8 Best Postgrad Majors To Study

It can be difficult to choose a postgrad major when you are eyeing a chance to get into an interesting prospective profession. The market keeps changing at a rapid pace because of technological improvements. Every organization has its unique definition of what makes a role exciting. For instance, in recent years, businesses are paying good money in sectors like cybersecurity, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. These jobs have incredible development potential as well.

While choosing your major based on your areas of interest is ideal, choosing a career path that is in high demand will help you land an exciting job role. That being said, data from the World Economic Forum shows that the fastest-growing professions in America are not what most of us expect. From 2020 to 2030, Wind Turbine Service Technicians is a profession that is going to witness the biggest change of 68.2%. This is followed by nursing practitioners, solar photovoltaic installers, statisticians, physical therapist assistants, and information security analysts.

Despite the absence of a pattern, these stats show which majors can help you find the most prospective job. Here is a list of postgrad majors that are in demand now and for the foreseeable future:

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1. Communication management

Communications and public relations are fields that are growing in demand due to this changing landscape of traditional marketing and advertising. With an online masters in communication management, you can pick up relevant professional skills and a diverse variety of other knowledge with the help of a flexible learning environment. With a degree in communication, you can explore avenues with information architecture development opportunities along with professions where you need to create a content strategy. Additionally, you’ll be able to acquire skills in social media and community management, networking, and working with external advertising or PR agencies. Companies and agencies catering to almost every industry are interested in hiring communication professionals for their marketing and PR objectives.

2. Software engineering

Around the world, technology is revolutionizing various industries. Nearly all of the major fields mentioned above, including aerospace engineering, data sciences, artificial intelligence (AI), and financial management, require software in some capacity. The platforms that enable organizations to integrate the newest tools, techniques, and innovational technologies into their operational cycles are being designed, developed, launched, and maintained by software engineers. Over the coming years, employment opportunities for software engineers and developers are expected to increase by 21%. A major in this subject can lead you to a well-paying profession with quick advancement.

3. Financial technology

In the last couple of years, a surge of interest has been seen in cryptocurrencies. And regardless of what analysts say about these currencies’ erratic behavior as investment vehicles, they have contributed to a change in the conventional finance sector. Several financial institutions are experimenting with technological advances like Blockchain, which serves as the engine that drives cryptocurrencies. Additionally, financial planning and analysis are just a couple of the roles that financial technology, or FinTech as it is more commonly known, encompasses. Several universities are increasingly offering FinTech specializations, so if you have a passion for the subject, this could be an interesting major for you.

4. Accounting and Financial Management

Any company, no matter how big, small, or in between, requires accounting and financial management services. Moreover, regardless of their financial worth, people around the world need wealth management services. The demand for professions like finance analyst and auditor, both of which are predicted to increase by about 7% in the next ten years, can be met by accounting, an evergreen major that can lead to a wide range of careers. The requirement for firms to oversee their cash flows will ensure that accounting and finance students never have a problem obtaining employment.

5. Electronic engineering

With projected growth rates of 7% over the next decade and a median salary of roughly $90,000 per annum in 2020, electrical engineers are among the professionals that are in demand in modern markets. Electronic engineering branches into numerous sub-divisions and fields of specialization, ultimately leading to jobs in many sectors worldwide. A degree in this subject teaches you about designing and creating electrical equipment, which nowadays have smart, innovative technologies integrated into them. From industrial control to manufacturing, from product testing to communications, electrical engineers have diverse tasks on their plate depending on the field that they choose to join.

6. Data Sciences

Data has grown to be the most valuable currency in use today. Businesses all over the globe are ready to invest a lot of money in pertinent data science technologies that can assist them in making more accurate decisions regarding every aspect of their operations, which includes, but are not restricted to, customer gain, resource allocation optimization, supply chain management streamlining, and much more. However, raw data is of little value unless it is transformed and laid out in a useful way. Data science specialists are in greater demand since they are the specialists that can assist businesses in making sense of the data stockpiles at their disposal as economies continue to become fiercely competitive.

7. Automation and AI

Thanks to technological advances over the past several years, robotics, machine learning, automation, and AI have advanced quickly. Given the recent debut of tools like Chat GPT and many top firms’ intentions regarding AI, it is evident that this industry is here to stay. Therefore, majoring in one of the subjects related to artificial intelligence and automation offers fantastic prospects. Almost every business in every industry will incorporate AI into their daily operations. Therefore majoring in this area is sure to be in demand for ages to come.

8. Cybersecurity

As the world transitions to digital technology, cybercrime has become a popular method for thieves to steal money. Cybercrime cost the US economy alone $10.2 billion in 2022, a significant increase over the $6.9 billion it cost in 2021. Companies throughout the globe have actively sought out cybersecurity specialists to strengthen their defenses against relevant digital threats in the wake of these alarming trends. Universities worldwide are now providing cybersecurity as a subject of study for people interested in choosing this as their occupation of choice, once again assessing market needs.


A postgrad major is different from a college major in the sense that, for most people, it comes after spending a few years in the job market. This means that when you’re selecting your postgrad major, you have a different perspective in mind. In today’s rapidly changing market dynamics, most people are either looking to diversify their skill set or overhaul it completely. The fields listed above are some high-paying professions for whom the demand doesn’t just exist but is expected to grow strongly over the coming years.

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