How to Become a Machine Learning Engineer in India

Machine learning has become one of the most prominent subjects in the modern-day scenario. A derivate of artificial intelligence, machine learning has gone from strength to strength from its earlier primitive days. This has made the subject a good career choice for many people looking for a good career path.

Machine learning in a nutshell can be seen as the application of artificial intelligence that allows you to learn and build robotic functioning and improvements. This includes the aspects like automation and more. After hovering around on the borderlines, this has finally become a dream course for many students due to the growth in technology.

Venturing into machine learning can bring about different aspects with machine learning engineers being one of the creams of the crop courses. They are highly acclaimed and have a great future ahead. We here look into the aspects and step to become a machine learning engineer in India. Read along.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning

Machine learning is an aspect or application of artificial intelligence that allows it to improve on past performance and data without the need for programming. It specifically uses different learning methods and data to help access and process the data. Various sub-sets of machine learning concepts have been derived with things like deep learning algorithms all taking a leaf out of the machine learning.

The hype around machine learning started due to its efficient process mechanism which can make decisive calculations without the need for any human supervision. The aspect will not only improve and grow larger in the upcoming years but will decide the future of mankind. The likes of traditional programming have been in the stage of replacement due to the overriding development of machine learning.

What is Machine Learning Engineer and its Role?

A machine learning engineer is a professional acquainted in the field of machine learning who build and supervises system that has the inherent ability to apply the knowledge on their basis. They create an ecosystem where machines act on their intelligence allowing human intervention to be nullified. This helps improve the performance and the output significantly.

A machine learning engineer will likely work with a large data the onus of which remains on the data scientist to provide them with. This large data forms the base of what machine learning engineers do. They adapt the data accordingly to code and design a fully functioning fulcrum for the development of self-performing machines.

How to Become a Machine Learning Engineer in India

The basic question that goes around for people is how to become a machine learning engineer in India. The pathway is clear and very much attainable. As a machine learning, there are a few requisites that will help you to get along and develop the right knowledge. The ability to navigate languages like Python. Having deep knowledge about data exploration and analysis will come in handy. Various courses and degrees are offered by plenty of universities and institutions across India. The courses can be attained via online ways too to help develop the career path from the very comforts of your home. This also brings flexibility to the learning mechanism. But joining a course and completing the degree is just part and parcel of the process. There are quite a few things that you need to learn and build to make a great career in the field.

Here are some of the key aspects that you need to build on:

  • Mathematical Skillset and Knowledge: Machine learning engineers need to go through numerous data which are ported from the data scientist’s research. These data tend to be huge and complex. Simplifying them for a proper understanding requires a bit of mathematical nous. Thankfully this mathematical skillset can be developed with a bit of practice and learning. Make sure to know the aspects of probability like sampling, Bayes theorem, hypothesis testing, and more; aspects of linear algebra like vectors and matrices; and aspects of calculus like integration and differentiation.
  • Programming Languages: Programming languages are a basic requisite for a good machine learning engineer. Languages like Python, C, Java, C++ are essential and much needed. Learning the various aspects like object-oriented languages and function-oriented languages will come in handy.
  • Data Analysis and engineering skills: Since the basis for machine learning revolves around data, having the skillset to understand, analyze and build conclusions from the data is a must. Data analysis and engineering utilize the aspect of processing, evaluating, contemplating, testing, and concluding the derivatives and results from the data. These are built around the data models and evaluating them will lead to a valid conclusion on the behavior skillset of the machine to code them in the future functioning mechanism.
  • Software: The word software may seem a common theme for any technology-related engineering field but these also form the intricacies that connect the entire ecosystem. A machine learning engineer should possess sound knowledge of various software like Tensorflow, Jupyter, PyTorch, and more. We’ll talk in lengths about this software next up:
    • Tensorflow: It is an open source-based software or a software library that is used for aspects like data flow, programming, differential programming, and other things. This is one of the basic software usages that machine learning engineering should acquaint themselves with.
    • Jupyter: This is a project that runs various support execution and helps the machine learning engineer to test out the various scenarios and environments for the better functioning of the end product.
    • PyTorch: This one is another of the library or software libraries similar to the Tensorflow, albeit the only difference being PyTorch completely based on the Torch Library. It is used extensively in multiple fields and areas. They have an important role in the execution of various natural language processing and other things.

Responsibilities of a Machine Learning Engineer

As a machine learning engineer, various roles and responsibilities arise, and having the pre-knowledge of these can help you deal with the matters in the best interest yours. Fulfilling these responsibilities is what a job role for a machine learning engineer will require. Not only this helps you to be aware of your roles to perform in the future but also execute them in a manner so that you can grow exponentially in the field. Here are some of the responsibilities of a machine learning engineer in India:

  • Utilize the fundamentals of computer science to understand algorithms, data complexity, structures, and the entire framework of architecture.
  • Utilizing and deducing the aspects of mathematical decision-making areas like calculation, computations to help form the basis for the algorithms and further programming.
  • Formulating and designing codes to help isolate the issues and resolve them to achieve a successful project.
  • Efficient collaboration with the data scientist and analyst to perform a successful coalition and streamlining easy data understanding.
  • Building pathways for the data to help fill in with the variety to be designed data models.
  • Successfully creating and managing the algorithms for the various statistical processes and models.
  • Identify, build and create a pattern and evaluation method for the future instance and the modeling of the data.
  • Understanding the aspects of various machine learning libraries and utilizing them for efficient workflow mechanisms.
  • Adhering to constant upgrade means and methods to improve the techniques, practices, and functioning.

Scope of Work for Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning is one of the future-proof courses that came into the foray due to the advancement of technology. And the technology is likely to grow with time creating enormous career options and paths for anyone involved in the field.

With the advent of big data and data analysis, machine learning seemed the next step and it has been duly recognized. The scope of work and job opportunities seem aplenty and never-ending. These are not merely theoretical degrees or career paths but more of a practical-based study that will come in handy for a long. Various large organizations and companies like Google, Facebook have already started their machine learning and its application giving this sector a great boost. Here are some of the career opportunities that can come forth as a machine learning engineer:

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Human-Centered Machine Learning Designer
  • Computational Linguist
  • Lead Machine Learning Engineer
  • Research Scientist
  • AI Deep Learning Researcher
  • Machine Learning Scientist

The Future for Machine Learning Engineer

As aforementioned, the future for machine learning engineers seems bright and fruitful with potential for enormous growth opportunities. With the technology advancing and the field growing ahead it seems the right career choice to go with. And with the right learning, a machine learning engineer can reach heights that none could imagine. The field of machine learning in itself is vast with various sub-field developing further ahead based on it. This makes it one of the basic and core aspects of knowledge to have.


Becoming a machine learning engineer in India is a simple approach to finding the right course in the institute and the university. Apart from that, learning various skill sets and knowledge will build the strengths to make a great career as a machine learning engineer in India. The pay scale for this field is also significantly higher than the traditional course and will benefit you financially and academically.

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