Character Sketch of Abhiley by Abdul Ghani Sheikh Class 10th

Abhiley, the protagonist of Abdul Ghani Sheikh’s short story “Abhiley,” is a young woman who faces many challenges in her life, but she perseveres through them with strength and resilience.

Early Life

Abhiley is born into a poor family in rural India. Her father dies when she is young, and her mother is forced to work long hours to support her family. Abhiley is left to fend for herself, and she quickly learns to be independent and resourceful.


At the age of 18, Abhiley is married to a man named Laxman. Laxman is a kind and loving husband, but he is also poor and struggling to make ends meet. Abhiley helps Laxman with his work, and she also takes care of their young daughter, Sita.


Abhiley’s life is turned upside down when Laxman is killed in a car accident. Abhiley is left to raise Sita on her own, and she faces many challenges. She has to find a way to provide for her family, and she also has to deal with the grief of losing her husband.


Abhiley is determined to overcome the challenges she faces. She works hard to provide for her family, and she also finds ways to support herself and Sita emotionally. She joins a women’s self-help group, and she finds strength and support from the other women in the group.


Abhiley is a remarkable woman who overcomes many challenges in her life. She is a symbol of strength and resilience, and she shows that anything is possible if you never give up.

Specific Examples of Abhiley’s Strength and Resilience

  • When Laxman dies, Abhiley is devastated, but she quickly pulls herself together and sets out to provide for her family. She takes on additional work, and she also starts a small business selling vegetables.
  • Abhiley is a loving and devoted mother. She puts Sita’s needs first, and she is always there for her daughter.
  • Abhiley is a member of a women’s self-help group. The group provides her with support and encouragement, and it helps her to develop her confidence and self-esteem.

Abhiley’s Legacy

Abhiley’s story is an inspiration to others. She shows that even in the face of adversity, it is possible to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

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