MRI Technician Course: Details, Eligibility, Syllabus, Career, Fees, Scope, and More

For the students related to the medical field, MRI Technician is a glorious field to work in. Whether you are after a great salary or reputed status, MRI Technician courses are a great option to choose for. MRI Technicians have knowledge of the subject and know how the machines can be used to know about the issues with the human body. MRI technicians can own their business for MRI tests and can work under the experts and hospitals as a job. In other words, the MRI technician is a great career and you can opt for it without worrying about the future prospects of the field.

Course Details of MRI Technician

Course Name Course Duration Eligibility Course Type
MRI Technician 1 Year 12th Pass Undergraduate Diploma

In India, MRI technicians have a great scope. Both in the reputed hospitals and nursing homes, the MRI technicians get a great income and at the same time. So, if you have completed your 12th and are looking for a better course with good scope in the future, you should consider MRI technician courses for you.

MRI Technician Course Overview

MRI Technician Course India

Basically, the MRI Technician course is a subsection of Radiology. And if you are looking forward to work as an MRI technician after your graduation or schooling, you can either choose the Radiology courses with the specialization in the MRI Technician field or opt for the certificate courses from the various institutes to get eligible to work as an MRI Technician.

In the article, we are going to talk about both the ways and will help you know about the more beneficial way to get into the field. So, whether you are interested in Radiology courses, or are after MRI technician details, this article is surely going to help you a lot in choosing the right path after completing your school. So, be with us until the end and we will let you know all the essential information about the MRI technician courses popular in India.

The popular courses for MIR technicians in India are briefly described below. Depending on your educational qualifications and fee for the course, you can opt for the right degree course or certificate course for yourself.

  • Certificate MRI technician Courses
  • Diploma Courses for MRI Technician Courses
  • Under Graduate MRI Technician courses
  • Post-graduate MRI Technician courses

These were the four categories of courses that you can opt to work as an MRI Technician after completing the course. So, according to the educational qualifications you currently have, choose the right course for yourself.

MRI Technician Course: Eligibility and prerequisites

Depending on the category of the course you have chosen for yourself, the eligibility varies a lot. Also, you may have to clear the entrance tests to enroll in the desired courses for MRI Technician. In this section, we will be talking about the courses, their general eligibility, and other prerequisites. So, go through them carefully and then decide which course is the right option to go with.

For the undergraduate courses, the common eligibility is the 12th class with a minimum of 50% marks in the science stream. Also, there are a few colleges and universities that require the aspirants to clear the entrance exam. If your preferred university or college asks for it, you should clear the exam with the required score.

On the other hand, the certificate and diploma courses can also be opted after the 12th. However, there aren’t any entrance test for them. Just if you have completed your 12th in science stream with 45-55% marks, you can opt for the MRI Technician diploma or certificate course.

For the post-graduation courses available for the MRI Technician, it is essential to have graduation in Radiology courses. Some PG courses also enroll the students with the diploma and PG diploma students. So, when you are looking for the post-graduation, we will suggest you to consult with the college administration about the eligibility and other prerequisites.

MRI Technician Course: Common syllabus

As said, there are numerous ways to earn an MRI Technician degree in India. Let’s talk about the common subjects that you can learn while pursuing the courses. Have look at these and know more about these courses.

  • Basic principles of magnetic resonance
  • MR Pulse Sequences
  • Biological effects MR and X-Rays on the human body
  • Know about the selection of MR Coils and other

These are the four major topics that you can learn about during your graduation, post-graduation, and certificate courses for MRI Technician. Along with these, there are numerous other subjects and topics that you can learn about during the courses that will help you learn the MRI techniques and their effect on the human body.

MRI Technician Course: Course availability

In India, there are multiple MRI Technician courses for different educational levels to opt for. Let’s talk about them in detail so that you can choose the right course at the level of education you currently have.

The most common graduate degree courses where you can learn about the MRI technician field are, after completing your school are

  • Diploma in MRI Technician course
  • MRI Certificate Training Course
  • BSc in Radiology
  • BSc Hons in Medical Radiotherapy

On the other hand, if you have already done your graduation and are looking for more knowledge of the field, the post-graduation in the MRI Technician field will be the ideal choice for you. Here are the different courses that you can opt for the post-graduation

  • MD/MS Radio Diagnosis
  • MSc Radiology
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Radio Diagnosis and Imaging Sciences
  • Post graduate Diploma in Xray Radiography and Ultra Sonography
  • PG certificate in MRI Technician course

According to your qualifications and fee budget, you can opt for any of these courses. Also, be sure to choose the best-in-class college in your area, and if you are looking for a more detailed study of the topics and field, we will suggest you to go with renowned colleges in the country to earn the MRI technician degree.

MRI Technician Course: Colleges

MRI Technician and other radiology courses are getting immensely popular among the students. And due to the intense demand for the courses, many private institutes and universities have started the regular courses for the stream. And that is why you can find a college near you with the course for MRI technician, or specialization regarding the course. So, choose accordingly and look for the fee structure before enrolling in the college.

Also, we will suggest you to have a look at the equipment and facilities in the college before paying the fee. Choosing a college with better placement rates and academics will be an added perk that you shouldn’t miss while choosing the college.

MRI Technician Course: Fee structure

The fee structure is another important thing to consider while choosing a course and the college. As the MRI technician is a vast course, it is a bit expensive than other medical science course specializations. The bachelor’s degree course for MRI technicians costs around 1-2 lakhs, while if you are after post-graduation, the fee you need to pay is around 2-4 lakhs.

However, if you are looking for a better fee structure, we will suggest you to go with a government college. Also, you can opt for the diploma courses or certificate courses that cost 50-60,000 depending on the institute.

MRI Technician Course: Future Scope

MRI Technician specialization has a great scope in India. There are several companies and private hospitals that hire MRI experts on a regular basis. After completing the course, you can easily apply to any of these colleges or hospitals. So, learn the basics and practice well, to enter the reputed field of MRI technicians.

Also, you can easily earn 2-3 lakh per annum to start the career. Depending on the firm you serve and the skills you have, you can expect a better salary with time. So, be sure to achieve better knowledge and you will be assured of getting a better and financially stable future.

MRI Technician Course: Should you opt for this?

So, once you are aware of the available courses, career opportunities, it is time to decide whether the MRI Technician course is worth considering in India or not. The simple and most straightforward answer would be YES. The MRI Technician course specialization or the certificate course both are great for students wh1o are looking to have a

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does MRI technician Course take to study?

The MRI Technician Course is available at UG and PG levels. If you are pursuing B.Sc in Radiology or B.Sc (Hons.) in Medical Radiotherapy, then it takes 3-year of duration. On the other hand certification and diploma course in similar domain takes 1 to 2-year duration to complete. In India, various private and public institutions offer this course. However, the course duration may vary from institute to institute.

  1. What subjects are needed to become an MRI Technician?

There are various topics that MRI technician covers. The curriculum of MRI technicians covers major of four topics including the Basic Principle of Magnetic Resonance, MR Pulse Sequences, Know about the Selection of MR Coils, Biological effects MR, and X-Rays on the human body and many others. These are some common topics that will help you to understand the MRI techniques and their effects on the human body.

  1. Is MRI Technician in high demand?

MRI Technician has become even more popular these days. There are a lot of job opportunities available in India and abroad for MRI technicians. This course is available at UG, PG level along with various specializations. By doing this professional coursed, they can seek jobs in private hospitals, government hospitals, laboratories, colleges, education centres, etc. Apart from this; they pursue higher studies in respective field to learn the basics and practice for better future growth.

  1. What is an MRI Technician Salary?

On successful completion of the MRI technician course, graduates may easily earn 90,000 to 1, 00,000 monthly. Moreover, the salary pay scale may depend upon the experience and knowledge that you should obtain. The best thing about this course is that after completing this course, candidates can move forward abroad and work as a senior professionals.

  1. What kind of education and training does an MRI technician have?

Firstly, you should have registered yourself in a top-notch college in India or outside India. The reputed colleges offer placement and accurate knowledge. If you are completing your graduation in the same field, you can choose some special courses to become an MRI technician such as MD/ MS Radio-Diagnosis, MSc Radiology, PG Diploma in Imaging Sciences and Radio Diagnosis, PG Certificate in MRI Technician, Post Graduate Diploma in X-ray Radiography, Ultra Sonography. Thus, a better college option and proper knowledge will give you proper guidance.


Now, you are well aware of the course details, opportunities, and other details of the MRI Technician courses available in India. You can easily choose the best course for yourself according to your needs, career opportunities, and salary expectations after the course. So, be sure to choose the right college for yourself, and then if you are looking to do a job or own a center, you can move forward to it. Also, in order to work as an MRI technician, some companies and hospitals ask for the experience for at least six months. So, if you get the opportunity to work as an assistant in a firm, we will suggest you to go with it to enhance your chances to grab a better job in a reputed firm.

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