Top Music Degrees to Advance Your Music Career

Music is a universally acknowledged language that has the power to evoke emotions and connect people from different walks of life. For those with a passion for music, pursuing a music degree can be a pathway to not only honing their craft but also advancing their music career.

In an increasingly competitive industry, having the right education and training can make all the difference. Universities worldwide offer several music degrees in music performance, music production, and music composition to equip you with the skills and knowledge essential to make a mark in this field.


Here, we’ll explore some of the top music degrees that can help you propel your music career forward.

Bachelor of Music (BMus) in Music Production and Performance

A Bachelor of Music in Music Performance and Production is ideal for those who are serious about becoming proficient instrumentalists, vocalists, or music technicians. This degree focuses on developing advanced technical skills to record, mix, and master music.

Students receive intensive training through individual lessons, ensemble performances, and masterclasses. As this degree covers both the creative and technical aspects of music, graduates can pursue careers as solo performers, orchestral musicians, chamber musicians, private instructors, producers, sound engineers, and studio managers.

If you are interested in learning advanced levels of music production and performance, you can enrol in postgraduate programs after graduation.

Bachelor of Music in Composition

The Bachelor of Music in Composition is designed for those who want to create their musical works. This degree offers advanced training in composition techniques, orchestration, and music technology.

Graduates often work as composers for film, television, video games, or contemporary classical music, pushing the boundaries of musical creativity.

Bachelor of Arts in Music Business

The business side of the music industry is just as vital as the artistic side. A degree in Music Business is tailored for those interested in artist management, record label operations, concert promotion, or music publishing. This degree equips graduates with business acumen and industry-specific knowledge to navigate the complexities of the music business.

Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy

Music has therapeutic benefits that can be harnessed to improve mental, emotional, and physical well-being. A Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy combines musical expertise with psychology and healthcare. Music therapists work in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, and mental health facilities, using music to help patients achieve therapeutic goals.

Bachelor of Music in Music Education

For those passionate about teaching music, a BMus. in Music Education is an excellent choice. This degree prepares students to become music educators in schools or private studios. Graduates can teach a variety of instruments and music genres, shaping the next generation of musicians while fostering a lifelong appreciation for music.

Pursuing a music degree can be a strategic step toward advancing your music career. Whether you’re aiming to become a performer, a skilled composer, a music educator, or a music business professional, there’s a degree program tailored to your aspirations. The music industry thrives on innovation and diverse talents, and by equipping yourself with the right education, you’ll be better prepared to make a lasting impact in the world of music.

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This article is written by Anu Augustine.

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