B.Arch Architecture Courses In India: Eligibility, Syllabus, Duration, Fees, Career

India is quite a growing nation. It is going through a fast pace of growth where the infrastructure and everything is developing so fast that the world is getting amazed at it. As it is normally seen, a nation is known for the infrastructural development and when the talk of infrastructural development comes, normally the people who are associated with designing, planning and putting use of their knowledge into much required construction and mapping are required.

Architectures play a vital role in the building of a nation. They are often at the heart of the infrastructural development. They are the ones who with their design skills and other host of knowledge puts use of all the features into making one good infrastructure. That is a reason why architecture never seems to run out of fashion.

Architecture is one of the great career lines that a person can have in their life. It is a good choice to make for and allows people to become part of a lucrative career. It has a good scope going forth and allows people to cover the fields of design, materials and construction and more. Many students take on this course to further their career and go ahead in life.

We here talk about architecture course and its details as part of the detailed description of looking into career choices and courses as part of the series. We here look into the details and also seek the different criteria and further vital facts about this course.

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What is Architecture and its scope in India?

Technically architecture is a field where the study of art and science is relayed so that the students and career enthusiasts learn about the design aspects of physical structures and buildings and more. This may relate either building of an entire town and environment. It has a wide passage in a sense that people can take this into expansive fields like urban design, landscape, planning to the more subtle micro level of construction also.

Normally people who want to go for the architecture courses tend to go for the Bachelor in Architecture or B.Arch as it is shortly acronym for.

This is a very good course option for architecture enthusiasts and as we know that India is home to ever growing infrastructure world, the course of B.Arch is much needed.

What is Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) all about?

Bachelor of Architecture is a technical based course that is the primarily known to make the students architect. This course allows the people to learn about the construction of commercial buildings, of highways, construction, civil construction by the use of innovative ideas and skills that are taught as part of the practical curriculum. This course looks into aspect of commercial drawing and various techniques used for the same.

This course if of 5 years and constitutes of both theoretical and practical approach where the students learn all about being an architect. Any person who feels part of the drawing and analytical skills can opt for this course. Those who want to try their analytical skills married with the aspect of practical sense and making it into bonding of building and designs would find this course as intriguing as it can be.

This course seeks more of analytical approach and initiative approach to find the balance between the hands-on style and the bit of desk one along with the challenge filled environment. This is a great lucrative course to go for.

How can you become a B.Arch?

Bachelor in Architecture is a course that is of 5 years duration. It is a course that a person who fulfills some of the stance that is required can join along. We here list the qualification criteria for the B.Arch course:

There are two different cases for students via which they can join the course.

Case Scenario 1 (For 10+2 students)

  • A person should have completed 10+2 course from any recognized board or school. The student should have at least 50% marks and should have taken compulsory science with them.
  • The willing candidate should then clear the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) test and should have scored at least 80% marks in the test.
  • After that the person should appear for personal interview round and then they can go for admission once they pass that.

Case Scenario 2 (For Diploma course students)

  • If a person has taken diploma course after class 10 instead of +2 course, then in that case, the student should first complete the diploma course in any of the available stream and that should be from a recognized board or university.
  • Once they complete that they can then go for the NATA test just like the above case scenario. They should score a minimum of 80% marks in the test.
  • After that they should go for the interview round and then after that they can go for admission.

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How to prepare for B.Arch?

The candidates should have some clear ideas and knowledge of what to do to become a B.Arch. We here discuss not only about how to go for the entrance exams but also for how they can manage the entire duration of course. There should be some unique approach also as this course is a bit different than others.

  • Improve your freehand drawing skills

One thing for sure is that people who want to become a B.Arch should know how to use the freehand drawing good. A good freehand drawing practice will help you to do better in entrance and career.

  • The art of visualizing

Architecture is not merely just sketching the drawings on a piece of paper. There are different 2D and 3D aspects involved with it. And only when you are able to visualize it all, then you can go for the better career ahead.

  • Creative aspect

An architect needs to be a creative person too. Anyone who wants to become a good architect needs to have the creative field with them. That creative realm will help support the practical sense of architecture.

Course details of Bachelor in Architecture

Normally these are the courses that a person studies as part of the curriculum of B.Arch.

  1. Architecture Design
  2. Building construction
  3. Design Applications
  4. History of architecture
  5. Architectural Drawing
  6. Theory of Structures
  7. Computer & Software Lab
  8. Building Management
  9. Workshop Practice
  10. Architectural appreciation
  11. Training

What are the top colleges for studying B.Arch?

Here we list the top colleges for B.Arch in India.

  • Government Engineering College, Trichur (School of Architecture)
  • Punjab University, Chandigarh
  • Indian Institute of Technology,¬†Delhi
  • School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi
  • National Institute of Technology or NITs
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai

What are the career scope for B.Arch?

There is a very high scope for people who want to go for the B.Arch courses. This course allows for people to gain a foot in the construction field and the design field. There are various fields where a person can go for after completing B.Arch. Many government and private sectors go for the need of B.Arch.

The people can work for many fields like urban planning, urban development fields, public construction department and even the designing part for housing and more. Architects these days go for lots of job scopes in the field of architect firms, consultancy firms and more either in India and abroad.

If you were to look at the trends of current times, then you can see that even in abroad there are scope for people who have completed the B.Arch courses in India. The markets like USA, Dubai and more middle east nations are looking for B.Arch people. Architects have the pleasure of either being on the field and even in the office. They can either work at the construction site as an advisory architect or work as designer also. A person can also go for corporate based workplace designer and architect for colonies, hotels, shopping complexes, industrial based ones and more. The government these days have been providing the jobs to B.Arch candidates for their National Building Campaign, for Public Works Department, For Railways and much more. If you want you can further also go for Masters in the same field and gain even more knowledge so that they go for much lucrative courses and career in life.

What is the salary for B.Arch?

As of norm, people who qualify as B.Arch after going for 5 years of course can gain around Rs 3.5 lacs to 5 lacs in the fresher years. That will increase with time and they can then earn over Rs 5-10 lacs after gaining a few years of experience. Subsequently going abroad gives more leverage to earn more money and go for more lucrative fields.

Architecture Course Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it possible for a commerce student to peruse an architect course?

Yes and no, you must know that to peruse architect course physics and mathematics should be opted in 11th and 12th, without a good base in physics and mathematics perusing architect course is very difficult. At most of the universities and colleges, candidates are not allowed to enroll unless he/she is from science and maths/computer stream. However, there are some other colleges, universities that allow commerce and arts candidates to enroll students. But, remember without basic knowledge in science and mathematics, it is a waste of time and money.

  1. Is the architect course good?

Yes, architecture course, as well as the profession, is one of the most interesting and respected in the whole world. When it comes to salary, an architect working in a well-reputed firm tends to earn more than 10 lakhs per annum. There is even some architect that earns twice this per annum. One of the best things architect careers is that a person could work as a freelancer/start own firm/work in a reputed company.

  1. Perusing architect course online is good?

When it comes to the architect course, it is always best to attend regular offline classes. However, today, attending online classes is the only choice, but, you need to keep in mind that the information and skill development through online classes is limited. You need to do some research yourselves and gain more skills for the future.

  1. How does an architect earn each month?

The salary of an architect could vary based on the firm, if the firm is very large and reputed, the salary could be very high. However, in recent years, we have noticed that some freelance architects earning more than permanently employed architects. In general, an architect could draw up to INR 35000 to 60000 per month.

  1. Is it easy to peruse the architect course today?

Like all the other courses, if you are interested in learning architecture, then pursuing an architecture course could be easy. However, for some people, it might seem to be difficult. What we have mentioned is a general opinion and fact.

  1. Is it true that perusing an architecture course could get you employed very easily?

No, it is not true that you could be employed easily if you peruse architecture course. No matter if it is an architecture course or an engineering course, it is not easy to get employed. If you join a reputed college with campus placement, you might get employed easily, however, it is just a 50/50 chance. However, it is all up to the candidate’s luck and effort he/she gets employed.

  1. Architecture profession is a steady job?

If you are working in a reputed firm, then it is a steady job. On the other hand, for freelancers and architect business owners, it might not be a steady job. When it comes to architects, it is always best to join any reputed private or public sector firms to have a steady income and job title.

B.Arch is a good course to opt for in life and is certainly a course whose limelight and scope will never fade away. This course has a great scope to go for and is a good choice for anyone who has interest in making a career in the analytical and practical creative based field. We hope you liked the information about B.Arch.

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