DTP Course Full Form

What is The Full Form of DTP?

The full form of DTP is Desktop Publishing, a special software widely used for organizations, individuals, and firms to publish quality printed items. This publishing technology can provide full access to the layout and design of any page, which is why being widely used. Desktop publishing can produce interactive websites and tools and is used to publish newspapers, books, news articles, comics, and many other important items. Depending on the target audience and the requirement you need, you can set up the documents accordingly.

Desktop Publishing

DTP benefits

  • With desktop publishing, a user can alter to go with a specific industry, mission, and target audience.
  • A user can increase the quality of the initiation of page layouts by alleviating space, color, and size.

DTP Types

There are five types of DTP, including:

  • Graphics for software
  • Software for pay layout
  • Word processing app
  • Website for a publishing system
  • Website for software editing image


  • Web pages are created to use graphics software. These include QuarkXPress, PageMaker, and Adobe Photoshop.
  • For publishing comics, magazines, books, and newspapers, page layout is being used.
  • There are a lot of job seekers who use Microsoft office to build a catchy resume, portfolio, and resume.
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