MAC Course Full Form

What is the full form of MCA?

The full form of MCA is masters in computer applications. The Master of Computer Application (MCA) program is a rigorous three-year professional postgraduate curriculum covering all facets of the field of computer science and its many applications. Considering how pervasive computers are in modern business, the MCA has a huge sphere of influence.


Candidates interested in working in the IT sector should enroll in the Master of Computer Applications program.

Those already in the workforce who want to advance their careers in the information technology sector and study at their own pace can do so through online learning by earning a Master of Computer Applications.

masters in computer applications

Eligibility requirements

Students applying to the MCA program should verify that they meet the program’s minimum entry requirements. In order to participate in the selection procedure, you must earn at least 50%.  This means that the learner has to have some familiarity with computer science fundamentals.

Mathematical proficiency at the XII or Bachelor level is required for admission to this program. Some universities use an MCA entrance exam in conjunction with basic merit-based eligibility to determine admission. Age is not a consideration for admission to the MCA program.

Fees details

The cost of an MCA degree might be anywhere between Rs 30,000 – 2 LPA.

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