Character Sketch of Johnsy and Behrman in Last Leaf

O. Henry’s classic short story, “The Last Leaf,” weaves a tapestry of characters whose lives intertwine amidst the backdrop of a cold November in Greenwich Village. Sue, Johnsy, and Behrman form a triad of individuals whose personalities and stories converge, ultimately creating a narrative of resilience, friendship, and the transformative power of art.

Quick Overview:

  • Sue:
    • Role: Roommate and close friend of Johnsy.
    • Personality Traits: Caring, nurturing, optimistic.
    • Key Relationship: Deep friendship with Johnsy.
    • Occupation: Artist with a passionate love for painting.
    • Struggle: Balancing optimism with Johnsy’s despair.
  • Johnsy:
    • Role: Protagonist, young artist battling pneumonia.
    • Personality Traits: Initially fragile and despairing, later resilient.
    • Key Relationship: Roommate and close friend of Sue.
    • Occupation: Artist with a focus on painting.
    • Struggle: Battling a life-threatening illness and losing hope.
  • Behrman:
    • Role: Neighbor and aspiring artist.
    • Personality Traits: Gruff exterior, compassionate and selfless.
    • Occupation: Struggling artist.
    • Significance: Paints the symbolic last leaf.
    • Outcome: Sacrifices himself for Johnsy.

Introduction to Sue, Johnsy, and Behrman:

Sue, Johnsy, and Behrman are introduced in a quaint setting in Greenwich Village during a cold November. The characters are not only shaped by their individual traits but are intricately woven into the fabric of each other’s lives.

Sue’s Character: Sue is a nurturing and optimistic character, embodying the spirit of care and resilience. Her close friendship with Johnsy is the cornerstone of her character, and her optimistic outlook becomes both a source of strength and a challenge as she tries to balance it with Johnsy’s despair.

Johnsy’s Character: Johnsy, initially portrayed as fragile and despairing, undergoes a transformative journey. Her struggle with a life-threatening illness becomes a metaphor for vulnerability, but as the story unfolds, so does her resilience. The falling leaves outside her window symbolize her diminishing hope, providing a poignant backdrop to her emotional turmoil.

Behrman’s Character: Behrman, the gruff yet compassionate neighbor, adds a layer of complexity to the narrative. As an aspiring artist himself, Behrman becomes a symbol of untapped potential and hidden heroism. His sacrifice, painting the symbolic last leaf during a storm, serves as a profound act of selflessness and becomes the catalyst for the triumphant resolution of the story.

Key Relationships: The relationship between Sue and Johnsy is pivotal. Sue’s care for Johnsy is evident in her efforts to uplift her spirits, from cooking special meals to attempting to divert her attention. The friendship becomes a source of strength for both characters, highlighting the importance of human connection in times of adversity.

Artistic Pursuits: Both Sue and Johnsy share a passion for art, particularly painting. Sue’s attempts to engage Johnsy in artistic activities reveal the therapeutic nature of creative expression. This shared interest becomes a significant aspect of their characters, emphasizing the role of art in healing and transformation.

Behrman’s Sacrifice: Behrman’s character takes center stage when he decides to paint the symbolic last leaf outside Johnsy’s window during a storm. His act of selflessness, driven by a desire to save Johnsy, becomes the defining moment that transforms the narrative. Behrman’s sacrifice embodies the theme of hidden heroism and the redemptive power of art.

Symbolism of the Last Leaf: The last leaf, painted by Behrman, serves as a powerful symbol of hope, resilience, and the enduring nature of life. Its presence becomes a beacon for Johnsy, challenging the inevitability of her despair and ultimately leading to her emotional and physical recovery.

Overview – Bullet Points:

  1. Sue – Nurturing Friend: Sue is a caring and nurturing friend to Johnsy, striving to balance optimism with Johnsy’s despair.
  2. Johnsy – Fragility to Resilience: Johnsy’s character evolves from fragility and despair to resilience, mirroring her physical and emotional journey.
  3. Behrman – Gruff Compassion: Behrman, the gruff neighbor, exhibits hidden compassion and selflessness, especially in his sacrificial act.
  4. Sue and Johnsy’s Friendship: The deep friendship between Sue and Johnsy is a cornerstone, providing mutual support and strength.
  5. Artistic Pursuits: Sue and Johnsy share a passion for art, emphasizing the therapeutic nature of creative expression in their lives.
  6. Behrman’s Sacrifice: Behrman’s act of painting the last leaf during a storm becomes a profound sacrifice, marking a turning point in the narrative.
  7. Key Relationships: The relationships between Sue, Johnsy, and Behrman highlight the interconnectivity of their lives and the impact they have on each other.
  8. Symbolism of the Last Leaf: The last leaf, painted by Behrman, symbolizes hope, resilience, and the enduring nature of life, challenging the inevitability of despair.
  9. Triumph of Hidden Heroism: Behrman’s character embodies hidden heroism, showcasing that acts of selflessness can have profound and transformative effects.
  10. Redemptive Power of Art: The last leaf and the characters’ shared passion for art underscore the redemptive power of creativity in healing and transformation.


In “The Last Leaf,” Sue, Johnsy, and Behrman form a trinity of characters whose lives converge in a narrative of resilience, friendship, and the transformative power of art. Sue’s caring nature, Johnsy’s journey from despair to resilience, and Behrman’s hidden heroism collectively create a narrative that transcends the ordinary. The last leaf, painted with sacrifice and symbolism, becomes a metaphor for hope and the enduring strength found in unexpected places. O. Henry, through these characters, weaves a timeless tale that resonates with the universal themes of friendship, sacrifice, and the indomitable spirit that can weather even the harshest storms of life.

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