Top 10 Best Music Schools and Colleges in India

Music plays an elementary role in the lives of everyone around us. The most important factor about music is its enriching capability to bring out the best skills from within us. From an elementary level, the interest of music can be inculcated and if proper training is given, it can lead to shaping the future of a child in the music industry. Formal training in music helps in aligning the skills and

temperament of the student and imparting an overall development in the domain of music. Moreover, learning through a pundit is always helpful as you would be mentored and would gain the life experience as well as a wonderful exposure towards different forms of music. Along with the versatility, you will also be exposed to challenging concerts and functions, which are the perks of being a part of a music school. Listing out some of the benefits of enrolling in a music school

  • Growth of empathy: Music is a testimony of the culture of a nation. It is the blueprint about the heritage and it can help to connect with the people across different cultures and build an emotional maturity.
  • Creative skills: In the age of modern exposure, the creative world is seeking for more creative talent. With music as one of the media for inculcating creativity, music can be taken as the inspiration, that can help in boosting creative thinking skills.
  • Improvement of coordination: Hand-eye coordination is the key term. With the increasing demand of the hand-eye coordination as well as the extreme virtue of teamwork, music inculcates a flavor of communal growth as well as togetherness.

While seeking admission to a music school, certain key checkpoints must be matched before you go for seeking admission in a music school. Some of the key points include:

  • Mentor: Just like most of the courses, a firm knowledge and awareness about the mentor, their reputation as well as their experience can help in giving exposure to the things that you should expect from the music school.
  • Opportunities: Exposure is the by-product, ye very important when it comes to building the stage for growth and development. Every music student looks for an opportunity to learn as well as prove themselves in a competitive environment, hence, a music school with strong influence and a wonderful alumni base is often helpful in progressing the career.
  • Teaching method: What most people don’t know is music is not only being able to play the keyboard or the guitar. It is most importantly, the knowledge and development of musical notes and sense about music. It is important to grow these skills of music among the students, which can help the students to learn any instrument of music, without any trouble.

1. The True School of Music

Address: Located near Lower Parel Railway Station, closer to LIC premium collection centre, in the heart of Mumbai

Located at Mumbai and co-founded by the big musicians from the entertainment industry, the schoolmasters itself in different forms of Western music. The music school also encompasses the course of Hindustani playback singing the music college has the forte in the domain of music production. Not very old yet has established itself amongst the big names in the music industry, The True School of Music prepares the candidates in different forms of music as they are equipped with the best instruments available, to hone your skills to the optimum. Offering various courses in different modules, you can gain complete knowledge about music, starting from the very basic level to the professional courses. Certifications from top-notch universities like London makes this music school unique and truly intriguing.

2. Calcutta School of Music


Address: Located near Ballygunge Post Office, closer to Ballygunge Park Roadin the City of Joy, Kolkata

With over more than 100 years, the Calcutta School of Music is one of the coveted music schools in the country. The music school covers a wide range of music styles both in western music as well as Indian music. Located at the city of joy, the school provides excellent exposure to the students as well as gives them a platform to begin their career in the music domain. Connected with various notable personalities of the music industry, you can enjoy a plethora of musical experiences in the Calcutta School of Music.

3. Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music

Address: Located near Shri Pachiamman Temple,in the village of Koovathur, in Chennai.

With the varied diploma courses which are available, Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music gives a new beginning to the music enthusiasts. The music classes are conducted at the cultural hub of South India, Chennai, wherein even the merit-based scholarships are also issued for the deserving students. Music production and sound engineering are the courses which the fortes of the college, hence, the admission to this college can be the most prestigious beginning to your music career. A wide alumni base, along with industry connect can help you leverage your learning.

4. Shankar Mahadevan Academy


Address: Located near Ved Bhavan Ganesh Temple, closer to Mumbai Highway, in the City of Spices, Bengalore.

The music school started by the pioneers of the music industry is aimed at honing the skills and selecting the best talents for the future of music. With a wide option of mentor-led courses as well as self-placed ones, the academy has centers all across the nation. The forte is Indian Classical Music, hence, if you are interested to learn in-depth about  Indian Classical Music, this academy is best suited for you.

5. K M Conservatory


Address: In the city of Chennai, at Arrumbakam.

With the support of none other than Mr. A R Rahman, the K M Conservatory is one of the best music schools to learn about Western Classical music. Run by the sister of Mr. Rahman, the music school has an excellent pedagogy of teachers and the alum connection is very strong. Both part-time and full-time courses are available, which help the students to learn as per their requirements, along with the wonderful facility for student accommodation. If you are looking forward to learning the nitty-gritty of music, this is the perfect place to start with.

6. Ajivasan


Address: Located near Ajivasan Hall, closer to Usha Mittal Institute of Technology in the City of Dreams, Mumbai

If you are interested to gain the best skills in the technical and classical music, Ajivasan is your destination. With courses in classical vocal, devotional music as well as trendy songs, you can extend your career in playback singing in the domains of vocals as well as sound engineering. With a great backup of the industry stalwarts, it can provide a humble beginning to your career in the music domain.

7. Global Music Institute


Address: Located near Al Kaleem and Khul Ke Khao restaurant of Uttar Pradesh in Greater Noida

Global Music Institute is one of the pioneers in music production and instrumentals. The classes are aimed at the application of music theory through the various instruments. If you are looking forward to using Ableton for music production, it is the perfect place. Courses include Certification programs, Professional courses as well as music engineering courses. Do check out its site for more information.

8. Madras Music Academy


Address: Opposite of HSBC bank, near Sera at Gopalpuram, in Chennai

Madras Music Academy, well known for classical music, has been conferred with multiple awards and credentials for its contribution to the music industry. You can also indulge in the research of music in its classes. The course curriculum also includes multiple events wherein your performance can be showcased and be given more recognition and confidence. To be a part of the institute, click on the link given.

9. Prayag Sangeet Samiti


Address: Located Near Madan Mohan Malviya Stadium, at Prayagraj.

Prayag Sangeet Samiti is one of the newest academies in the domain of art and music. Being new, it has achieved a number of feats and it has proclaimed itself to be one of the best academies in Prayagraj. With courses in vocal and classical music as well as dance, the academy provides overall development of art within a student. Strong alumni base and knowledgeable faculty help in guiding the student to success.

10. Baritone Musicals


Address: Near Metropolitan Grand, Landmark: Kailash Dham Society, Noida.

Baritone Musicals is the last name in our list of the most coveted music schools and colleges in India. Located at Noida, the school offers excellent hand holding for the new beginners with its step by step music lessons. Focussed on instrumentation classes, they also conduct classes for the corporates. So, you can request the HR department for any tie-ups with them which can enhance the music skills, too.

Bottom Line

In this article, we have discussed the importance of music in one’s life and how it develops a person’s personality and career. Music is a very important signification in the development of brain cells. Giving you a guide on how to select the music schools, the article also delves into the Top 10 Best Music Schools and Colleges in India and hopes that you find the best one for yourself.

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