Character Sketch of Gupta in Price of Flowers

Mr. Gupta, the narrator and central character in Prabhat Kumar Mukhopadhyay’s “The Price of Flowers,” is a complex and multifaceted figure. His journey in London exposes both his cultural pride and his willingness to adapt, showcasing his evolving perspectives and inner conflicts. Here’s a closer look at his various dimensions:

Cultural Ambassador:

  • Proud of his Heritage: Mr. Gupta carries a strong sense of cultural identity. He readily shares stories and customs from India, educating those around him and challenging their preconceived notions about his homeland.
  • Advocate for Fairness: Mr. Gupta champions fair treatment for Indians in England. He confronts discrimination and prejudice directly, highlighting the human cost of ignorance and bias.

Adaptability and Change:

  • Willing to Learn: Despite his initial reservations, Mr. Gupta embraces aspects of English culture. He tries new foods, enjoys socializing with diverse individuals, and demonstrates a willingness to integrate while retaining his own values.
  • Questioning Traditions: Mr. Gupta is not a blind follower of tradition. He challenges superstitious beliefs and rigid customs, especially when they clash with his evolving understanding of the world.

Internal Conflict and Compassion:

  • Torn between Worlds: Mr. Gupta grapples with his identity in a foreign land. He misses his family and homeland while adjusting to his new life in London. This internal conflict adds depth and nuance to his character.
  • Acts of Kindness: Despite his own struggles, Mr. Gupta extends compassion to others. He befriends Maggie and her mother, offering emotional support and practical help. This generosity speaks volumes about his inherent goodness.

The Catalyst and Witness:

  • Connecting Cultures: Mr. Gupta serves as a bridge between Indian and English cultures. He fosters understanding and communication, breaking down barriers through personal interactions and genuine empathy.
  • Observer of Human Nature: Through his encounters with diverse individuals, Mr. Gupta gains new perspectives on human nature. He observes struggles, prejudices, and triumphs, offering insightful reflections on the complexities of life.

In Conclusion:

Mr. Gupta is a dynamic and unforgettable character who embodies the experience of cultural displacement and transformation. He navigates challenges, confronts stereotypes, and ultimately reveals the power of kindness, adaptability, and open-mindedness in bridging cultural divides.

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