What is PTE Exam in India? Eligibility, Syllabus, Age Limit, Fees, Registration

Choosing the right test for English proficiency is an important step when applying to move abroad. The PTE stands for Pearson Test of English. It is an English language exam that is computer-based. This exam is accepted at top-notch colleges, universities, and government levels all around the world. It is the flexible, fairest, and fastest mode of proving your proficiency in the English language for work or study abroad and even for immigration purposes.

The PTE exam is the smartest choice to go for if you want to work or study abroad. It helps you in demonstrating the language skills for migration, professional and university applications. The PTE scores are accepted by the top-notch educational institutes in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UK, the USA, Germany, Singapore, and a lot more. This exam is approved for all visa types in New Zealand and Australia.

The result of this exam is released within 5 working days. You can give this PTE test in India or anywhere in 250+ locations which are decided as the network of test centers globally. The quick results help in getting the application in less time and no more waiting for pursuing your dream.

What is PTE Exam?

PTE Exam

The PTE (Pearson Test of English) is an assessment test of English language for speakers of non-native English. This exam is administered by the world’s biggest examining authority called Edexcel. Generally, there are three different levels of PTE exams. This includes PTE General, PTE young learners, and PTE academic. This PTE academic was launched in 2009.

All these PTE exams are used to test the ability to speak, reading, writing of an individual in the English language. These tests are recognized across the globe. The objective of this exam is, evaluating the understanding capability in the English language context because the students can understand well the subjects that are taught in colleges, which are English medium. The objective of PTE results helps in proving whether the candidate is proficient enough in attending the college or can be migrated to a country where its residents speak only in English.

Types of PTE exam

The Pearson language English test is a unit of the PLC group of Pearson. It is responsible to conduct 3 formats of English proficiency exams for assessing the skills of English language of non-native speakers. It includes PTE general, PTE Academic, and PTE for young learners

Eligibility criteria for PTE exam

Below are the eligibility criteria requirements for different PTE exams. Check them out before applying.

For PTE general

The speakers, who are non-native and want to have thorough proficiency in English, are suggested to give the PTE general exam. The candidates who want to migrate to a country speaking English are recommended to give this exam. There are no set criteria for this paper. It can be given by anyone, irrespective of qualifications and age limit for now.

PTE Academic 

The candidates who are willing to join colleges or universities abroad must go for the PTE Academic test. The college or university programs are taught in the English language The diversity of its scope is also huge. A candidate must be proficient in English, it is because they have to interact with different people in different accents. These PTE Academic tests help in assessing the student’s capability and ability to speak fluent English.

The candidate should be 18+. If the candidate is below 18 years of age, then they have to submit a consent letter from their guardian or parent.

For PTE Young learner 

The PTE Young learner test is mainly for kids, who are between the ages of 7 to 12.

PTE Exam details

You can check the complete details about the PTE exam online at https://pearsonpte.com. This exam is taken online, which includes 3 sections. The duration set for this exam is 3 hours. The fee is 13,300 for PTE general. These exams are organized every year. Make sure you apply or register for this exam as soon as you are all set to give the English proficiency test.

The students can register for this exam by visiting its official website. This exam as mentioned is divided into 3 sections which include writing & speaking reading and listening.

  • For the writing and speaking section, you are given 77 to 93 minutes
  • For the listening section, 45 to 57 minutes are given
  • For reading, 32 to 41 minutes are enough.

Section I

Speaking and writing

This section includes the following topics:

  • Personal introduction
  • Repeat sentence
  • Read aloud
  • Re-tell lecture
  • Describe image
  • Summarize the written text
  • Answer short questions
  • Essay writing

Section II 


This section covers the following:

  • Multiple choice questions, having a single answer
  • Multiple choice questions, having multiple answers
  • Re-ordering paragraphs
  • Fill ups
  • Writing and reading fill-ups

Section III


It includes:

  • Multiple choices, single answers
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Summarize spoken test
  • Highlight the correct summary
  • Write from the dictation
  • Identify incorrect words or wrong words
  • Select missing word

Validity of PTE scores

The score validity of different PTE exams is mentioned below:

For PTE general

There is no validity period or expiry of the PTE general score. The scores are valid for a lifetime.

For PTE Academic

The score of PTE Academic is valid for two years. The exam scores are taken down automatically from its official website once 2 years are completed. The PTE academic scores in Australia are valid for three years, where the immigrant or student also gets an opportunity for applying for PR (permanent residency)

PTE young learners

There is no expiry or validity of its scores yet.

How to prepare for the PTE exam

PTE general 

Read blogs, articles, and newspapers and watch the English-based movie with subtitles for improving the skills of English speaking for preparing for the PTE general exam.

PTE academic 

Preparing the PTE academic can be easily done through a mock test and accessing a simple test online. The resources of the PTE academic test can be easily accessed from the official website of the PTE test. You can also give practice tests and can buy books online for PTE academic test practices.

List of the countries which accept PTE scores 

  • Australia
  • Argentina
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Greece
  • Indonesia
  • Netherlands
  • Hungary
  • New Zealand and many more

Check the complete list on the official website of the PTE exam.

How to register for the PTE exam?

The registration process for the PTE exam is very simple. For the general PTE exam, follow the things mentioned below:

  • You have to get in touch with Pearson education Limited customer care for quick and hassle-free registration for PTE general.
  • For academic PTE registration, you have to visit the online portal of PTE which allows submitting the application form and examination fees. The process to quick registration includes:
  • Once you have visited PTE academic website and paid the fees, create your Pearson account. Enter your important details and register easily.
  • Sign in with the account details of Pearson that are sent to your email within 48 hours.
  • Schedule your PTE test by selecting the location where you want to exam
  • A confirmation mail is sent to the email address with complete details related to the PTE exam.

How to reschedule or cancel your PTE exam

If you are not willing to appear in the academic test of PTE, then you can easily claim a refund of your fees paid within 14 days before your exam date. The rescheduling and cancellation of the PTE exam are possible through the official website of PTE. The candidates can easily reschedule their PTE exam online or by phone.

You can claim a full refund of your PTE exam fees if you cancel it before 14 days of the test date. The candidates canceling the test before 7 days of the test are eligible for a partial refund which means only 50% of the amount. The candidates canceling after passing 14 days, they will not get any refund.

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