ITI Mechanic Computer Hardware Course: Details, Eligibility, Syllabus, Career, Fees, Scope, and More

There are several computer hardware courses that a person could learn today, but, not all of them offer the same level of knowledge and help in acquiring a job. However, among the computer hardware courses, the ITI mechanic computer hardware course is one of the best ITI Courses. Not in terms of the number of applicants, but, in terms of skills and training offered. Most of the candidates who have completed this course have succeeded in getting employed and they are satisfied with this course. Here is everything you need to know about the course.

ITI Mechanic Computer Hardware Course Details

Most people might not understand what this course is about. What makes this course different? ITI mechanic computer hardware course is a computer hardware vocation course, this course introduces the candidate to diverse topics and skills. This includes installing hardware, maintaining and repairing computer systems, troubleshooting, setting up the computer, setting up the computer security system, configuring the computer, offering onsite and offsite technical support, etc. Unlike other courses, the ITI mechanic computer hardware course offers training and makes a candidate familiar with the subjects, and help develop skills to use the knowledge acquired.

In terms of skills and knowledge acquired, the ITI Mechanic computer hardware course could be far better than most of the other hardware courses.

ITI Mechanic Computer Hardware Course

ITI mechanic computer hardware course: Eligibility criteria –

This is an ITI course and therefore, the eligibility criteria for this course could be the same all in India. However, there could be slight changes.

  • The candidate should have passed 10th
  • The candidate should have at least scored 50% marks in the 10th board exam
  • The candidate should have studied 10th from an Indian government recognized board.

ITI mechanic computer hardware course: Course duration –

As this is an ITI course, the course duration could vary based on the ITI centre. However, in general, the course duration could be around 12 to 24-months. Most of the ITIs give a 2-year course and each year is split into two semesters. So, the course has a total of 4 semesters. Each semester is months long.

ITI mechanic computer hardware course: Course syllabus –

As mentioned above, the ITI mechanic computer hardware course is split into four semesters. Each semester a set of practical and trade theories are taught. Here is a general overview of the syllabus followed.

  1. Electrical safety
  2. First aid
  3. Resistors
  4. Soldering
  5. Electronic components of a computer
  6. Digital electronics
  7. Hardware identification
  8. Desktop PC repair
  9. Hardware installation and removal
  10. Power supply
  11. Inductance
  12. Transistors and amplifiers
  13. Capacitance and resonance circuits
  14. De-soldering
  15. Circuit voltage and current
  16. Windows installation
  17. Hard drives
  18. Virus removal
  19. System utilities
  20. User account customization
  21. Hardware failures
  22. PC cleaning
  23. Hardware troubleshooting
  24. Data backup
  25. Windows installation
  26. Hardware removal test and installation
  27. System utilities
  28. Junk file removal
  29. Linux OS
  30. Installing hardware drivers
  31. Outlook configure
  32. Backup
  33. Cabling
  34. Scanner and MFD
  35. Printer and plotters
  36. Install and configure a network
  37. IP addressing and TCP/IP
  38. Other network protocols
  39. Components of the computer network
  40. Other network protocols
  41. Install and configure windows server
  42. Network security
  43. Internet and web browsing
  44. Project work
  45. Network protection and troubleshooting
  46. Sharing resource and internet connection
  47. Control and monitoring network server
  48. Crimping and punching
  49. Word processing and spreadsheet software
  50. Configuration of data communication equipment’s

ITI mechanic computer hardware course: fees –

The course fee of the ITI Mechanic computer hardware course could depend on the reputation of the ITI centre and the state. However, in general, the course fee could be around INR 2000 to 10000 per year.

ITI mechanic computer hardware course: scope and career –

Unlike most of the other courses, perusing this one makes the candidate eligible for a diverse range of jobs. A candidate could find a job in both the private and public sectors. The pay is good and the demand might not fall any time soon. One of the reasons is that the world is becoming more dependent on computers and therefore, the demand would remain the same. A candidate who has completed this course could also find a job in laboratories and even in manufacturing industries.

ITI mechanic computer hardware course: Job titles –

  1. Desktop support executive
  2. Technical support representative
  3. Hardware and networking trainer
  4. Computer support executive
  5. Computer hardware instructor

ITI mechanic computer hardware course: salary –

The salary package of an ITI mechanic computer hardware candidate could depend based on the sector and industry. However, as far as we know, the salary could be between INR 5000 to 25000.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the duration of ITI Mechanic computer hardware course?

The length of the course can vary from one ITI centre to another. In overall, however, the course can last anywhere from 12 months to 24 months in length depending on the circumstances. Most ITIs provides a 2 training every year is split into 2 semesters. Thus, the course will be completed in four semesters in its overall length. Each semester is divided into several months.

  1. How much I need to pay for ITI Mechanic computer hardware course?

The fee of an ITI Mechanic computer hardware course may be determined by the credibility of the IIT centre as well as the prestige of the government. Although the fee of the course varies from year to year, in general, this can range from Rupees 2,000 to Rs 10000 per year.

  1. What are the jobs available after ITI Mechanic computer hardware course?
  • Office Support Manager
  • Customer service representatives
  • Devices and networks instructor with extensive experience
  • The head of the dept “Information Technology Support”
  • Computer equipment for trainers
  1. How much salary I can earn after ITI Mechanic computer hardware course?

 The salary package for an applicant seeking the stance of IIT hardware technician will vary depending on the company and sector. To our knowledge, the base pay can vary from Rupees 5,000 to 25,000, depending on the position.

  1. What are the skills I must have for pursuing this course?

Mechanic, Computer Hardware, and electronics, and Hardware Trade Computer technology are subjects in which learners should have analytical skills and problem-solving abilities.

  • They must be up to date on the latest versions of fundamental software applications and operating systems.
  • They should have excellent communication skills and knowledge, as well as the capacity to work well under pressure.
  • They must also be well-organized and detail-oriented, with good eyesight and dexterity on their hands and a steady hand.
  1. What are the advantages of working in the Mechanic Computer Hardware Trade?
  • Applicants can find employment in a variety of settings, including retail stores, corporations, and for third-party vendors.
  • Student jobs in research labs and manufacturing, such as designing and testing new types of computers, are available to them.
  • Students can also find employment in research & design firms, such as computer systems design firms.

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