Fine Arts Course Details: Syllabus, Eligibility, Career

Have you anytime stopped and looked at a painting or a sculpture only to stand awestruck by the level of artistry in it. We all have been. It’s not uncommon that we think how such arts are possible. This is because there are people who make a career in it, who give their all to make the best despite the adversary.

Artists have always received admiration. But as a career, not many people plan to venture into this field as a precaution. Thankfully with the change in time, being an artist has become a good career option. There are plenty of courses available across universities and institutes that teach students about fine arts. A career in fine arts is something that is taking huge strides in the modern-day world.

So we thought of profiling the best fine arts courses offered in India. Let’s check them out.

What is Fine Arts?

Fine arts is about the study, understanding, and learning about the arts and their importance. It looks into factors like designing, music, painting, drama, interior designing, and more. People who think of fine arts as a mere homage to paintings and sculptures may be in for quite a shock. Fine arts have a wide area of work.

Fine Arts Course India

Fine arts teach about understanding the aesthetics of the arts rather than contemplating with the borderline judgment. It helps people understand the depth of arts and how to express it in their creation.

Scope of Fine Arts Courses

If we were to take a look at the bygone past, we may look back at fine arts as an underrated course. It’s still underrated to this day though it has now started gaining recognition in the mainstream. The concept of arts is a vast thing and not many people can understand that. The concept is now getting rave views in the outer world and India is also taking note.

There are plenty of courses available in India at present and these present an option for the student to indulge in fine arts. These courses allow students to make a nice career with great encashing opportunity. The industry is obviously on the rise and it will get bigger in the years to come.

Courses on offer in Fine Arts

There are plenty of courses on offer in fine arts and we’ve enlisted the pick of them down below for you. Let’s check them out.

1. Diploma in Fine Arts

Ticking off our list for the day is a Diploma level entry course into fine arts. This course named Diploma in Fine Arts is one of the basic courses that anyone with a viewpoint to venture into the arts sector can take. Here’s an in-depth look at it.

Course details

This is a diploma-level certificate course and comes across with one year. It is a course that starts with the basics of fine arts and teaches students the ways to understand and comprehend art. It also teaches students to portray and follow the theories and philosophies regarding art. It is offered by plenty of universities and colleges across India. The major modules taught in this course are the history of Indian art, clay modeling, practical art, sculpture making, and more. The course is divided into two semesters of six months each.


Since this is a diploma level course, any willing student needs to have passed at least +2 or high school. The student should have completed their high school from a recognized board or institute. They should also have scored at least 50% marks in the course.


A student who has completed the course of Diploma in Fine Arts can start their journey into the art field. They can take roles like painter, sculptor, art technician, graphic designer, and more.

2. Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) 

After the diploma course, it’s time for the graduate degrees offered in Fine arts. Our first graduate degree offered in India is the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). This course is quite highly remarked and is one of the major courses in fine arts. Here are further details about it down below:

Course details

This is an undergraduate program and comes with a running period of three to four years depending on the university. It is being offered by plenty of universities across India. The course focuses on visual arts and performance arts. It has semester-based modules. You can opt for either the regular mode or the correspondence as suitable to you. It teaches students about specializing in the aspects of fine arts. The modules taught here are history, sketching, geometry perspective, advertising art, composition, visual arts, and more.


A student willing to study BFA needs to have completed their high school or +2 from any recognized board or institute. The student should have scored at least 50% marks in their high school.


This course is known for generating plenty of employment opportunities ahead. They can venture into the fields of art, teaching, sculpting, and more. They can take roles like writer, painter, art teacher, actor, graphic designer, and more.

3. Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts (B.A)

This one is another undergraduate program offered in India to students looking for a career in fine arts. This course allows students to get in touch with the arts and understand the basics of it. This way a student can go on to make a good career in life. Let’s find out more details about it.

Course details

This is an undergraduate program and is known as a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Fine Arts. This program runs for three years and is a year on year basis. It is offered by all major institutes and colleges in India. The course allows students to learn about the history, aesthetics, designing, conceptuality of art, the Indian art field, and more.


A student needs to have completed their +2 or high school from a recognized board or institute in a bid to be eligible for this course. They also need to have scored at least 50% marks in their high school. They will then need to apply for the course.


BA in Arts is one of the prime choices for any student who is looking for a good career in fine arts. Students get to learn different aspects of the arts and incorporate them for a better career. This field takes a person to roles like the visual designer, fine artist, painter, editor, art critic, and more.

4. Masters of Fine Arts (MFA)

Next up we’ve got the masters program or postgraduate programs for students seeking a good career path in fine arts. This is the advanced level course on offer in fine arts and one of the high profile ones. This course has been pursued by plenty of students across. Let’s check out the details of this course down below.

Course details

Masters of Fine Arts is an advanced level course and is a continuity of the BFA course. This takes into account the advanced levels of understanding and decision making and allows students to ready themselves for a good career. It’s a two-year course and is provided on a semester basis. The course has advanced modules like the history of European art, sociology, mechanism of artistic perception, Indian architecture, and more.


Any student who wants to take up MFA needs to have completed their graduation course. They need to have completed that from a recognized university or institute and also need to score at least 50% marks. Some universities may ask for 60% marks.


This is one of the highest level courses on offer in the field of fine arts and is designed for students who want to make a long career in this field. This course tries to instill managerial level knowledge and expertise in the students. The students with an MFA degree can get into art direction, music, story telling, art critic, art restoration, teacher, and more.

5. Master of Arts in Fine Arts (M.A)

The last course on our list is another graduation based course offered in fine arts. This is a bit different from the Masters of Fine Arts that was mentioned above with the modules and the knowledge varying to a certain extent. Let’s learn more about this course down here:

Course details

This is one of the continuity courses offered after the Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts (B.A). It is a post-graduation program that is designed for two years and runs yearly. It is one of the major courses opted for by students who want to specialize in this sector. The major modules taught in this field is the history of Indian art, history of Indian architecture, ceramics, drawing and painting, and more. It is offered by all major universities across India.


The eligibility criteria for this course is similar to the one of MFA and requires a student to have completed their graduation course. The student should have completed their graduation from a recognized university or institute. They should have also scored at least 50% marks in their graduation.


This course is one of the top line courses in fine arts and has a great scope going forward. A person with this degree can become an art director, commercial director, lecturer, animator, curator, designer, musician, and more.

These aforementioned ones are the top courses on offer when it comes to fine arts. We hope you can find your preferred career option and choice with the help of this post.

Fine Arts Course FAQs

  1. What is Fine Arts?

    • Fine Arts encompass a range of creative disciplines such as painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, photography, and more. It involves expressing ideas and emotions through visual and aesthetic means.
  2. What are the different branches of Fine Arts?
    • Fine Arts can be broadly categorized into visual arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.), applied arts (graphic design, industrial design, etc.), and performing arts (dance, theatre, music, etc.).
  3. What types of Fine Arts courses are available in India?
    • India offers various Fine Arts courses at undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma levels. Common courses include Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Master of Fine Arts (MFA), and diploma courses in specific art forms.
  4. What are the eligibility criteria for Fine Arts courses?
    • Eligibility criteria vary between institutions and courses. Generally, for undergraduate courses, candidates need to have completed 10+2 with a certain percentage in relevant subjects. For postgraduate courses, a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts or a related field is typically required.
  5. Are there entrance exams for Fine Arts courses?
    • Some institutions and universities may conduct entrance exams for admission to Fine Arts courses. The exams may include a practical test, written exam, and/or interview to assess the candidate’s artistic skills and understanding.
  6. Which are the top Fine Arts colleges in India?
    • Some renowned institutions offering Fine Arts courses in India include the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Delhi; Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai; College of Art, Delhi University; and Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati, among others.
  7. What career opportunities are available after completing a Fine Arts course?
    • Fine Arts graduates can pursue careers as artists, art educators, art directors, illustrators, graphic designers, museum/gallery curators, and more. Some may choose to work independently as freelance artists.
  8. Is there financial assistance available for Fine Arts students?
    • Some institutions and government schemes provide scholarships and financial aid to eligible Fine Arts students. Students can check with the respective institutions and explore government scholarship programs.
  9. Do Fine Arts courses include internships?
    • Many Fine Arts courses incorporate practical components, including internships or practical training, to give students hands-on experience in the field and prepare them for real-world challenges.
  10. Can Fine Arts be pursued through distance education?

    • While some theoretical aspects of Fine Arts can be learned through distance education, the practical aspects are usually better suited for traditional classroom settings. However, some institutions may offer online courses or blended learning options.

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