9 Lesser-Known Diploma Courses of 2023

In these changing times, law, medicine, or engineering are not merely available career options. With the broadening of human interests and aspirations, it is no wonder that today there is also a job for someone who does nothing except laze around. If this sounds weird to you, here is a list of diploma courses that exists, but not many know about. The list is compiled by our subject experts for all those who are thinking of pursuing a diploma in something their peers or acquaintances might not have even heard of. Keep reading on to know more.

1. Horology

Horology is not as complicated as it seems. It provides you with knowledge about the history, making, and design of clocks, watches as well as timers. The course teaches you how to measure time with the help of these inventions. A degree in horology can be a great start in launching your watch manufacturing unit anywhere in the world.

2. Ecogastronomy

This course teaches you eco-friendly food practices and the understanding of human needs, food, and the environment we are a part of. Students who have had pursued this course are excelling in various fields of the food industry from food and beverage managers to nutritionists. Besides India, several global universities also have certification programs in eco gastronomy.

3. Entertainment Engineering and design

Have always been fascinated by wonder parks, carnivals and dreamt of recreating one of them. With a degree in entertainment engineering and design, you can build a familiar-looking environment of carnivals, gaming studios, or even casinos and bring theme parks home or better create them for your potential clients. This course is ideal for future event managers and event planners.

4. Pet Grooming

Are you someone who loves animals more than humans? Well, if yes, we have a course that will be too hard for you to not accept. Pet Grooming is a real thing in present times. Today, pet owners are in search of trained and certified pet groomers, who can take good care of their floofs. Imagine being around the fluffy beings, and making a living out of them.

5. Gerontology

Always been keen to learn more about the aging process in individuals? If yes, Gerontology is for you. It is a course that allows you to study the process of aging in people, and the transformation that ensues with it from physical to mental to emotional, and social. There are several educational institutes that offer PG diplomas in gerontology. IT is recommended to check the eligibility criteria before applying for it as every college has its separate criteria for diploma admissions.

6. Tea Tasting

Having a conversation over a cup of tea is refreshing, and fun. But wondered about taking this tea fondness to a new level? Tea Tasting allows students to taste tea of different flavors and qualities, and also, grade them. If you are taking up this course, suit up to think of interesting ideas to better the taste of tea. Regardless of what is said or considered, we believe that tea tasting is no less than an art. So, isn’t it time to delve into the nuisances of tea tasting, and make something out of it?

7. Natural Archeology

If history and oceans excite you, we have a course that you may be happy to enroll in. Natural archeology is about getting familiar with the scuba diving basics and learning more about things of history. You have an option to study this course abroad at several top-rated institutions in the world.

8. Interior Design

In the years gone by, interior design has become a promising career field. It is about livening up the living or workspaces in a way that demonstrates the likings or tastes of the property owners. Today, numerous colleges offer a plethora of diploma courses including a diploma in interior design that teaches you the fundamentals of interior designing, and the ways in which it impacts the surrounding. This course is ideal for candidates having prior experience in this field or for someone who holds a bachelor’s degree in design.

9. Flavor Chemist

If the chemistry is something you can talk about for endless hours, we have a course for you. Flavor chemistry is about enhancing food flavors or adding a fresh twist to existing food tastes. It has everything to do with chemistry and food and understanding the two as a whole subject. Given food is an everyday requirement of beings, demand for food chemists is always on the rise. If you believe this is what interests you, visit and register on the online portals of institutes and get started right away.

Although the list does not end here, there are many more lesser-known diplomas like viticulture and oenology, fermentation sciences, mountaineering and etc. We hope this article helps you decide on a lucrative career path. Feel free to connect with our team of professionals for any suggestions or advice. Also, we would like to know the subject diploma that you think is the best for you? Drop your answers in the comments.

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