10 Best Business Courses After 12th in India

10+2 is that stage of a student’s life in India, where he/she can practically decide how they wanna shape their future by choosing the right career path. And if you are someone who comes from a commerce background, then you’ll probably be thinking of diving deep into the business world. Right? Well, then you’ll be searching for the best business courses to pursue after finishing up your 12th, which is the right approach in our opinion.

And to help you out with that, today we are here with a list of the 10 best business courses after 12th in India for 2023. We’ll go over things like who these courses are for, what are the eligibility criteria, and what can you actually expect upon completing the course and getting your hands on the certificate or degree. Already feeling intrigued? So yeah, let’s get down to it then, shall we?

Business Courses After 12th

Business Courses After 12th in India

1. Diploma in Business Management

Did you just finish 12th grade and dreaming about the business world? Then you gotta check out DBM! You only need a 50% score in your 10+2, no matter what subjects you studied. This course is a big deal in India because you get hired into both private companies and government gigs. And get this, the course is designed to really prepare you for the business scene, from running meetings to making big decisions. So, what’s in it for you after the diploma? You could land roles like Production Manager or Human Resource Manager, and you’re looking at an average salary of around 3 LPA. Not bad, huh?

2. Diploma in Business Administration

And if you are eager to jump into business after high school, check this out. We are talking about pursuing a diploma in Business Administration. All you need is to be 18+ and have a high school diploma. Sometimes, they might ask for an interview or test. It’s a one-year deal covering marketing, finance, and more. After this, you could be anything from an Admin Assistant to a PR Coordinator. There are other lots of job profiles or roles after finishing this course, and you’ll be amazed by the variety in job roles. In short, the field’s wide open, man.

3. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Got your high school diploma and thinking big? A BBA is your golden ticket. Besides the diploma, you’ll also need some basic grades and test scores, and maybe a recommendation letter or two. This 4-year course is like a Swiss Army knife for business, you learn a bit of everything! And if you’re juggling other stuff, part-time and online courses are there for you. Once you’re out, the world is your oyster, you could start your own gig, become a manager, or even specialize in something cool like marketing or real estate. Some even go for an MBA after this!

4. Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)

If you’re a 12th grader keen on mastering business management, BBM could be just your thing. To get in, you’ll need to have passed your 12th-grade exams. Some colleges might throw in an entrance test, so heads up! This 3-year course will train you to be a pro in all things business-related. You can expect to learn a variety of stuff, from how to manage people to crunching numbers. After you graduate, you’ve got a chance to work at top-tier companies like Google or Goldman Sachs, with a salary ranging from 3 to 7 LPA.

5. Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)

So, you finished your 12th and wanna get serious about management? BMS is where it’s at! Just make sure you scored at least 50-60% in your 12th and had English on your subject list. The program lasts three years and dives deep into the magic of running an organization. You’ll talk money, people, and even risks. What’s the job scene like after? Think Marketing Manager or Data Analyst. Salary-wise, you’re looking at around 4 to 14 lakhs a year depending on how much of a pro you are.

6. BCom Business Administration

Just wrapped up 12th grade? Wanna be a commerce whiz? A BCom in Business Administration is where the fun begins. Ideally, you should come from a commerce background, but hey, if you’re from another stream, some colleges might still give you a thumbs-up. This three-year adventure teaches you the A-to-Z of commerce like, from balancing sheets in Accounting to “pay-your-taxes” lessons. Super affordable too, fees hover between 10k to 50k INR. It sets the stage for advanced studies like an MBA or job-hunting in fields like accounting, banking, and more. Payday starts at around 10k to 25k rupees per month, and companies like ICICI and HDFC are totally eyeing grads like you.

7. Advanced Diploma in Business Management

So, you’ve got your 12th-grade marksheet and are thinking, “What now?” Well, if you’ve got a score of 50% or higher, how about leveling up with an Advanced Diploma in Business Management? It digs deeper into the world of business, so you’ll get to know cool stuff like marketing, finance, HR, and how to run a business like a pro. Perfect if you’re dreaming of becoming your own boss or climbing up that corporate ladder super quick! Plus, this course is also a great springboard if you wanna keep studying business.

8. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

An MBA ain’t usually what you jump into right after 12th grade. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree and a couple of years of experience in the real world. However, some places might even ask for GMAT or GRE scores. The program’s usually two years, but hey, you can also go part-time or even online. But why an MBA? It makes you super appealing to companies and opens the door to high-paying jobs. It’s like getting the golden ticket in the world of business. If you have done an MBA, your chances of succeeding in the vast business world increase significantly.

9. BBA in International Business

To get into this course, you gotta have at least 50% in your 12th grade from any board that’s legit in India. Doesn’t matter if you’re from science, commerce, or arts, all are welcome! This is a three-year undergrad course that’ll teach you the ABCs of doing business on a global scale. Super relevant, especially when you think about how everyone’s trading with everyone else around the world, right? You’ll get the 101 on international marketing, finance, and how to run a business across borders.

10. Five-year Integrated BBA + MBA Program

Now, if you’re the ambitious type who wants to get the best of both worlds, check this out: a 5-year BBA + MBA integrated program. For this one, you need to score at least 60% in your 12th if you’re in the general category, or 55% if you’re SC/ST/PwD. You’ll likely have to crack an entrance exam like IPMAT and impress in a one-on-one interview. Schools offering this include big names like IIMs and Narsee Monjee. Once you’re through, you’ll be ready for jobs in, well, pretty much any sector you can think of, marketing, finance, HR, you name it.


That’ll do it. Now you have a good sum of information to comprehend. And yeah, choosing the course after finishing up 12th shouldn’t be a decision taken in a hurry. Take your time, research a little more, and decide which course would be a perfect fit for you.

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