10 Lines on Tree in English

1. Trees are our best companions because they filter the oxygen we breathe.

2. They also detoxify the soil & water, which enhances the planet’s general quality.

3. It is also true that people who live near trees are more physically active, happy, and healthier than others.


4. We must also look after our friends, who help us in a variety of ways.

5. The key point to keep in mind is that we are only enriching ourselves by safeguarding plants.

6. As a result, whereas trees and plants rely on humans for survival, we rely on them for ours.

7. We cannot dispute that trees are extremely important to us in a variety of ways. They are essential because they offer us breathable air to inhale, protection from the rain and sun as well as food to eat.

8. In addition, tree extracts are used in a variety of medicines on the market. There are several additional plants and trees that have healing properties.

9. They encourage tranquilly and provide an aesthetically pleasing and relaxing environment.

10. They also help to balance the temperature & reflect the sun’s harmful rays. They also aid in the prevention of soil erosion and the saving of water.

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