What is an Open Book Exam in India? Eligibility, Syllabus, Fees, Registration

As students, at some point in our lives, we have wished to write the exams with the books opened. We always thought of scoring better this way. Many of you might not be aware of this, but there is a thing called the open book exam. During the pandemic, a lot of universities have opted for the open book exam.  This has benefited them in a way that these institutes do not have to worry about the students cheating. We understand that you might be having a lot of questions about the Open Book Exam in India. So, let us go ahead and check out more details about the same.

What is Open Book Exam?

In an Open Book Exam, the student can refer to the study material while attempting to the questions. The student has the freedom to refer to textbooks, notes taken during the class or even flashcards. There are many other approved material in the list that the student can refer to. This eases the stress from the student to remember the formula, and this format has also allowed the students to take the exam from home.

Open Book Exam

Eligibility for Open Book Exam

The eligibility for appearing in the Open Book Exam depends on your university and the regulations framed by them. There are no such rigid eligibility criteria that we can list here. You can refer to your university guidelines to understand the eligibility criteria for the Open Book Exam.

Open Book Exam Syllabus & Pattern

The syllabus and the pattern of the Open Book Exam can vary depending on the subject and the university. These Open Book Exams are available in two formats, and your university may or may not allow you to choose the format.

  • The first format is where you can appear for the Open Book Exam from the college, and you are given a limited time for the same.
  • The second format is when you appear for the exam from home. Here, the student needs to finish the exam without seeking help from others.

The questions in these Open Book Exams are based on the fundamentals wherein the student must apply the knowledge to give the correct answers. You will never find the questions where student can directly copy the answer from the book or material. Here, the books or study material will only provide some guidance around the problem so that the student can solve the problem. As a general rule, the answer can’t be expected directly from the book in the Open Book Exam.

Fees for Open Book Exams

The fee for the Open Book Exam is covered by the exam fee charged by the university. There is no extra fee for appearing in the Open Book Exam if the university is offering the same.

The registration process of Open Book Exams

There is no dedicated registration process for appearing in the Open Book Exam. The individual universities share the same. Most of the universities, including Delhi University, will give you an option to select between the online mode and the offline mode. You can make a selection as per the instructions available and appear for the exam.

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