Character Sketch of The Fun They Had

“The Fun They Had” is a science fiction short story written by Isaac Asimov. Published in 1951, the story explores themes related to education, technology, and the impact of a standardized learning environment on individual experiences. Here’s a character sketch of the main characters in the story:

Tommy and Margie: The Protagonists

  1. Tommy:
    • Tommy is a young boy who, along with Margie, is the protagonist of the story. He is portrayed as an inquisitive and typical school-going child who is accustomed to the automated learning environment. His reaction to Margie’s disbelief about traditional schools suggests that he is more accepting of the technological advancements in education.
  2. Margie:
    • Margie is a young girl and the other main character in the story. Unlike Tommy, she seems to be more skeptical and curious about the past, particularly the concept of a physical school with human teachers. Margie represents the reader’s perspective, questioning the efficiency and personalization of the computerized education system.

Overview of the Characters:

  1. Tommy’s Adaptability:
    • Tommy seems comfortable and adapted to the automated learning system. His lack of surprise or curiosity about the past educational system implies that he has grown up with technology and finds it normal. This highlights the generational gap between Tommy and Margie.
  2. Margie’s Curiosity:
    • Margie is portrayed as a more curious and questioning character. Her curiosity about the past and traditional schooling systems reflects a desire for a more personalized and human touch in education. Margie serves as the voice of skepticism in the story, challenging the efficiency of the highly automated educational environment.
  3. Impact of Technology:
    • Both characters are products of a highly technological and automated future where education is delivered by machines. The impact of this technology is evident in how Tommy takes it for granted, while Margie wonders about a different and seemingly more engaging educational experience.
  4. Generational Gap:
    • The story subtly emphasizes the generational gap between Tommy and Margie. Tommy, being younger, is more accustomed to the automated system, whereas Margie, who is older, has experienced a different form of education before the complete automation of learning.
  5. Exploration of Education:
    • Through the characters of Tommy and Margie, Asimov explores the evolving nature of education in a futuristic setting. The contrasting reactions of the characters to the automated system prompt the reader to reflect on the potential drawbacks and benefits of technological advancements in education.


“The Fun They Had” provides a glimpse into a future where technology shapes the educational landscape. Tommy and Margie, as characters, represent different attitudes towards this technological evolution. While Tommy is more accepting, Margie’s curiosity serves as a lens through which the reader can contemplate the changing nature of education and its potential implications on individual experiences and societal values. Asimov’s narrative prompts reflection on the role of technology in shaping not just education but also the way individuals perceive the world around them.

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