SSC CGL Exam 2023: 6 Tips for Sure-shot Success

Millions of students want to compete for the SSC CGL 2022 exam to make their career safe and secure? But they also see it as a daunting task! Yes, the SSC CGL Exam 2022 exam can seem daunting, but if you study hard and employ smart strategies, the process will lead you to ultimate success. Following some proven tips for studying will also help you to boost your preparation from the very beginning holistically. As an aspirant, you might be knowing that the SSC CGL 2022 Tier-1 exam is going to be conducted across India in December 2022. Therefore, you will have to clear the Tier-I of the exam before competing for the Tier-2 exam. But to clear the first stage is not that easy, but not as tough either, if you’ve prepared the syllabus well and have been regularly enhancing your knowledge and skills via Mock Tests.

Today, we will be supplying you with the most effective tips for a perfect SSC CGL 2022 2022 preparation.

1. Take Mock Tests and closely analyse your mistakes

We all have weak areas. Mock Tests help you find those areas and improve them. It gives you a better idea about the type of questions the real exam may test you with, and the speed and accuracy in which you’re required to answer those questions.  It is the best exercise which is the closest to the exam, so start taking SSC CGL 2022 mock exams if you still haven’t given it a go.

2. Expected Cut Off and previous year’s Cut Off

You can set the benchmark for your preparation after having the knowledge about the previous year’s SSC CGL cut off. It will provide you with the idea about good attempts for the exam, so that you strategize your study plan accordingly. Try to take as many Mock Tests as you can, and try to score higher than the previous year’s cut off every time you attempt it. Assume that the 2022 cut-off will be higher than that of 2021.

3. Cover Important or most scoring Topics

Try to cover all the topics that form the SSC CGL 2022 syllabus as per your weak areas in the syllabus, but also keep in mind the important topics or the topics from where the questions are definitely asked in the examination. For example, Grammar rules, Active and Passive sentences, Profit and Loss, Geometry and Mensuration etc. Focus more on difficult topics for you. Do not take too much stress about topics on which you are not able to perform well. Play by your strengths.

4. Craft a perfect Strategy

Do you know short tricks, important formulae, trigonometric ratios, algebraic identities, and identities required to answer the Math questions quickly? Well, these concepts help you in increasing your speed. SSC CGL is all about attempting enough questions with high speed and accuracy. Therefore, you should train your brain to first quickly answer questions on areas you are strong in and then go for other questions. Master short tricks and test your application of them via Mock tests.

5. Avoid learning new concepts at the last minute

Do not try to learn any new concepts before the exam as it will hamper your preparation. Don’t cram new information which may or may not prove to be useful in the exam. There is also the risk of feeling overwhelmed. The best you can do is to revise the syllabus.

6. Practice is the only and ultimate way to succeed

You need to practice more and more. The more you practice the more you develop an understanding of the questions asked and how to solve them in time with accuracy.

Some General Tips

Here are some important tips to follow while answering the questions during the exam:

  1. Go through each question at least once.
  2. Work on your weak Areas
  3. Don’t forget that the ultimate goal is to clear the cut off. Don’t get stuck on one question.
  4. Expect the unexpected. Always be ready and well-prepared to face some unexpected questions in the exam.
  5. Read the question twice before answering the questions. Do not get over-excited seeing easy questions and get disappointed and lose confidence on seeing very difficult ones at the start.

Note: Apply all these tips while taking the latest SSC CGL 2022 Mock Tests.

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