Philosophy Courses in India: Details, Syllabus, Eligibility, Career

There has been quite a dynamic shift in the way education is perceived these days. From those early periods when only a few courses were earmarked as the right ones to pursue for a good career to the day where you have a variety of courses, the leap and bound taken by education is great. These days students can select from a wide variety of courses to study further in their life and make a career.

Among those courses that are making new inroads into the educational system and commanding attention among students is the subject philosophy. There are quite a few courses available under this stream and we thought of looking at them to find more details about them. Let’s check out the best courses in philosophy along with their details down below:

What is Philosophy Stream?

Philosophy is known as the study of knowledge of mankind, ethics regarding human civilization, the existence of humanity, and the truth behind the well-being, survival, and growth of human beings. It looks into the fundamental thinking of the existence of humankind and brings in a sense of critique to it to develop analytical and critical thinking. The course is known to develop logical thinking in students and let them think clearly and concisely.

Philosophy courses are offered by plenty of universities and institutes in India. The programs start from the Diploma level and reach up to research-based doctoral levels. The students learn about aspects like the fundamental idea, arguments, and other broader modules. There are different modules like metaphysics ethics, logic, philosophy of mind, political philosophy, and more.

Scope of Philosophy Courses

The scope of philosophy subjects has increased quite a lot in the past decades. It has become widely accepted across different organizations and mediums making them an attractive course. Students with philosophy courses can develop human management and transferable skills that are quite useful in companies. Students who can think clearly and concisely as per the aspects of philosophy can get a good career path down the line.

Students who have completed their course in philosophy can get into the fields like teaching, politics, publishing, communications, HR, advertising, law, banking, civil service, and more. With further specialization in the field, they can go onto becoming lecturers, researchers, and high-end journalists.

Courses on offer in Philosophy

Philosophy Course India

There are plenty of courses on offer in philosophy and we’ve enlisted the pick of them down below for you. Let’s check them out.

1. Diploma in Philosophy

The first course on our list is the Diploma based course. This one is an entry-level course and is designed for students who want to get into this field as their career option. Here’s an in-depth look at it.

Course details

As we know this one is a diploma based course known as Diploma in Philosophy, it has a course length of 2 years. The course is designed to be the entry-level gateway into the stream of philosophy. Students can pursue this course from various institutes across India. The fees set for this course are very less than that of a full-fledged course. The students learn about different modules like language, reality, philosophy, moral theory, analytical thinking, religion, language, logic, and much more. They develop skills to view the world with logic and not come to conclusions instantly.


A candidate needs to complete their high schooling from any of the institutes or schools across India. The school or institute should be recognized by the education board of India. They should have scored at least 50% in their +2. The students should then fill out the course application form and follow the procedure ahead.


A student who has completed this course can get into different fields like advertising, public relations, marketing, law firms, publishing., recruitment, and more. They can also go for teaching roles in schools.

2. Bachelor of Arts (BA in Philosophy) 

The second course in our list is the undergraduate program and is designed for students who are looking for an undergraduate based philosophy course. Here are further details about it down below:

Course details

This course designated as Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy is an undergraduate course with a duration of 3 years. The course comes across as a great option for people looking for an undergraduate course once they have finished their high school or diploma. This course looks into the aspect of developing the aspects of general and fundamental problem-solving skills in students. It also teaches students about the problem associated with things like human existence, their cultural values, the mindset of people, and more. It is offered by various universities and institutes in India via regular and correspondence mode.


A student who wants to study BA in Philosophy needs to clear their +2 or high school from a recognized university. The candidates should have a good academic record with a minimum of 50% marks required for admission.


This course opens a pathway to a successful growth-oriented career ahead. A student having completed this course can get into the fields of public relations offer journalists, writers, publishers, media moderators, and more.

3. Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Philosophy (B.A Hons in Philosophy)

The next program is also an undergraduate course offered in the philosophy stream to students. This one is a popular choice for students in India and sees one of the highest entrants into the field of philosophy via this course. Let’s find out more details about it.

Course details

The first undergraduate program on our list is the Bachelor of Arts(Hons) with a major in the stream of Philosophy. This program runs for 3 years. Candidates who want to opt for this course can find it readily available across many universities and institutes across India. This course is highly regarded as an undergraduate program when it comes to the philosophy stream. It allows students to learn about the aspects of developing skills that can be expressed in different ways. It helps boost the verbal and written discipline of people and helps them make a good career.


B.A Hons in Philosophy has strict criteria for admission. Any student who wants to study this course first needs to complete their schooling. They should possess a certificate from high school or +2. The high school that they have studied should be recognized by the board.

A student needs to have completed their high school or +2 from a recognized board or institute. The required marks for admission is 50%.


The students after completing this course can venture into both the private and non-private sectors. They can go on to make a career in fields like local and governmental agencies, civil services, management consultancies, charities, recruiting agencies, the finance industry, and more.

4. Masters of Arts in Philosophy (MA in Philosophy)

The fourth course in our list under the philosophy segment is the postgraduate program and is one of the best career-oriented courses to advance the growth of the students. Here are the details and briefing regarding this course.

Course details

Masters of Arts in Philosophy is a postgraduate program and comes with a duration of 2 years. The program provides students with expert level knowledge and hones the skills that they have learned during graduation. The students will learn about the aspect of philosophy, its application, and use for mankind, and the way philosophy is ingrained with humanity. The different modules that students will learn in this course are the theory of knowledge, ethics, philosophy of mind, and more. This course is offered in both regular modes of classes or correspondence classes by many universities and institutes across India.


Any student who wants to pursue an MA in Philosophy needs to have completed their graduation course. The admission criteria mention that they should have scored around 50% in their previous academics. The graduation should be completed from a government recognized board.


This is one of the highest level courses on offer in the field of philosophy and is designed for students who want to make a long career in this field. This course allows students to get into the fields of business, publishing houses, health work, charity, divinity, public services, research centers, finance departments, and more.

 5. Master of Philosophy(M.Phil)

After talking about the post-graduation programs it’s time to look into the other advanced level in the stream. So here we are with a postgraduate academic program. Find the details and briefings about the course down below.

Course details

Phil course stands for Master of Philosophy. This is an advanced level course that can be pursued after post-graduation. The students have to study and do academic research during this course. It has a length of 2 years. It allows the students to go for practical based application of their learning and develop skills that will guide them for the long haul. The course teaches about the aspects of management of principles, research of methodology, method of literature, readings of trends, and other modules.


The eligibility criteria for this program revolves around the student completing their post-graduate course. Any person willing to pursue the course of M.Phil should first need to complete their post-graduation course. They should complete their postgraduate from a government recognized board and also need to have academically scored a minimum of 50% marks.


This course is one of the top line courses in philosophy and has a great scope going forward. A student who has completed their course in this stream can go onto advanced roles in the area of their concern. They can also become lecturers and researchers.

6. Ph.D. in Philosophy

The top line course available under philosophy in India is the doctoral level research program. A student with this course can acclaim to have learned the highest academic degree under philosophy. Here are the further details of this course.

Course details

This is the research level doctorate that is available for students who want to opt for a philosophy course as a future after finishing their post-graduation course.It’s a research-based course and can range from 5 to 7 years. Students can do either a full-time Ph.D. or a part-time Ph.D. course as per their choice. This course teaches students about the course work, pedagogy, research proposal, and thesis preparation.


The eligibility criteria for this program involves student needing to complete their postgraduate course in philosophy or similar field. The admission to the Ph.D. program is completely merit-based and students need to fill out the application and pass the tests. Students should have good academics and should have scored around 50% marks or higher in their previous course.


This is one of the highest courses on offer in the philosophy stream and students can go on to build a successful career in this line. They can become consultants to government agencies, and alike, they can also become lecturers and professors.

These are the top courses on offer when it comes to philosophy in India. We hope that you’ve found your choice of course from this list.

Philosophy Courses India FAQs

  1. What are the educational levels at which philosophy courses are offered in India?

    • Philosophy courses are offered at various educational levels, including undergraduate (Bachelor’s), postgraduate (Master’s), and doctoral (Ph.D.) levels.
  2. Which universities in India are known for offering philosophy courses?
    • Many universities in India offer philosophy courses. Some renowned institutions include Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), University of Mumbai, University of Calcutta, and Banaras Hindu University (BHU).
  3. What are the typical eligibility criteria for undergraduate philosophy programs in India?
    • Eligibility criteria may vary, but generally, candidates should have completed their 10+2 education with a certain percentage of marks. Some universities may conduct entrance exams or consider merit-based admissions.
  4. How long is a typical undergraduate philosophy program in India?
    • A Bachelor’s degree in philosophy usually takes three years to complete.
  5. What is the duration of postgraduate (Master’s) philosophy programs in India?
    • The duration of a Master’s program in philosophy is typically two years.
  6. What specializations or areas of focus are available in philosophy programs?
    • Philosophy programs often offer specializations in areas such as metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, political philosophy, aesthetics, and more.
  7. Are there distance education or online philosophy courses available in India?
    • Some universities in India offer distance education or online courses in philosophy. IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) is known for providing distance education programs in philosophy.
  8. What is the scope of pursuing a Ph.D. in philosophy in India?
    • A Ph.D. in philosophy is typically pursued for those interested in advanced research and academic careers. It allows individuals to make significant contributions to the field through original research.
  9. Do philosophy courses in India include Western and Eastern philosophical traditions?
    • Philosophy programs in India often cover a broad range of traditions, including both Western and Eastern philosophies.
  10. What career options are available for philosophy graduates in India?

    • Philosophy graduates can pursue careers in academia, research, writing, publishing, civil services, journalism, counseling, and more. Critical thinking and analytical skills acquired in philosophy are valuable in various professional fields.

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