Retail Management Course Details: Eligibility, Career, Syllabus, Fees, Scope

Retail Management courses are great for the students who are after knowing what the customers want and how you can fulfill their demands with making your profit intact. The course is great for those students who are planning to open a store in the future and are looking to get professional knowledge about the field.

By choosing the Retail Management courses, you can either choose to work for your own business or opt to work for the reputed brand stores in your city. In other words, Retail Management is a promising course that can help you get better job opportunities after course completion.

In the article, we will be talking about every single detail of the Retail Management Course. So, if you are looking forward to the best course to learn about retail management, you should read the article till the end, to know more about the courses available in India and what are the different things you need to pursue the course successfully.

Retail Management Course Details

 Retail Management Course India

In India, the Retail Management Course is a popular choice for the students, and that is the reason why you can easily find the numerous colleges providing proper degree courses and a diploma in the course. Additionally, you can easily choose the right course after completion of school. Here is the proper guide to available courses in India that you can opt for at different stages of your education. Have a look at them and get enrolled in the best college for the desired course.

  • Diploma in Retail Management
  • Bachelor of Fashion Retail Management
  • MBA in Retail Management
  • PG Diploma in Retail Management
  • Certificate courses in Retail Management

So, these were the popular courses for retail management in India. You can choose any of them according to your educational qualifications and interest in the sector. Also, make sure to check which colleges in your area offer these courses. Colleges are the most vital things to consider while choosing the best course and you get the right career opportunities after graduating from a reputed college in your city.

Retail Management Course: Eligibility and other prerequisites

Depending on the course you are looking for, the eligibility criteria differ a lot. Here, in the section, we are going to discuss the different eligibility criteria for the users. Have a look at them and check which course suits you the best.

  • Diploma in Retail Management

You can opt for a diploma course after completing your 12th. You can do this after schooling in any stream.

  • Bachelor of Fashion Retail Management

Bachelor of Fashion Retail Management can be done after 12th with a minimum of 55% marks in the main subject.

  • MBA in Retail Management

MBA in Retail Management is a well-known degree for students who want to earn a better degree and career opportunities in retail management. In order to enroll in MBA, you need to crack CAT like other MBA courses along with a graduate degree in retail management.

  • PG Diploma in Retail Management

PG Diploma is another great choice for the students who have done with their Diploma in Retail management and are looking for a cheaper alternative to post-graduation in the field. You can opt for the PG Diploma in Retail management after completing your diploma.

Retail Management Course: Syllabus

Retail Management is an extremely vast course and there are plenty of things to learn about in the course. Depending on the course and university you choose for yourself, there are numerous subjects and topics that will help you learn more about the field.

Some of the subjects that you are going to learn about during the course are

  • Overview of Retailing
  • Retail Management Perspective
  • Customer Service Management
  • Buying Merchandising
  • Store Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Principles of Marketing Economics
  • IT application in Retail

Depending on the course and colleges you have chosen, the subjects may differ. However, these were some of the core subjects that you will learn while pursuing the Retail marketing course.

In order to know more about the detailed syllabus, we will suggest you to consult the previous students of your college or talk to the administration to provide the detailed course syllabus.

Retail Management Course: Colleges

College is the most important thing after shortlisting the right course. So, make sure that you choose the right college for yourself to get the assurance of better knowledge and exposure to the field. Though there are numerous private and government colleges for Retail Management, here we are listing the most reputed colleges in India for pursuing Retail management courses. IF you are after better knowledge, you can opt for these colleges.

  • IIM Ahmedabad
  • IMT Ghaziabad
  • IMI Delhi
  • SIBM Pune

Apart from these colleges, you can also opt for the business schools in your area to pursue courses at a much cheaper rate. So, be sure to choose the college wisely and you can be assured of getting good knowledge along with better job placement.

Retail Management Course: Duration and Admission Process

The duration of the Retail Management courses also differs from each other along with the admission process. Have a look at the different duration and admission processes for the courses of Retail management to get a rough estimation to get a stable career.

  • Diploma in Retail Management

1-year course

  • BBA in Retail Management

3-year course

  • MBA in Retail Management

2-years course

  • PG Diploma in Retail management

1-year course

For the admission process, all the courses for Retail management don’t require entrance tests. However, you may need to clear the CAT and similar entrance exams. SO, have a look at the admission course and other prerequisites of the course and then choose the most suitable one.

Retail Management Course: Fee Structure

The fee structure is an important thing to consider while choosing the right course. Talking specially about the Retail management courses, the fee structure heavily depends on the college you have chosen for yourself. The private colleges charge more for providing you the better facilities and exposure to the college. However, if you are looking for a cheaper education, you should look for government colleges.

Apart from the colleges, another thing that plays important role in fee structure is the course. Here is a rough estimate of the fee available for the Retail management Courses.

For the Undergraduate courses, you need to pay 20,000-50,000 per semester. This may also differ according to the scholarships and merit score.

For the Diploma courses, the normal fee is 15000-20000 per year.

For PG courses, you need to pay 18000-30000 per semester.

So, choose accordingly and get the best career opportunities after completion of the course.

Retail Management Course: Future Aspects

After completing the Retail Management Course, you can easily opt for a better career. And after completing the retail Management course, you can easily opt for the various fields. Apart from opening your own store, you can choose to the work in reputed stores as a store manager and other job profiles. Some of the most talked-about job profiles you can opt for are

  • Sales Manager
  • Advertising Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Retail Executive
  • Store Manager
  • Administrative Officer

Along with these, you can easily choose from a variety of job profiles in shopping malls, supermarkets, and movie theatres.

If you are a good communicator and know how to improve sales, you can easily earn a good salary after entering the world of Retail marketing. So, choose the better course and specialization to get a better job in the retail sector.

Qualities that can help you get a better job in the Retail marketing sector

Like other courses, you should have some extra qualities to get better job opportunities. IF you have them, you can easily grab a better job in a reputed firm. Some of these qualities are

  • Good communication skills
  • Good listener
  • Understanding the needs and demand
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Professionalism
  • Patience
  • Team leading
  • Business enhancing skills

By having these natural skills, you can easily choose a better career and get a better salary package. So, if you are looking forward to have a better job profile and perfect salary package, you should opt for gaining more skills and better communication skills to get a better job in a perfect firm that pays you well for your qualities.

Retail Management Course: Should you opt for it?

Now, let’s talk about whether you should opt for the Retail Management Course or not. So, if you are confused about whether you should opt for the course or not, then we will suggest you to blindly go with Retail Management. The reason for recommending the course is the excellent job opportunities after course completion. You can easily earn over 5 lakh per annum by choosing the right firm. So, if you are looking forward to get the best job opportunities and a better salary package, the Retail Management course would be an excellent choice to go with.


In all, if you are looking for a better knowledge of the retail market, you should once consider these retail management courses. The perfectly designed course structure and better colleges in the country make these courses a perfect choice for the students who are after a great career opportunity after course completion.

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