Best Animation Courses After 12th: Career, Scope & Salary

Animation has come a long way from its early journey. Who would forget the fun and the loving characters that we happened to see on the screen like the giant panda of Kung Fu Panda, the sloth and mammoth of Ice Age, Simba of the Lion King and more. It’s all down to the animation and they have formed a major part of our life.

Even with the world seeing many ups and downs, the animation industry is going at a pace that not many can match it for and when it comes to India, the sudden rise in animation is exemplary. Animation industry is booming along and is likely to see a prolonged stay and will continue along. It’s a reason why the 2D and the 3D animators are so much in the rise and why people prefer going this field.

The period after class 12 is one of the most difficult yet one of the most opportunity laden time of our life. There are so many ways and routes that we can go along and make a career into and animation is currently one of the major attractions.

It is certainly up there with the to courses and it gives a good career and skillset to the people. We here have picked up animation and are going to list the top animation courses that you can take along once you complete your class 12.

Join along as we look to guide you along the way into animation field.

The scope of animation courses after class 12

The world is seeing a major rise in the animation field and there is quite a rise in the demand for animators to come along. We’ve already seen many of the top animation companies in the world like Disney and more outsource their animation works to nation like India. India is a major part of how animation works around in the world.

Any person who seems to have plenty of creativity and the zeal for it will find this one a good career option to go along with. A good animator is more likely to see a long list of projects on their hands and will make a good living out of it. A bit of patience, hard work, dedication and once you are done with the course, the doors will be opened up with welcome arms.

The field of animation is something that is never going to down the tools and will always stand in good stead. People love seeing how animation breathes life into the characters and more. And going with the animation course will give you opportunity to become a part of the entertainment industry or the gaming industry. Animation field is one lucrative job field and this career is sure to give you wings to fly on.

What are the top animation courses that we should go for?

There are plenty of animation courses on offer that you can go along to take on. These courses allow a student to learn the skill set required to be an animator and allows them the best opportunity. The animation courses after class 12 can be seen along into three different variations as certificate course, diploma courses and the bachelor’s degree. We here will look to cite all these three types of courses down below and will also provide brief details of the same. Read along.

We’ll first start with the Bachelor’s course and then follow with the diploma and the certificate course down below.

Bachelor’s Degree based course in Animation field

Here’s the pick of the bunch in form of Bachelor’s based degree in animation field as part of our top animation courses around. Join along as we seek the brief knowledge of these all.

1. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Animation and VFX

A major course in the field of animation, this one is often the top choice for many students who want to take along the animation field as part of their career. This course is entrusted to develop the required skillset for the further progress of a student as an animator.

Let’s discuss about the course in brief down below

Course details

People often cite this course as coming under BSc but BSc does allow a student to go for this animation and VFX field. This course is mainly directed for those students to come along from a science field and keen on the animation career. This course takes a three year timeline and involves the study of animation, VFX, digital media and more as part of the curriculum.This course is offered by many top university and colleges around the nation.


Any student who are willing to go for this course needs to have completed the class 12 and should have done so in the science field. The student also needs to have a respectable marks and the same should be at least of the level required by the college or the university. They can then apply for the entrance test and once they clear it they can go ahead for the personal interview round where they can then proceed for the admission.


A person with a degree in this field can go on to become video animator, VFX artist and much more and get into entertainment industry, gaming industry and much more.

2. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Animation and Gaming

The names might resemble similarity but this course in itself stands its ground. This course is also another major course in the animation field and is generally chosen by the students to want to make a career into the gaming industry. This course allows a student to develop and become a good gaming animator.

Let’s discuss about the course in brief down below:

Course details

This course is also a bachelor’s degree program and hence is a 3 year course that they can take for. This course is offered by a host of university and colleges around and allows a student to learn about animation, gaming and the correlation between these two things. It also helps the student to learn how the gaming industry extensively uses the animation.


A student needs to have completed the class 12 levels to start with this course. They need to have science stream and should have the eligible marks required by the university or the college. They also need to go for the entrance test and then they can go on to personal interview round. Once that is done, you can go for the admission and it will be done.


A student who completes this degree will go on to part of the gaming industry and will likely be into the field of animation and gaming.

3. BA in Digital Filmmaking and Animation

A prized course that is offered to students by the universities and colleges around, this one is a major course that you can gear on for. This course is a bachelor based program and takes on the aspect of digital filmmaking and animation field and seeks answer into the same. It helps correlate the advancement that is around with the digital film making these days.

Here’s the course and scope for this course

Course details

This course is a three year program just like the above two courses are and is seen as a graduation degree. This course helps provide a template as to how the digital filmmaking is taking into the animation route and it has evolved with time. It also allows you to gain the knowledge of extensive and appreciate use of animation in digital film making. You can partake into this course via any university and college which offers this.


This course also requires a student to have completed the class 12 levels and they also need to have a eligible marks in the class 12 as per the requirement of the college and the institute. The students should then appear for the entrance test and then they should also give personal interview and the group discussion if it is mandated. Then the admission will be fulfilled.


BA in Digital Film making and Animation will allow a student to take on the career in the field of film making and the demand is pretty high in this field already.

4. Bachelor of Visual Arts

The world of visual art is also ever expanding and when it comes in collaboration with the animation, the scope for the same expands multifold. It’s where this course comes into play. This course designated as the Bachelor of Visual Arts is one of the major courses that is being circulated around and it is available at a few universities and colleges around the nation.

Here’s the course, scope and eligibility for this course

Course details

This course is a three year program and is taken as a part of graduation degree. This course allows the students to have a course where they can get along the knowledge of the visual arts, monography, animation, performing arts, conceptual arts and much more. This course makes sure that the students add a new vantage to the animation field and is often taught in collaboration with the animation field.


A person who has completed the class 12 can join along for this course and go ahead in life. This course is open to any person who wants to partake into the world of visual arts and then they can go on to take part in the entrance test. Once they complete the same they can then go for the admission in this course.


This course will allow the person to get into the field of layout artist, animator, illustrator and much more.

5. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation, Graphics and Web Design

Another course that is making round when it comes to skillset and knowledge into the animation field is Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation, Graphics and Web Design. This course is often selected by students who wants to learn the best aspects of animation, web design and graphics and correlate the three into a common field.

We here will discuss in detail about this course down below.

Course details

This course is a major course comprising of three different aspects like animation, graphics and web design and this course helps the students to gain the mastery into these fields and use the same for the better knowledge and skill set. It also improves their ability and allows them to cultivate animation aspects into the usage and make a good career out of it. This course is offered by a few universities and colleges around and the willing student can partake there.


For entering into this field a student needs to have completed the class 12 exams and should have the required percentage that is needed to be enrolled into this course. The students also have to appear for entrance tests and personal interview if there is then they can follow with the admission procedure.


A person going ahead with this degree will have a wide scope around and they can go around to being into the field of animation or even on the web design or on the graphics part and they want to go ahead with. They can become animators, editor, illustrator other roles as required.

Diploma Based Animation Courses after Class 12

After finishing up with the bachelor based course we are now at the diploma based course and will look to guide you along on these courses that you can take if you want to venture into animation course. The major difference between a bachelor’s degree and a diploma degree is the time period and the length of details that you learn with the course. Diploma are generally short period based course for over 1-2 years and are not as detailed as per bachelor’s degree.

1. Diploma in Animation and VFX

A major diploma course that is trending in the current times. This course is a major study into the field of animation and VFX and is quite closely related to the similar bachelor’s degree, i.e. BSc in Animation and VFX. This course talks about the aspect of animation and VFX and lends an overview on it.

We here will talk about them down below

Course details

This course is a diploma based course and is a 1 year course where the students learn about the animation and VFX and the involvement of them in the filmmaking and storytelling. This course allows the students a good opportunity to start early in their career and make a good lineage of choice when it comes to animation industry.


This course requires a person to have completed the class 12 from any stream and they can see which college and university offers the course and get involved with it. They can apply for the entrance exam and then go for the admission once they complete their procedure.


This course allows the people to take roles as animator, VFX maker and much more. It also helps them to be part of animation movie making and gaming industry.

2. Diploma in 2D/3D Animation

This course in itself is a amalgamation of two different courses if you were to look upon closely. There are plenty of diploma courses where you can learn either a 2D animation or a 3D animation. But this diploma degree allows a person to learn both of them and get good learning.

Here’s the course, scope and eligibility for this course

Course details

This is also a 1 year program but somewhere some colleges and institutes provide this course as part of 2 year program since this course is a bit vast than normal diploma courses. This course allows a person to learn about the use of 2D and 3D animation for various different purposes like filmmaking, gaming, animation, motion cartoon and much more.


A person needs to have completed the class 12 course if they want to take on this diploma course. This course is offered by a few colleges and universities and to have the same you have to be part of the entrance qualification. After that you can do the admission for it.


This course allows you to take part in the film industry, video making, gaming, illustrating and much more.

Certificate Based Animation Courses after 12th class

Apart from the bachelor’s degree and the diploma courses you can also take on the certificate courses which are also quite fulfilling and you can learn much in a short period of time. Certificate courses are offered with a viewpoint to help you learn about the basics of the animation and get going.

Here are some of the major certificate courses you can join.

1. Certificate in VFX

VFX is quite in demand these days and the employment opportunity in the same is rising day by day. There is a reason why people choose to go for this certificate course as this allows the person to learn about it pretty quickly and in short period of time.

Here’s the course, scope and eligibility for this course

Course details

This course being a certificate course ranges from 3 to 6 month period and comes along as a perfect piece for those who want to go for a VFX learning and get into the field quickly. It also allows the students to go for a better scope ahead in life.


A person needs to have completed the class 12 for enrollment into this course. This course does not have other much eligibility criteria and a person who wants to be part of it can easily join along.


With the jobs and the requirements for VFX animator rising day by day, this certificate course is the perfect opportunity for you to be on the proactive role and get going.

2. Certificate in Editing, Mixing and Post Production

Well for those who intend to discount the role of editing and post production, there’s one aspect that is needed to be sought. Post production, mixing and more are equally vital part of any project and requires skillset to match it. This course is about the same. Let’s read more about it down below.

Course details

This course looks into the aspect of use of animation into the acts of editing, mixing and post production role. There is a wide array of usage of animation in the post production and mixing these days and this course helps to pave a way into it. This course is a certificate course and is of 3 to 6 months depending on the institute.


Any person who has completed class 12 can join this course. They can go ahead and be into this course by enrolling into it via any institute that offers this course.


The need for proper editing, mixing and post production is at all time high and if you can get this going then there is plenty of scope to move along. You can straightaway get involved with the projects and more.

Animation Courses Frequently Asked Questions

  1. There are three types of animation courses, Bachelors, Diploma, and certificate, which one is the best?

In general, terms, based on the value of the degree or certificate your get while you graduate, the Bachelor’s course is better than diploma and certificate courses. A diploma course is better than a certificate course. However, this does not mean that these courses are inferior or superior. The employment opportunities for all these three courses are almost the same. However, the job title you could decorate would be limited for diploma and certificate course graduates. But, you could start with a certificate course, get employed, pursue a diploma course part-time, and then eventually pursue a Bachelors’s course.

  1. A bachelor’s degree in animation is better than a diploma degree in animation?

Yes, a bachelor’s degree in animation is better than a diploma in animation in terms of theoretical and practical skills acquired. However, in terms of practical skills alone, a diploma graduate in animation could have an upper hand. Remember, when it comes to animation, it is not the degree that matters, but, the skills and creativity. The role of degree and theoretical knowledge is comparatively very low when it comes to animation. As far as we know, only a few companies weight the type of degree over skills.

  1. Are there job opportunities for skilled animation graduates in India?

Yes, in the beginning, just 10 or 20-years before, the job opportunities for animation graduates were too less. But, today, animation and VFX are gaining popularity, in the future, job opportunities might skyrocket. However, animation and VFX job opportunities demand highly polished skills rather than theoretical knowledge and degree documents.

  1. There is visual arts and fine arts courses, what is the difference between them? Are they the same? Are the job opportunities the same?

There is a large difference between fine arts and visual arts. Visual arts is just a branch of fines arts. Fine arts is a diverse field of arts that deals with aesthetic values such as painting, drawing, pottery, ceramics, literature, murals, etc. Graduating from a fine arts course presents a diverse range of job opportunities that do not end with visual arts, while graduating visual arts presents more focussed job opportunities in visual arts like film making, photography, designing, printmaking, drawing, painting, etc.

  1. Which field is better, VFX or 3D animation?

The best among them is subjective. 3D animation and VFX are both a part of media. However, as you go deep, they are different. While both 3D and VFX are interrelated, the job opportunities vary for both. Before pursuing a 3D animation or VFX course, you should research each of them thoroughly and make a decision. Your decision should be strictly based on interests and skills and not on the job opportunities and salary package. Remember, both VFX and 3D animation are in demand all around the world. Therefore, no matter which courses you pursue, if you have adequate skills and knowledge, you could get a job anywhere in the world.

So these are the top animation courses that a person can join after they have completed the class 12. They can go for either full fledged bachelor degree or a diploma course or even a certificate course depending on the way they want to study further. These courses will help them venture into the world of animation and get going in their career.

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