What is NEXT Exam in India? Eligibility, Syllabus, Age Limit, Fees, Registration

The medical profession is a very respectable profession. It is also not very easy to complete your medicine and start practice. But there are many people who do not complete their MBBS but get a fake license and start their practice. It is very important to eliminate this, and hence the NEXT exam will be conducted. This is conducted for students who have completed their final year MBBS exams. This exam will be conducted in two stages and mandatory for all the MBBS graduates to take this exam. If you are also planning to pursue MBBS or planning to start your practice, then it is always good to have knowledge about this exam.

What is the NEXT Exam? 

NEXT is an acronym for National Exit Test, and it is an examination conducted for MBBS graduates. In the year 2019, a National Medical Commission bill was passed by the Indian Government. This one exam will be a replacement exam for NEET PG – National Eligibility cum Entrance Test and Foreign Graduate Medical Examination (FMGE). This exam is not yet implemented, and the exam will be held from 2022 for the first time. This exam will be held at the National level, and all the students who have completed the MBBS exam will have to take up the NEXT.

The NEXT exam will be conducted in two different stages. NEXT 1 is an online text, and NEXT 2 is a practical exam. The online test or the NEXT 1 exam will be conducted for those who wish to get admission to the PG course after MBBS. The practical exam or NEXT 2 is conducted for those who are willing to get the license for their practice as a doctor. The first stage exam can be taken by the final year students, but those are appearing for the stage 2 exam should have completed their MBBS and internship program as well. The internship program is going to be for three years after you complete the NEXT 1 exam. The students who have enrolled for the MBBS course in the year 2017 are going to attempt the NEXT exam for the first time in the year 2022. It is going to be a nationwide exam.


Eligibility for NEXT Exam 

It is very important for you to make sure that you meet the below-mentioned criteria if you wish to take the NEXT exam. In case you don’t meet the below-mentioned criteria, then you will not be able to attempt this exam.

  • You should have completed your MBBS course for taking the NEXT 2 exam, and you will get the practice certificate. You will also have to complete the NEXT 1 exam. For taking the NEXT 2 exam, you will have to complete your internship after MBBS final year. The internship program is going to be for a period of three years.
  • For getting just admission into the PG course, you should take just the NEXT 1 exam. For taking this test, you will have to be a student of MBBS final year.
  • Above all, you should have at least 50 percent marks in your MBBS.

NEXT Exam Syllabus 

There is no exception for taking the NEXT exam for all those who have enrolled for the MBBS course and would like to start their practice. It is very important for you to clear the NEXT exam after you complete your four and half years of MBBS course if you wish to complete your internship and start your practice. In case you wish to get into the PG course after the internship, then only the NEXT 1 exam is enough. But if you wish to get your license, then it is important to clear the NEXT 2 as well. This is going to test your practical skills.

The syllabus for the NEXT exam is going to be completely based on the course that you have covered in MBBS. This is a common and online exam that is held at the same time in different centers across India. All the students who are in the final year of MBBS will have to take up this test either to continue their further education or to start their own practice.

It is going to be an exam for three days in NEXT 1.

  • Day 1: Medicine – Three hours and 120 questions, and Pediatrics – 1.5 hours and 60 questions.
  • Day 2: Surgery – Three hours and 120 questions, and ENT – 1.5 hours and 60 questions
  • Day 3: Obstetrics and Gynecology – Three hours and 120 questions, and Opthalmology – 1.5 hours and 60 questions

So, this is going to be an exam for three days. That is alone going to be the syllabus for your NEXT 1 exam. The syllabus for NEXT 2 is going to be a practical exam. You will be tested on the subject that you learned in the internship program. It is the practical knowledge that you gain at the hospitals.

Age Limit for NEXT Exams

All the students between the age of 21 and 30 are allowed to take up the entrance exam for the NEET PG. It is the same age limit that applies here. There is no specific rule for the age as all the students who successfully complete their final year of MBBS can take up the NEXT exam.

Number of attempts for NEXT Exams

When it comes to the number of attempts that are allowed for every student, then it is unlimited attempts. Yes, it is very important to pass NEXT stage 1 to complete your MBBS and get admission in a PG course or to get into an internship and take your NEXT 2. If you fail to clear the NEXT 1 exam, then you will have to repeat the final year of MBBS and then again take the NEXT exam in the next year.

The registration process of NEXT Exams

When it comes to the registration process, the NEXT exam is never held before. It will be held for the first time in the year 2022. So, it is after the clear notification we will have the exact procedure to register for the exam. Usually, the procedure will be to open the official website of the exam and then start the registration process. You will be asked your personal details, and also you need to provide your education details. Once you fill them, you will be redirected to the examination fee page. You need to make the payment and complete the registration process. This is a general procedure, and the exact procedure will be available only after the first official notification of the exam is released.

There are advantages and disadvantages of the NEXT exam. It will help in getting only the best medical students to the next level, but it is again going to increase the duration of the course. Another three years of the internship program is going to be a long process. Along with that, the students will need extra coaching for the preparation of this exam and for that, students need to spend extra time and also money. But NEXT exam can help in eliminating any fake medical practitioners in India. This is one of the simple and effective ways to get the best doctors to hospitals. This one exam will also eliminate the need for another two exams.

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