BA Drawing and Painting Course: Details, Eligibility, Syllabus, Career, Fees, Scope, and More

Many of you must believe that it is nothing to do with the BA drawing and painting course. You are mistaken, then. It is a right subject that comes with ample scopes. It is an undergraduate course that deals with the study of Visual and Performing Arts. If you are passionate about drawing, you should proceed with this subject. You must know that various types of textures are present in a drawing. If you are creative, you can also add extra colors to your thinking and creativity. This will add new flavor to your work.

It is such a course through which you can gain much information about the subject. This will help to proceed successfully in this field. If you are an aspiring artist, you should try this subject. You can make a fantastic career in this subject. Through this course, you can learn about various types of textures and designs that are much required in this subject. Students with a keen interest in art and painting are best suited for this course. You will get ample options that will help to move ahead in your life. The scopes on drawing and painting are gradually increasing day by day.

Painting is always vital because it will help to express the state of mind. It was also present during the ancient period. Most of the kings have painting and drawing as their hobbies. With time, these hobbies got new looks and exposure. They have now turned to be an essential subject. People who have a strong love for art and painting can take this subject as their career and make good things in their life. They will get good exposure once they pursue this three years undergraduate course. The course highlights the real textures of painting.

BA Drawing and Painting Course

Scope of the BA Drawing and Painting Course:

You have ample options after completing the three years course of BA Drawing and Painting course. The system is mainly designed for young aspirants who want to become a professional in a true sense. Once you complete this course, you are eligible to get an excellent job in any organization. However, you also have the option to become a freelancer. As a freelancer, you can take big projects on drawing and painting. This will not only give you money but good fame at the same time.

If you want, you can also open your own business. This will give you good options for better exposure. Moreover, if you are looking or searching for a stable profession, you can go with any of these. If you get this degree, you will get a secured future. If you love drawing and painting, this degree is the best choice.

Skills required for BA Drawing and Painting Course:

You must know that painting is the best form of expression. It is the perfect way through which you can express your feeling and state of mind. Apart from all this, you should have specific skills that are much required in this field. Let us discuss some of the essential ones.

  • You should have and maintain good-eye and hand coordination.
  • A good sense of humor is also required.
  • You should possess normal color vision.
  • You should have the ability to work at a certain height.
  • You should have the capacity to work as a team leader or as a part of the team.
  • It would help if you tried to enjoy your work or creation.
  • It would help if you had good patience for your work.

Course fee for BA Drawing and Painting course:

The course fee for BA Drawing and Painting course depends on the type of college you are taking admission. However, the prices range from 5,000 to 1,00,000 lakhs depending upon the standard of the college.

Eligibility criteria for BA Drawing and Painting Course:

Before taking admission to this course, you should be well-versed with the eligibility of the system. Let us try to know about the primary eligibility for the course.

  • You have to complete your 10+2 course from any recognized boards before taking admission. This is a mandatory requirement. However, you can join this course from any stream like arts, science, and commerce. There are no such restrictions.
  • You have to pass all the issues in 10+2. Failure in any of the subjects will restrain you from taking admission to this course.
  • Different colleges have a different set of rules for their admissions. Some colleges conduct admission tests, and you have to qualify for it.
  • Many colleges also conduct Personal interviews, group discussions for the students. It is to be cleared before taking admission to the college. The selection is based upon these tests.

Exams for BA Drawing and Painting course:

It is a three years course and each year they will conduct their examinations. You have to qualify for the examinations for moving to the next level. Each year will introduce some specific subjects to the students, and they should get well-aware of them.

It must be said that all the subjects that are present at each level are to be passed by the students. If you fail in one of the subjects, you will not be allowed to give to the next level. You should take all the subjects seriously each year.  Before appearing for the examination, you have to complete the registration process.  The college authority will give you the option to select the exam centre. You can choose it at your convenience.

Exam centers for BA Drawing and Painting course:

Almost all the major cities in India have their examination centers. You will get centers in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Kolkata. You can choose your convenient center. All the exam centers are located at prime places in the city. This will allow the candidates to reach easily to the destination.

Syllabus for the BA Drawing and Painting Course:

In this part, you will know about the syllabus of the BA drawing and painting course. It will give you a brief idea about the course.

BA Part I:

Paper I

  • Elements of Painting
  • Principles of Composition
  • Medium and techniques medium
  • Indian Folk Art

Paper II

  • Creative Designing
  • Still Life Painting

In this part, you will learn about some necessary skills and knowledge of painting. This will help to grow interested among the students. They will learn about Indian Folk Art which is essential for this subject.


BA Part II

Paper I

  • Primitive art concerning to Indian Painting
  • Buddhist Art
  • Medieval Art
  • Rajasthan Style

Paper II

  • Copy from old Masters
  • Cast Study Bust

In this part, you will learn about primitive art and its styles. Take, for example, you will gain knowledge about Rajasthani art and painting. The styles and techniques that you followed during the early period will make you aware.



Part I

  • Simple Study
  • Philosophy of Art
  • Modern Art in Indian Painting
  • Contemporary Indian Painting after independence till the present age

Part II

  • Pictorial composition
  • Portrait Study

Here you will know about the present and modern style of art, which is crucial. You will be taught about the present style of art and painting, which is vital. You will also know about the portrait study.

Career opportunities for BA Drawing and Painting graduates:

It is excellent to know that you have good scopes after completing this course. If you love this course, you can carry out further studies. You have the option to pursue Master’s in Drawing and Painting. Once you complete your masters, you can opt for Ph.D course. The MA and Ph.D courses are all for three years. You have to complete it within this time. This will help to get a lucrative job in art colleges. These jobs are much secured and safe.

On the other part, you can also become a freelancer after completing this course. You can grab good drawing projects that will provide you greater exposure.  You can even start your own business. You are free to carry the company as per your wish. Most of the ceramics industry also looks for good and potential candidates for their work. Apart from all this, you can get better exposure in the digital media industry, print media industries, and other such places. If you once get a scope, you should grab it because they offer good salaries to the employees. Many times, students are also hired by museums and other such places. These jobs are attractive and secured at the same time.

Drawing and Painting institutes in India:

In this section, you will learn about some of the top-level drawing and painting institutes in India.

  • Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University ( Hyderabad)
  • Government Maharani Laxmi Bai Post Graduate College for Girls (Indore)
  • Kala Bhavan (Santiniketan)
  • College of Art (Delhi)
  • Sir J.J Institute of Fine Arts ( Mumbai)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. List the top entrance exams for BA Drawing & Painting Course? 

The BA Drawing & Painting Course entrance exams include:

  • IIAD entrance exam
  1. How do I get into a reputable BA Drawing & Painting College for my degree?

To be eligible for this course, students must have a fundamental knowledge of the topic of painting and draw before applying.

This is a thriving course across several colleges in India, and those who wish to pursue further studies, conduct research, and contribute to the preservation of India’s cultural heritage through art forms should consider applying for this course.

Graduate students who wish to complete their Master’s in this program should apply for the course as part of their research requirements.

The students must keep in mind that they are familiar with the fundamental color shades, blending, mixing, and application styles. They should be able to communicate and communicate effectively in order to express themselves more effectively through art.

  1. What are some examples of certificates that are relevant to the course?

Certificates are awarded to students who complete the course, and they include the Diploma Program in Drawing & Animation, the Diploma in Applied Arts, the Certificate Program in Plate Making & Offset Printing, and others.

  1. Are there any placement programs available for students enrolled in the BA Drawing & Painting program?

For students enrolled in the BA Drawing and Painting program, college placement cells offer a variety of workshops and internship opportunities. The training and expertise gained through participation in these hands-on programs will be useful in future employment opportunities.

  1. Is it necessary to submit portfolios in order to be considered for enrollment to the BA Painting and Drawing program?

There are a variety of requirements for admission to the BA Painting and Drawing course depending on the college. Many institutions operate on a merit-based admissions system, while others hold entrance examinations in order to gain admission.

The submission of portfolios will be determined by the college to which you are applying for admission. Portfolios are typically required for university education in the topic matter, rather than for Bachelor’s degrees in the subject.

  1. Could it be possible to apply for admission to the BA Painting and Drawing program without having any prior drawing experience?

The BA in Painting and Drawing course introduces students to art at a fundamental level. If you qualify for this course, it is necessary for you to have a basic understanding of color theory, blending, and missing elements. Even if you are unable to draw, you must have a strong interest in and a fundamental understanding of the topic.

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