EWS Admission 2020-21: Online Application, Eligibility, Age Limit, FAQ

The admission of students in the primary schools under the EWS/DG category in Delhi takes place through a stringent procedure. Upon application, it is being scrutinized and verified by higher officials for the authenticity of the application. If you belong from a humble financial background and are looking forward to giving the best education to your children, admission to primary schools in Delhi is possible through an EWS income certificate for DG category you must have caste certificate from Delhi. This admission process is done through a computerized lottery system.

EWS/DG Admission Schedule Session 2020-21

Announcements Date
Opening of online module for filling online Application for EWS/DG and children with disabilities categories. TBA
Last date of submission of online application by the EWS/DG and children with disabilities categories. TBA
The first date of computerized draw of lots for children with disabilities categories. TBA
The first date of computerized draw of lots for EWS & DG category kids. TBA
Closing of admission procedure TBA

EWS Admission Online Application 2020-2021

The mode of application for admission in primary schools of Delhi is through online mode. You need to register on the DOE official website by giving the details of the family and the ward.

EWS Admission 2020-21

  • In the new registration form, fill up the mandatory details, which are marked by an asterisk.
  • Before you click on the register button, check all the filled-in data as they are non-editable.
  • A pop-up dialog box will appear, click on ‘OK’ to go to the next step of registration.
  • The next screen shows the login credentials. Make sure to note them properly. Take care that the password is case-sensitive in nature.
  • Further, click on log-in using the above credentials to fill up the entire form that includes personal and academic details.
  • Details of the parents, ward, residence, income are to be filled in with due diligence.
  • After filling up all the fields, click on the preview button, followed by clicking on the submit button by carefully re-checking all the entered details.
  • Then you will proceed to step 2, where you can fill up the choice for your schools depending on the distance from your residence.
  • The selection of the schools based on your priority will be listed which can be edited as per requirement.
  • Select the priority list of your school, then click on the submit button. Subsequent steps will help you to fill up the various schools as per the distance from your location starting from 1 km to 6 km and beyond.
  • In the final step, click on the final submission and print, which will help you to print the final application form.
  • Follow it by checking on the declaration form, stating you agree to the list of the entered details and schools.
  • After the above step, the form will finally be submitted, after you click on the OK button and a page will appear which you can take a print out for future references.
  • Keep your login credentials safe as they will be required in future processes. In case you forget the log-in credentials, you can retrieve it using the forgot password option.

EWS Admission Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for admission of your ward, you need to come under the EWS category as per Indian regulation. The criteria to be eligible for the EWS category are as follows:

  •  If you are not covered under any other forms of reservation under the regulation of the Indian government.
  • The annual family income is no more than Rs 1 Lakh, also including income from various other sources, prior to application
  • Not possessing any of the following by any of the family member:
    Agricultural land of 5 acres and more.
    The residential area above 1000 sq ft
    More than 100 sq yards of a residential area.
    More than 200 sq yards of a residential area in non-municipal zones.

Income certificate

  • The income certificate showing the annual income of the family needs to be produced, which will give information about the income, thus making your ward eligible for EWS admission.

For DG category admission you must have caste certificate and disability certificate from the respective authorities of Delhi government.

EWS/DG Admission Age Limit

For getting admission into the primary schools using the EWS criteria, certain age restrictions have been mandated, that needs to be followed. Previously, the upper age limit was not there, but in the newest notifications, the Delhi government has also set forward both upper and lower age limits for different classes.

  • Nursery/Preschool/Lower Kindergarten: Not more than four years of age and not less than three years as on 31/03/2020.
  • KG/Pre-primary/UKG: Between the age of four and five years as on 31/03/2020.
  • 1st Class: Between five and six years of age as on 31/03/2020.

Since the above classes are entry-level classes, hence the above classes are only mentioned in our discussion.

Some Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Admission

  • Till now, the income certificate/ caste certificate is yet to be issued. Can I apply?

Yes, you can apply for the EWS admission 2020-21 to schools in Delhi. You need to select the “applied for” option during filling of application, then use the receipt number for Income or Caste certificate.

  • I lost the birth certificate of my child, which was the proof for date of birth. How can I apply?

You can still apply, even though you don’t have the proof of the date of birth. You need to give an undertaking or a written declaration stating the date of birth of your child.

  • Certain details have been mentioned wrongly in my income certificate as well as the birth certificate of my child. What is the procedure to apply?

Please make sure to communicate with the respective authorities before filling up of the application form, else any discrepancy shall not be tolerated.

  • Upon qualification from both EWS and any other category for admission, which category must be chosen for admission?

You can select any one of the categories for final selection into the school.

  • In the case of twins or admission for co-born, what shall be the procedure for filling the application form?

We request you to fill two forms, that are separate, in regard to this query.

  • I have lost my log-in credentials. How can I retrieve them?

In the home page, click on the Forgot Password, then you can read and follow the instructions that appear for easier retrieval of the log-in credentials.


Education is one of the most important pillars in one’s life. Delhi government, with this initiative, has strived to make education much more affordable across the economically humbled sections. Through this article, we serve to create awareness as well as bring to light the important aspects related to the EWS Admission Result 2020-21 Online Application, Eligibility, Age Limit, FAQ. In case of any further queries, feel free to communicate with us.


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