Character Sketch of The Proposal Class 10

Certainly! In Anton Chekhov’s play “The Proposal,” the central character is Ivan Vassilevich Lomov. Let’s explore a character sketch of Lomov:

Ivan Vassilevich Lomov:

**1. Physique and Appearance: Lomov is portrayed as a middle-aged landowner with a nervous disposition. He is dressed meticulously in formal attire, reflecting his intention to propose to Natalya.

2. Personality Traits:

  • Hypochondriac: Lomov is a hypochondriac, frequently complaining about his health issues throughout the play. His constant worry about his well-being adds a touch of humor to the character.
  • Nervous and Anxious: Lomov is highly nervous and anxious, especially when it comes to proposing to Natalya. His anxiety manifests in his constant pacing, stuttering, and inability to express himself clearly.

3. Social Status and Background:

  • Landowner: Lomov is a landowner, and the play is set against the backdrop of rural life. His societal status plays a role in the dynamics of his interactions with Natalya and her father, Chubukov.
  • Neighbors with the Chubukovs: Lomov is a neighbor of the Chubukov family, which sets the stage for the comedic misunderstandings and conflicts that unfold in the play.

4. Motivations and Desires:

  • Desire for Natalya: Lomov’s primary motivation is to propose to Natalya, the daughter of his neighbor Chubukov. However, his nervous disposition and tendency to overthink create complications in achieving this simple goal.
  • Acquiring More Land: Lomov’s proposal is not solely driven by romantic motives. He also considers the practical aspect of expanding his land holdings by marrying into the Chubukov family.

5. Quirks and Habits:

  • Constant Complaints: Lomov has a habit of complaining about his health, attributing various ailments to different causes. This quirk contributes to the comedic elements of the play.
  • Overthinking and Indecision: Lomov tends to overthink situations, leading to indecision. This is evident in his struggle to propose straightforwardly to Natalya.

6. Role in the Play:

  • Comic Foil: Lomov serves as a comic foil in the play, bringing humor through his exaggerated hypochondria, nervousness, and the absurdity of his attempts to propose.
  • Symbol of Social Formalities: Lomov’s character highlights the social formalities and conventions surrounding marriage during the time the play was written. His inability to express his feelings directly reflects the rigid social norms.

7. Relationships:

  • Neighborly Relations: Lomov’s relationship with the Chubukovs is initially friendly due to their status as neighbors. However, the dynamics shift as he attempts to propose to Natalya.
  • Romantic Interest in Natalya: The core of Lomov’s character revolves around his romantic interest in Natalya. The misunderstandings and comedic twists in the plot stem from his attempt to declare his love.


Ivan Vassilevich Lomov in “The Proposal” is a character designed to evoke comedic elements and satirize the social conventions surrounding courtship and marriage during the time of Chekhov. His hypochondria, nervous disposition, and struggles to express his romantic intentions create a humorous portrayal of the challenges inherent in navigating societal expectations and personal desires. Lomov’s character contributes to the play’s satire on the absurdities of social formalities, making “The Proposal” a classic comedic work by Anton Chekhov.

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