field of physiotherapy and they can also become good practitioners of the professors. They will be hired for the top level fitness groups and gym chains as advisor and consultant.

2. MSc in Physiotherapy

Another specialized course in the field of physiotherapy, this one is a continuation of the BSc in Physiotherapy. Many students who take that course tend to go for this MSc one. This course will further progress their knowledge into the field and will make them more quantifiable for the career aspect ahead.

We here will talk about them down below

Course details

This is a post graduate course and hence is a 2 year course that gives upliftment to your career. This course allows you to go for the progressive path in your career by honing your physiotherapy skills. This along with your practical training virtually makes you a good aspect in this field and you will be recognized well due to the overflowing need for the expert physiotherapist around.


A person needs to have completed the bachelor course in the same field and should have a proper eligible marks. They also need to have completed the mandatory 6 month practical training that is required to participate in further courses ahead.


This course gives such a wing to your career and gives you perfect opportunity to grow further in life. It also gives you chance to widen your horizon and go for the opportunity as senior physiotherapist, or senior consultant or much more.

3. MD in Physiotherapy

Next up we have the quintessential course that is taken by many who want to become a specialist in the subject matters of Physiotherapy. This course allows a person to become known as one of the experts of the field. Here a person learns about physiotherapy in quite depth and details.

Here’s the course, scope and eligibility for this course

Course details

This is also a postgraduate program and is of 2 years course period. This course teaches a person to become one of the specialist of the field. Here the person learns in detail of all the aspects that are related to being a MD in physiotherapy and learns how physiotherapy can be used for different body parts like cardiology, neurology, respiratory disease and more.


A person should first posses a bachelor’s degree for this degree to start off. They should have completed the bachelor’s qualification and only then can they go for this course. Then after two years they can learn for the course and then gain the degree.


This course will make sure you get the specialist jobs in the hospitals. You can become hired in orthopedic departments and also go for the health institutions larger roles.

4. PG Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy

This time we have another physiotherapy course which is these days in high demand. This course is more attuned and career related and more of the people are going for this course now very often. They tend to become one of the best ones in this field with the addition of this degree on top of their previously achieved bachelor’s degree.

Here’s the course, scope and eligibility for this course

Course details

This is a Post Graduate Diploma course and is taken by people who want to progress in the sports field. These days sports field is making good name for itself and getting into sports field is a lucrative brand of career. And all sports need a designated physiotherapist so that they can do good in their field. This is where a physiotherapist comes to play. They can help people and athlete recover from pain quickly. They can help improve the recovery period from a maximum to a short period of time. They also help to remove any cramps and pain that come with the way of injury and additional pressure on muscle tendons and more.


A person seeking to venture into this field of sports physiotherapy needs to have completed the bachelor’s course at first. After that can they go for the other courses ahead. This one requires them to cleared the bachelor in similar field and then you can apply to this course. Once you gain an entry, you have to give interview and from there you will be passed to go for the admission and complete this course.


Any person who has this qualification in their bag can go for the role in sports houses and corporations. They can go for the roles in sports team as the designated specialist physiotherapist in the team.

Physiotherapy Course Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Physiotherapy is a tricky course?

You need to understand the first two-year concept which is based on physical and muscular health. In simple language, it depends on your practice that how much you can understand the client’s pain. If you want to become a perfect physiotherapist then you should be calm and apply your knowledge while treating the patient.

  1. Do Physiotherapists is a good career option?

Physiotherapy is the most promising career option. In this hectic world, the stress level and body pain have increased rapidly. So the demand for physiotherapists is also at the peak point. Some various places and departments require good physiotherapists Such as hospitals, Rehabilitation centres, and sports centre and fitness centres.

  1. to apply for Physiotherapy Course, is there any entrance exam available?

Due to the popularity, there are numbers of medical colleges/universities/institutes that are offering state level entrance examination and university level entrance examination. Some of them are- IPU CET, BCECE, CPNET, NILD CET and Dr DY Patil All India PG physiotherapy entrance test.

  1. What are the minimum eligibility criteria for Physiotherapy Course?

To apply for a physiotherapy course you must have passed class 10+2 with an aggregate of 50% of marks in the science stream (Physics, Biology and Chemistry Subjects). Along with this, you will appear in the required entrance exam for admission.

  1. What jobs opportunities are offering after the completion of the Physiotherapy course?

Physiotherapy graduates can work as a researcher, assistant researcher, Rehabilitation specialist, Osteopath, Consultant, Physiotherapist, Self-employed private physiotherapist, Private Practitioner, Customer care Assistant and more.

  1. What types of the certificate will I get at the end of Physiotherapy course?

Most of the reputed institutes provide legal certificate to their students. Such certificates are available at the UG level, Graduate level and professional Levels. This certificate may help you to be professional. If you need an additional qualification in this field then the official certificate will do it.

  1. What is the basic fee structure of the Physiotherapy Course?

The fee structure depends on the course level that you will obtain. There are three types of physiotherapy course. First is Bachelor Course, Second is Certificate Course and third is Postgraduate course. The Bachelor course consists of Rs. 1, 00,000 to Rs. 5, 00,000 fees.  Certificate/Diploma course consists overall Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 5, 00,000 fees. And postgraduates course consist of different fee structure. Example M.Sc in physiotherapy fee structure is Rs. 35000 to Rs 2.5 lac.

So these are the top courses that you can take when it comes to physiotherapy in India. These courses help to build your profile and allows you to gain roles into the sports and medical physiotherapy.

They also give you a good career which also has a lucrative remuneration ahead something not many professions can count for.

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