Naval Architecture Courses Details: Syllabus, Eligibility, Career

Over the last few years, the educational horizon has broadened quite a lot. These days new courses and adaptation of new technology have become the mainstream. It’s a reason why students have been open to taking new career paths and courses. Naval architecture is one of those courses popular among students.

Naval technology has always fascinated many of us. And with the establishment of dedicated courses and skill-building certificates, this has become a good choice for many. This course has vast growth potential and offers a stable option in life. We here have picked the best courses offered in naval architecture in India for you. Let’s check them out.

What is Naval Architecture?

Naval architecture and technology is a specialized field that deals with the dedicated study of the shipping industry. It involves aspects like designing, making, handling, and ensuring smooth operation of the ships. It has a vast field and is catered to all water vessels like ships, powerboats, submarines, yachts, tugs, and more. It also takes into consideration commercial and military purpose vehicles.

Naval architecture courses are offered in India by only a few universities at present and are mostly a specialized field of study. There are diploma, graduate, and postgraduate programs in this sector. It allows students to become well equipped naval architects that can help provide for the naval industry’s human capital demands. The course revolves mainly around the base aspects of physics, chemistry, hydrodynamics, and ship design.

Naval Architecture Course India

Scope of Naval Architecture Courses

Naval architecture courses are designed to provide students with the necessary skillset and knowledge to go on making a good career in this field. This course adds skills like meticulous detailing, commercial awareness, technical skills, system analysis, and time management skills to students.

This helps them to get acquainted with the surroundings of the naval industry and find their feet in it. The scope of naval architecture courses is quite high and proper training and knowledge can lead a person to very high positions in the naval industry. A student can go onto becoming a marine engineer, ship operator, port manager, coastal engineer, and more.

Courses on offer in Naval Architecture

1. Diploma in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering

The first course in our list is a diploma based course with a focus on enhancing the start of the career path into naval architecture. This is an entry-level course and is suited for anyone willing to learn the necessary skills about naval fields and industry.

Here’s an in-depth look at it.

Course details

As we talked about, this one is a diploma based course named Diploma in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering. This course is designed for 3 years timeline and is an entry-level one. It can be started by students who have completed their grade 10 too. The course is designed so that the students who cannot access the full-fledged graduation course can still find their feet into the naval industry and make a good career out of it. It is offered by plenty of institutes across India.

The course teaches about the aspects of designing and repairing ships, ferries, boats, submarines, and more either for commercial or military purposes. It also teaches about offshore engineerings like oil platforms, offshore drilling, submerged pipelines, and more.


This course is designed as an early start for those willing to venture into the naval industry. Students who have completed their grade 10 or 12 can opt for this course. They should have cleared their grade from a recognized board or institute.


This job allows students to take roles like a naval architect, design specialist, maintenance engineer, consultant, energy firm executive, and more.

2. Bachelor of Technology (B.Techin Naval Architecture and Ship Building)

The next course on our list is a graduation based program offered in naval architecture. This one is a B.Tech degree with a major in naval architecture and shipbuilding. This course revolves around teaching the skills for naval architecture and the designing and construction of ships.

Here are further details about it down below:

Course details

This is a graduation program with a course duration of 4 years. This is a stream of engineering specially designed for the likes of the naval and marine industry. This course is offered by many universities across India and teaches students about handling and managing naval designing and architecture. There are various modules like conservation law, naval architecture, ocean structure, and more than teach details to students.


Any student willing to venture into this course needs to have completed their +2 from any recognized board or institute. They should also have taken physics, chemistry, and mathematics as the major in high school. A further criterion of at least 50% is required for students to enter into this course.


This course is designed with optimum planning and allows a student with a great opportunity to grow further ahead. This gives students options to go into the ship port industry, marine industry, and more. They can become port managers, marine engineers, chief marine officers, ship operators, and more.

3. Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering)

This is another of the graduate programs offered in this stream and comes with a detailed focus on naval architecture and ocean engineering. This is a bit different from the aforementioned course which focuses on shipbuilding aspects of naval architecture. Let’s find out more details about it.

Course details

This is a graduate program with a timeline of 4 years. This course is offered by plenty of top universities across India and is much loved by students. This course allows students to develop skillsets like scientific methods towards ocean engineering and naval architecture. It also allows them to understand the requirement for logical reasoning and the application of mathematics. It has a prime focus on subjects like physics, thermodynamics, electrical technology, particle fluid dynamics, elements of ocean engineering, and more.


A student should complete their +2 or high school from a recognized board or institute in a bid to go ahead with this course. They need to have taken the core subjects physics, chemistry, and mathematics as majors. They should also have scored at least 50% marks in their high school.


B.Tech in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering is a great career choice and will get the students into fields like marine transportation, underwater vehicles, ocean management, consultancy, advisory roles, and more.

4. Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering)

Now up next we’ve got another graduation based program for students who want to take on the naval architecture programs. This course is a bit different from the aforementioned two of the above as it has a major in naval architecture and offshore engineering. Let’s check out the details of this course down below.

Course details

This course is a graduation based program with a timeline of 4 years. This course is designed for those who have a keen interest in offshore sites and oil rigs. This course develops skills like understanding, keen comprehensive behavior, planning, application of science, and technology for better output among students. This course has a preference for shipbuilding, designing, repairing, and more. It takes into consideration both the commercial purpose ships and military purpose ships. It also offers a study of oil rigs, drilling of oil rigs, waste management in the ocean, submerged pipelines, and more. This course is offered by many universities across India.


This course requires a student to have completed their plus two or high school from any recognized board or institute. This course requires students to have taken physics, chemistry, and mathematics as core subjects during high school and also to have scored at least 50% marks.


This is one of the advanced level courses on offer in the field of naval architecture and technology and is designed for interested students who want to build a long term career in this. They can go into government-owned shipyards, shipbuilding firms, consultancies, research firms, and more with this.

5. Master of Technology (M.Tech in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering)

The last course in our list for best naval architecture courses in India is M.Tech in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering. This is a post-graduation based advanced level learning course which allows students to learn expert level skills and knowledge. Let’s learn more about this course down here:

Course details

This course is an advanced level master’s program or a post-graduation course and comes with a timeline of 2 years. The course is offered by universities and institutes across India and provides for a good career option. The course is a continuity of the B.Tech course offered as part of graduation in the same major. This course helps to build skillset and knowledge regarding business and management of ocean technology and engineering aspects,environmental management, port and harbor management, marine scientific study, and more. It also deals with designing and planning the repairing and smooth functioning of naval vessels in the ocean.


The eligibility criteria for this course is graduation. The student needs to have completed their graduation is B.Tech or similar corresponding course. The students should have scored at least 50% marks in their graduation program.


This is one of the top courses on offer in India when it comes to naval architecture and allows students to be one of the experts and mainstays in the industry. It gives them the skills and knowledge to go into sectors like the marine industry, port industry, offshore research areas, ship construction, and more. They can also become a project scientist and researcher.

These are some of the top courses on offer in India under the naval architecture and technology stream. These courses have great career growth potential in the long run and offer students a stable career choice. We hope the list helped you to find the right naval architecture course.

Naval Architecture Course FAQs

Q. Where can I study Naval Architecture in India?

Ans: Some of the prominent institutions offering Naval Architecture courses in India include the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), Indian Maritime University (IMU), Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT), and various other maritime institutes.

Q. What are the eligibility criteria for Naval Architecture courses?

Ans: Eligibility criteria may vary among institutions, but generally, candidates must have completed their 10+2 education with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Additionally, many institutes conduct entrance exams for admission.

Q. Are there any entrance exams for Naval Architecture courses in India?

Ans: Yes, several institutions conduct entrance exams for admission to Naval Architecture courses. The Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test (IMU CET) is a widely recognized exam for admission to maritime courses.

Q. What is the duration of Naval Architecture courses?

Ans: The duration of undergraduate Naval Architecture courses (B.Tech) is typically four years. Postgraduate courses (M.Tech) may have a duration of two years.

Q. What career opportunities are available after completing a Naval Architecture course?

Ans: Graduates in Naval Architecture can pursue careers in ship design, shipbuilding, marine engineering, offshore engineering, research and development, and maritime consultancy. They may find employment in shipyards, naval organizations, engineering firms, and offshore industries.

Q. Is there a demand for Naval Architects in India?

Ans: Yes, there is a demand for skilled Naval Architects in India, especially with the growth of the shipping and maritime industry. The increasing focus on offshore structures and renewable energy sources like offshore wind farms also contributes to the demand for Naval Architects.

Q. What skills are essential for a career in Naval Architecture?

Ans: Key skills for Naval Architects include a strong foundation in engineering principles, proficiency in computer-aided design (CAD) software, analytical and problem-solving skills, knowledge of marine regulations, and effective communication skills.

Q. Do Naval Architecture courses include practical training?

Ans: Yes, many Naval Architecture courses include practical training, workshops, and internships to provide students with hands-on experience in shipyards, design offices, or research institutions.

Q. Can I specialize in a specific area within Naval Architecture?

Ans: Some institutions may offer specialized courses or allow students to choose electives in areas such as ship design, marine structures, hydrodynamics, and offshore engineering, allowing for specialization within the broader field of Naval Architecture.

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