How To Become Marketing Manager After 12th

Usually, we live with a set of aspirations in mind. You see, most of us are strivers; some of us want to go into human resource management, others into marketing management, and yet others into aviation management.

 So, if you’re the ambitious type who wants a career in marketing management, continue reading to know how to become marketing manager after 12th.

About marketing manager

Managers in marketing are responsible for finding new clients, evaluating them, and establishing relationships with them. They spearhead the effort to reach the appropriate customers with the right messages at the appropriate moment in time.

Marketing Manager

They design plans based on analysis, which the business uses to increase its bottom line. In addition, they keep an eye out for emerging trends that could be useful to the business and begin developing those ideas immediately.

Steps to follow to become a marketing manager after 12th

Candidates for the position of Marketing Manager need to be dedicated and take the necessary efforts to get there. Below are outlined some of the most crucial procedures that will aid students in their pursuit of a Marketing manager position.

Decision making

Decide quickly after finishing high school if you want to work in marketing as an manager. They should have an insatiable curiosity for marketing and its effects on consumers. Candidates who aspire to the position of Marketing Manager should start honing their marketing chops as soon as possible. As a result, they need to make the call while still in school so that they can enroll in the appropriate program after completing their secondary education (10+2).

 They need to do extensive reading about the Marketing sector and related areas. They need to be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of the chosen career path. Developing a career as a Marketing Manager requires forethought and preparation.

Subject choices

Students make their course and major choices while still in high school. While becoming a Marketing Manager does not require any specific major, the individual must choose the Commerce track. Intermediate-level candidates require English & Computer as electives.

 Anyone with a 10+2 in either science or commerce, however mathematics is required, is eligible to enroll in a program like BBA or MBA. Any prospective Marketing Manager would benefit from having a firm grasp of both Microsoft Office and the English language.

Preparation for entrance exam

Most schools that provide BBA degrees do so solely on the basis of academic quality. Some schools select their incoming students based on their performance on an admission exam, which could be administered at the national, state, or university level.

However, students applying to graduate-level programs, such as an MBA, must do well on an entrance exam. Examine prior examination papers and practice for the one-on-one interview to ensure success on the exam. Thousands upon thousands of candidates take the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) every year since it is the most competitive MBA entrance exam.

Choose college

The applicant has to know which schools offer the program and establish a shortlist of those schools that are top choices. Aiming for the few IIMs and elite B-schools that offer the program should also be a high objective.

 They should do extensive study for the institutions based on a number of criteria, including cost, quality of faculty, ease of admission, potential for employment upon graduation, accessibility, and so on. A competitive advantage for those seeking a Marketing Manager position is an undergraduate or graduate degree from a reputable university.

Preparation at school level

The candidate must have completed high school and be very successful in either the commerce or scientific streams in class 12. Then they need to keep an eye out for schools that offer appropriate programs in advertising or marketing.

They will need to think about and prepare for the admissions process once they have decided on a college or group of colleges to apply to. They need to enroll in the course, do well academically, and then get hired by a reputable corporation.

Preparation at undergraduate level

Bachelor of Marketing Manager programs typically requires applicants to have finished either the Science or Commerce track of the US educational system’s 12th grade. They have the option of pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) or (BBA) degree with a focus on the relevant field.

The foundation for a successful career as a Marketing Manager is established in the undergraduate studies. However, individuals should exercise caution when deciding on a major and a college.

Courses to pursue to become a marketing manager

1. BBA in marketing

A Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing is a 3-year undergraduate program that introduces students to the fundamentals of business administration and marketing.

Its primary objective is to equip students with the fundamental marketing knowledge necessary to successfully advertise any good or service.

You can use your Intermediate GPA to get entry into the BBA Marketing program.

However, a few BBA admissions tests are administered, and the vast majority are at the college level.

The NMAT by GMAC is a standard college admissions test.

2. BBA in digital marketing

A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Digital Marketing typically lasts for three years and covers advanced topics in the field of marketing.

This is a graduate-level marketing course that focuses on digital marketing strategies and techniques.

Students’ Intermediate GPAs can be considered while deciding whether or not to admit them to BBA Digital Marketing.

Course costs typically range from INR 50,000 to 3, 50,000.

NMIMS NPAT is a well-known admissions test for the BBA program at NMIMS.

Career benefits for a marketing manager


An entry-level marketing manager may expect to make around 4 LPA, a mid-career professional can expect to make around 6 LPA, and an experienced manager can expect to make around 9-10 LPA. The compensation is typically negotiated between the firm and the employee.

As a marketing manager, you can learn a lot every day on the job, and you can learn even more every time you grasp a new strategy, new method, or new approach.

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