How Legal Edge Test Series Helps to Clear CLAT in First Attempt

CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) is one of the highly competitive exams in India conducted for admission for various Bachelor in Law (LLB) courses in over 23 NLUs (National Law Universities). NLU is the dream institution of probably every law aspirant because it’s highly reputed and ensures a bright future for the candidates getting graduated from it.

There are thousands of candidates who fight every year to get admission to one of the NLUs but only a few of them make it happen. For a candidate dreaming about getting admission to NLU, it’s important to have intense preparation because it’s one of the challenging entrance exams that is not everyone’s cup of tea.

As I am talking about intense preparation, I can’t forget to talk about the test series that is the soul of entrance exam preparation, and any candidate aspiring to get admission to NLU will never want to skip the test series. Giving test series is equally important to where you are getting them from because a lot of online portals are selling fake and low-quality test series in the name of the authentic ones.

The online portal that provides the best test series is Legal Edge which is an initiative of Toprankers, one of the leading study portals for law entrance exams.

Legal Edge Mock Test Series: How It Helps Clear CLAT In The First Attempt

Legal Edge mock test series/papers are by far the best mock tests for the CLAT exam. These mock tests are designed by experts who take care of everything related to the exam such as level of questions, types of questions, quality of questions, etc.

The Legal Edge CLAT mock tests are neither too tough nor too easy. Their level is equivalent to the actual exam or maybe a bit higher so that the candidates perform well in the actual exam after giving a few of them.

The experts also keep making changes to the mock tests so that it matches the current pattern. The Legal Edge mock tests give the feel of the real exam and that is what a mock test should be about.

Here Are A Couple Of Points That Tell How LegalEdge Mock Tests Are Helpful-

  • They boost your speed in the actual exam as a result of which you get enough time to attempt all the questions.
  • They let you know what section is more time-consuming so that you can figure out your way to manage your time effectively.
  • They give you a brief answer to all the questions so that you can learn a better and easier way to solve those types of questions in the exam.
  • They improve your accuracy which is a very important thing from the exam preparation point of view.
  • They help you give the exam with a free mind because, after a couple of mock tests, you become habitual of it, and in the exam hall, you will feel relaxed and confident.

So this was about a few points on how the LegalEdge test series helps you clear the CLAT in the first attempt.

How Many Mock Tests To Give For The CLAT Exam

This is a very important question regarding the CLAT mock test and every serious aspirant should know its answer. If you have already written the CLAT exam, you should give at least 15 mock tests. On the other hand, if you are going to write the CLAT exam for the very first time, you are supposed to give at least 25 mock tests.

Make sure that you spend time analyzing the mock test thoroughly after you have given it and identify your weak and strong areas. This approach will help you do better in the actual exam because, at the end of your last mock test, you will have covered probably every aspect of the questions that can be asked in the exam.

Does Legal Edge Also Offer CLAT Online Coaching?

LegalEdge is associated with Toprankers which is one of the most renowned online study portals as I have already mentioned. Toprankers offers CLAT online coaching along with LegalEdge and many candidates enroll in their course with the dream of getting admission to NLU.

If you are a serious candidate and you actually want to pursue your LLB from a highly reputed institution, you must head to the Toprankers CLAT course. It is worth it and will help you a lot in giving your best in the exam.

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