Character Sketch of Aram from The Summer Of The Beautiful White Horse

In William Saroyan’s “The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse,” Aram is the central character and narrator of the story. A young boy living in a close-knit Armenian community, Aram’s innocence, curiosity, and unwavering sense of justice make him an endearing and memorable protagonist. The character sketch of Aram unfolds through his experiences, relationships, and the poignant events that shape his worldview.

Innocence and Curiosity: Aram is introduced as a boy full of innocence and curiosity. Growing up in a rural Armenian community, he possesses an inquisitive nature that propels him into the heart of the narrative. His genuine curiosity becomes a driving force behind the unfolding events, setting the stage for the story’s exploration of justice and moral dilemmas.

Close Family Ties: Aram’s character is deeply rooted in his family, especially his cousin Mourad, who plays a pivotal role in the narrative. The bond between Aram and Mourad is characterized by trust, admiration, and shared adventures. Aram’s closeness to his family, the traditions they uphold, and the values instilled in him become integral to understanding his character.

The Beautiful White Horse Incident: The plot centers around an incident involving a stolen horse, specifically a beautiful white one owned by the neighboring Khatchadourian family. Aram’s initial disbelief and confusion about the alleged theft showcase his honest and trusting nature. As he unravels the truth behind the incident, Aram’s character evolves, revealing layers of compassion, integrity, and a growing awareness of the complexities of morality.

Moral Dilemmas and Justice: Aram’s character is defined by his unwavering sense of justice. When he discovers that his cousin Mourad, whom he deeply admires, is involved in the theft of the horse, Aram is faced with a moral dilemma. His internal struggle to reconcile the actions of someone he holds in high regard with his own moral compass adds depth to his character.

Compassion and Understanding: Aram’s compassion shines through as he confronts Mourad about the stolen horse. Rather than condemning his cousin outright, Aram seeks to understand the motivations behind the act. This display of compassion showcases Aram’s ability to empathize and see beyond the surface, embodying a wisdom beyond his years.

Adventurous Spirit: Aram’s character is marked by an adventurous spirit. His journey to return the stolen horse becomes a quest for truth and justice. Despite the risks involved, Aram’s determination and courage lead him to confront the complexities of right and wrong.

Coming of Age: The narrative, set against the backdrop of a close-knit Armenian community, becomes a coming-of-age story for Aram. Through the challenges he faces and the moral decisions he makes, Aram undergoes a transformative journey, shedding some of the innocence of childhood and embracing the complexities of the adult world.

Symbolism of the White Horse: The beautiful white horse, stolen by Mourad, serves as a powerful symbol in the story. It represents not just a prized possession but also the broader themes of honesty, justice, and the consequences of one’s actions. Aram’s quest to return the horse becomes symbolic of his commitment to upholding these values.

Narrative Voice and Style: Aram’s character is intricately connected to the narrative style of the story. The first-person perspective, as narrated by Aram himself, provides readers with a direct window into his thoughts, emotions, and evolving understanding of the world around him. Saroyan’s choice of narrative voice enhances the authenticity and immediacy of Aram’s character.

Cultural Identity: Aram’s Armenian heritage plays a significant role in shaping his character. The cultural backdrop of the story adds richness and depth to his experiences, emphasizing the importance of community, family, and shared values in Aram’s worldview.

Conclusion: In “The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse,” Aram emerges as a multifaceted protagonist whose character is defined by innocence, curiosity, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to justice. The narrative unfolds through his eyes, inviting readers to join him on a journey of discovery, moral introspection, and the complexities of growing up. Aram’s character becomes a timeless representation of the universal themes of morality, family bonds, and the transformative power of understanding the shades of gray in a seemingly black-and-white world.

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