Character Sketch of The Midnight Visitor

“The Midnight Visitor” is a mystery short story written by Robert Arthur. Published in the 1950s, it’s part of the Three Investigators series. The story revolves around the main characters, Jupiter Jones, Pete Crenshaw, and Bob Andrews. Let’s delve into a character sketch of these key figures:

Jupiter Jones: The Chief

  1. Intelligence and Analytical Mind:
    • Jupiter is the leader of the Three Investigators, often referred to as “Jupe.” He possesses exceptional intelligence and an analytical mind that allows him to solve mysteries. His deductive reasoning and attention to detail make him the primary detective in their investigations.
  2. Physical Appearance:
    • Described as overweight, with a stocky build, Jupiter doesn’t fit the typical image of a detective. However, his physical appearance is deceptive, as it conceals his keen intellect and deductive abilities.
  3. Leadership Skills:
    • Jupiter serves as the unofficial leader of the Three Investigators. His leadership skills are evident in his ability to delegate tasks, coordinate investigations, and guide the group to successful conclusions. He’s the chief strategist in their mystery-solving endeavors.
  4. Loyalty and Friendship:
    • Despite his sometimes bossy demeanor, Jupiter is fiercely loyal to his friends, Pete and Bob. The camaraderie between the three is a defining aspect of the series. Jupiter’s loyalty extends beyond their friendship to their shared passion for solving mysteries.

Pete Crenshaw: The Athletic Investigator

  1. Athleticism and Physical Prowess:
    • Pete is the physically active member of the trio. His athleticism and physical prowess often come in handy during investigations that require agility or strength. While Jupiter relies on intellect, Pete brings a more hands-on approach to problem-solving.
  2. Courage and Tenacity:
    • Pete is characterized by his courage and tenacity. Whether facing a mysterious midnight visitor or exploring eerie locations, Pete is always ready to confront challenges head-on. His fearless attitude complements Jupiter’s analytical mindset.
  3. Sense of Humor:
    • Pete injects humor into the group dynamics. His light-hearted and humorous approach provides a balance to the more serious and studious nature of Jupiter. This adds a relatable and enjoyable element to their adventures.

Bob Andrews: The Researcher

  1. Research Skills:
    • Bob is the group’s researcher, often delving into books and references to gather information crucial to their investigations. His meticulous research skills contribute significantly to the trio’s ability to solve mysteries.
  2. Quiet Demeanor:
    • Unlike Jupiter and Pete, Bob has a quieter demeanor. He is more reserved but plays a crucial role in the group’s dynamics. His thoughtful and contemplative nature often leads him to make insightful contributions to their investigations.
  3. Technological Aptitude:
    • Bob’s character is often associated with an aptitude for technology. In a world where information retrieval and analysis are essential, Bob’s technological skills contribute to the effectiveness of their detective work.


“The Midnight Visitor” showcases the synergy between Jupiter Jones, Pete Crenshaw, and Bob Andrews. Each character brings unique qualities to the trio, creating a well-balanced investigative team. Jupiter’s intellect, Pete’s physical abilities, and Bob’s research skills combine to form a formidable group capable of solving even the most perplexing mysteries. The characters’ individual strengths and the camaraderie they share make “The Midnight Visitor” and the Three Investigators series engaging and enjoyable for readers.

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