How React JS Is Changing E-commerce Frontend Development

One of the most used JavaScript frameworks among developers around the globe was React JS in 2021. The framework is getting a lot of demand because of the numerous benefits it offers during frontend development.

Since its inception, what are some of the things React JS has been able to change in e-commerce frontend development?

If you have this question in mind, here are several things we think the framework is changing in this niche.


Maintenance has become easier

Initially, scaling or adding new features to your e-commerce site was daunting. Adding a new component to your site would sometimes affect other sections, which became time-consuming and financially straining.

With the advent use of this framework, maintenance is something developers approach with ease. The React JS framework has a flexible architecture, ensuring new components don’t affect anything else.

Rendering is now quicker

When handling a higher volume of data, most businesses encounter one problem: rendering can be slow. It then affects the overall user experience.

One of the benefits that React JS was ensuring that rendering was quick. This ensures that

app remains lightweight. It also offers effective e-commerce solutions since updating the app while handling colossal data volumes simultaneously is achievable.

E-Commerce sites are search engine friendly

If you have an e-commerce site that uses a Javascript framework, you already know that appearing on the first pages of the Google search results page can be difficult. This is because search engines need help to read and rank these pages.

React JS offers your e-commerce sites a Virtual DOM feature, enhancing user experience and making ranking easy. Search bots crawl through the website easily.

Sites have a stable code structure.

If your frontend has an incorrect code, the result can be disastrous. The entire app or e-commerce site might not work appropriately. Fortunately, React JS can solve this.

The framework ensures that the code for each component is independent. Hence, developers don’t have difficulty changing or performing unit tests for each element when required. You also don’t experience any problems when migrating to a new version.

Developing mobile apps is a breeze for developers

React JS comprises an open-source library that allows developers to use the same code structure to build a website to make web apps.

Hence, you can use this framework to develop Android and iOS apps. You can use it for desktop and mobile devices. Further, you can use the same components to make the web application from scratch multiple times.

There’s more community support

During development, it can be difficult for developers to solve code issues, especially if they don’t have the solutions at the back of their minds.

Fortunately, React JS has a large community that offers the needed support to programmers. Hence, coming up with solutions during development becomes more straightforward and effective.

Wrapping it up

As you can see, using React JS for frontend development is a good solution for your business. Thus, you should consider using it for developing your e-commerce site.

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