DCE Course Full Form

What is the full form of DCE?

The full form of DCE is diploma in civil engineering. DCE is a 3 diploma program that covers the planning, design, and building of a wide variety of structures and landscapes. Graduates of the DCE program play a crucial part in ensuring the accomplishment of projects in a variety of settings.

diploma in civil engineering


Students who want to learn about the theoretical and practical aspects of civil engineering should enroll in the DCE programme. DCE students can pursue jobs in a variety of fields, depending on the specifics of the program they choose.

Eligibility criteria

You can only enroll in the DCE course if you’re qualified for admission, and that means meeting all the prerequisites and other requirements. Visit the school’s website for specifics on the DCE program. Successful completion of the tenth grade (or its equivalent) with Science and Mathematics as required majors is required.

Candidate must have taken English as a subject in high school. Students with a Diploma in a Vocational Field or an equivalent from an ITI are eligible for immediate second-year entrance.

Fees details

The DCE program fees can vary from 3, 00,000 to 10, 00,000 Lakh per annum.

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