The Summer of The Beautiful White Horse Character Sketch

“The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse” is a short story written by William Saroyan. The narrative is centered around the character of Aram, a young Armenian boy growing up in California. Aram is the narrator of the story and recounts events from his childhood. Here’s a character sketch of Aram:

Aram: The Heart and Soul of Innocence

1. Age and Innocence:

  • Aram is a young boy, approximately nine years old, whose innocence shapes the narrative. His worldview is untainted by cynicism or complexity.

2. Armenian Heritage:

  • Aram belongs to an Armenian family, and his cultural background adds depth to the story. It introduces readers to the richness of Armenian traditions and values.

3. Curiosity and Imagination:

  • Aram’s character is marked by an insatiable curiosity and a vivid imagination. His young mind is eager to explore and understand the world around him.

4. Narrator and Storyteller:

  • Aram serves as the narrator, recounting events with a childlike charm. His storytelling adds warmth and authenticity to the narrative, making readers feel connected to the world he describes.

5. Morality and Integrity:

  • Aram is portrayed as a morally upright character. When faced with a moral dilemma, his internal struggle reflects his commitment to doing what is right.

6. Loyalty to Family:

  • Family holds immense importance for Aram. His loyalty to his family, especially his cousin Mourad, is a central theme. This loyalty becomes the driving force behind his actions.

7. Coming-of-Age Themes:

  • Aram experiences a subtle coming-of-age journey through the events of the story. His understanding of the complexities of the adult world evolves, marking a transition from innocence to a more nuanced perspective.

8. Resilience and Adaptability:

  • Aram displays resilience and adaptability when confronted with unexpected challenges. His ability to navigate through difficult situations showcases his inner strength.

9. Compassion and Empathy:

  • Aram’s compassion and empathy shine through, particularly in his interactions with his family and Mourad. His sensitivity to the emotions of others adds emotional depth to the story.

10. Reflection of Saroyan’s Childhood:

  • Aram’s character is believed to be inspired by Saroyan’s own childhood. This connection lends authenticity to the narrative, creating a character that feels genuine and relatable.

Conclusion: Aram in “The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse” is not just a character; he is the vessel through which readers experience the beauty of innocence, cultural richness, and the complexities of growing up. His journey, as narrated by Saroyan, captures the essence of childhood wonder, familial bonds, and the timeless struggle between right and wrong. Aram’s character becomes a nostalgic reflection of a simpler time, leaving a lasting impression on readers who journey alongside him through that unforgettable summer.

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