Fire and Safety Courses in India: Eligibility, Fees Details, Career & Job

There are indefinite ways how career can proceed further in life. Some people go for the medical line, some prefer the engineering line while some go for the other fields like computer, technician, architecture, pilot and much more. Amid all this, there’s one course that always goes under the radar that not many people know of. That course is fire and safety courses.

People have different opinions of fire and safety courses, but if you look closely it is one of the best courses around and is equally lucrative as all other fields. This course seeks more into fire and safety management and into the topics that relate to them. It’s not as if fire and safety courses is all about only fire fighter. It’s just a part of the course which is a vastly superior one the more you delve inside.

We here today look at the fire and safety courses that are available in India and take an in-depth detail of all these. We will also detail the job opportunities and salary and other fields of scope for fire and safety courses. There are different courses that come under fire and safety courses and we will look at it. But first we look at the scope of courses.

What is Fire and Safety Courses?

Fire and Safety Courses in India Eligibility, Fees Details, Career & Job

If you look at the courses in these last few years and analyze the trends, then fire and safety courses are taking prime positions. Fire and safety courses are also known by as Fire and Safety technology or Fire and Safety Management. These courses take detail in depth of fire, prevention of fire, hydraulics, first-aid, firefighting equipment, fire safety based engineering, chemistry, physics, and more.

This course allows a person to learn more of the fire management and then apply that to provide safety solutions to the company or the firm that they are associated with. This course has a great scope going forth and there are different ways people can take the route. Like people can take fire based diploma courses right after class 10 or class 12 also. And if people want then they can go for the fire and safety courses after graduation also.

Also people tend to have a misconception that fire and safety professionals tend to get hired only by companies like fire brigades or firefighting departments. But if you at, fire and safety professionals can get hired by any of chemical plants, MNC’s, oil companies, electricity boards, and much more.

What are the different Fire and Safety courses?

Fire and safety courses as we said above are of different streams. A person can learn fire and safety courses after class 10 and 12 also in form of diploma course or they can go for a proper graduation based course also. There is government based ITI courses also that provide the Fire and Safety courses. And for someone who wants to expertise in the field they can also go for the PG courses for further knowledge. We here will list the different ways a person can get into the field of fire and safety courses.

  1. Certificate courses
  2. ITI courses
  3. Diploma Courses
  4. Bachelor’s Degree courses
  5. Post Graduate (PG) courses

We will list the different courses and its details that a person can go into when they take the fire and safety courses under these different scenarios down below in detail.

1. Certificate courses in Fire and Safety Stream

  • Certificate in Safety Management
  • Certificate in Industrial Safety Management
  • Certificate in Fireman Training
  • Certificate in Disaster Management
  • Certificate in Security and Fire Prevention

Details of these courses

Since these courses share similarity between them so we thought of compiling them all into one.  All these certificate courses normally range from 3 months to 6 months and in some cases 1 year depending the vastness of the knowledge. These courses allow the person to pursue and learn about the course so that they can make a career into this field. This course is not like the degrees of diploma or like graduation and is more of certificate based where a person can learn and then they can go into fields of job and more.

Eligibility criteria for these courses

The eligibility for these courses are class 10 and people who have completed till class 10 can easily go into this field. All they need to do is apply at the institute that teaches these types of certificate courses and then they can apply for the course. The application procedure normally requires a student to complete the entrance test and then score the required marks and then you can do the admission in the institute.

Scope for these courses

These courses are a good scope based course for students who have completed class 10. These courses can take the people ahead in their life and will give them lineage to get into fire and safety stream and become a known fire safety manager and other different roles that can improve their life drastically.

2. ITI Courses

  • ITI Fireman course
  • ITI Fire Technology and Safety Management
  • ITI Safety and Security course

These are the ITI courses that a person can take in their life. We will follow with the details of the course and will provide the eligibility and scope of the details. Read along.

Details of these courses

These are the industrial training courses that are taught in Industrial Training Institutes. These courses are more specific to cater towards the needs of people who are looking for some career oriented training fields and the people can go for this course to get a good job ahead. These courses vary in time from 6 months to 1 year and is one of the job oriented courses so that people can learn and grow and earn money.

Eligibility criteria for these courses

The courses require people to only complete till class 10 and then they can go for the course ahead. This one requires a person to apply for the course and then apply in the ITI institute which the government has licensed for. The applicant will then be able to partake in the course and then they can begin the journey to attain the course.

Scope for these courses

These courses are a very good ground for breaking into if any person who is looking to venture into field of fire and safety. The people can go into this course and learn about fire safety and fire safety management which will allow them to go into the job field of chemical factory, fire department and more.

3. Diploma Courses in Fire and Safety

  • Diploma in Fire and Safety Technology
  • Diploma in Industrial Safety
  • Diploma in Fire and Safety Engineering
  • Diploma in Fire and Safety Management

Now talking about the diploma courses, these courses are one of the major important lines for students who have completed the class 10 and class 12 course. After that they can go for these degrees and then make a career in the fire and safety field. We will provide details of the courses down below. Read along

Details of these courses

Just as the name suggests, these are diploma courses and are of 2 to 3 years. The students can either go for this course after class 10 also but most of the people prefer doing these courses only after class 12. These courses teach in detail about the aspects related to fire and safety technology, management, engineering and more in industrial safety. These courses are taken by people who want some serious career options in the field of fire safety and more.

Eligibility criteria for these courses

These courses require a person to have completed the class 12 exams and only then can they pursue the diploma courses. These are of 3 years and anyone who has completed class 12 course from any recognized board in any stream can go for this course. This course requires a person to enroll for the course in the institute and then they can go for the tests and cut-off. After they are qualified they can go for the admission.

Scope for these courses

These courses are vital in making people make way into fire and safety stream. Fire and safety courses are one of the most underrated courses and work fields around. If you look around, fire and safety diploma holders can get into government department, oil companies, industries, electricity fields, armed forces and much more. You can also go into whole different setups also with this course.

4. Bachelor’s Degree

  • B.Sc. Fire and Safety
  • B.Sc. Fire and Industrial Safety
  • B.Sc. Fire Safety and Hazard Management
  • B.Tech. Fire and Safety Engineering

These are the major forays into the field of specialized education into fire and safety department. These courses are preferred for those who are interested into this field. We will list the details and more down below in this one.

Details of these courses

These are the major epitome courses that a person can take along in life when they want to go for higher and specialized education in this field. All these bachelor’s course are 3 years in duration and people who want to go for this course will learn in detail about the fire and safety management, fire and safety engineering, making of safety brackets and nets against any fire hazards and more.

Eligibility criteria for these courses

To partake in bachelor’s course in Fire and safety courses one needs to have a class 12 completed from CBSE or any recognized board and they need to go for the admission in the college or institute. They should have completed the class 12 in science stream and then they can go for the entrance test. After entrance they have to give the interview and then they will be selected. Once you qualify via the entrance then you can do the admission in the college.

Scope for these courses

These courses are very vital and they have an important scope going forth. These courses allow a person to have a job in the field of fire department, armed forces, fire safety training institutes, industries and more. They can also further go for the work as safety engineer, safety consultant, fire officer, safety supervisor and more.

5. Post Graduate degree in Fire and Safety

  • PG Diploma in Safety Management
  • PG Diploma in Fire Safety and Hazard Management
  • PG Diploma in Industrial Safety

These are the further based specialization course that a person can take in their life. These courses are the highest ordeal courses available in safety and fire field and they can take this course to reach the specialized fields where the scope of the career increases further more.

Details of these courses

These courses are PG Diploma courses and are normally undertaken by students who have completed the bachelor’s or the diploma courses. These courses mentioned in this list are the post graduate courses and are of 2 years duration. Here a person will learn in details about the fire and safety features and will learn about how to use the knowledge in the highest order possible.

Eligibility criteria for these courses

To take on this course you need to have to have completed the bachelor’s degree in similar field. If you want to go from a diploma field then you should go for this course after completing the diploma course in similar field. After that you can apply with the university and then fulfill the criteria required for the admission. Then you can proceed to fulfill the criteria and you will get admission in the field.

Scope for these courses

These post graduate courses are a major course if you want to see the scope related with it. It has a wide scope and gives the best job opportunity to people who have taken this course. They can go into different government and private sectors and also go in the armed forces or into foreign based projects because of their specialist knowledge.


All these aforementioned courses are the major ways one can learn and go ahead in life taking the fire and safety course. These allow people to get specialized in these fields and then they can take that forth to get good jobs and career options in life. We hope these details will help you around with the seeking of good fire and safety courses in India.

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