Understanding the Education System at the International School in Bangkok

Bangkok can promise a world-class education for all international students. It provides a global curriculum, teaching students to have a broader perspective of what the future holds. Many ex-pat parents consider an international school in Bangkok because of its top-rated teaching approach compared to regular schools.

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Verso International School in Bangkok is a suitable choice for innovative education. They hone students’ abilities from early years with lots of extra-curricular activities for them to develop new skills. This international school believes a person can learn more beyond the classroom walls, such as sports, making new friends, and adapting to various cultures.

Bangkok’s Education System 

Studying in Thailand’s capital is a unique experience, with a range of universities to choose from. Besides quality education, Bangkok can also offer rich cultures, tourist spots, and a tropical climate, making student life more vibrant.

The Thai government provides 15 years of free education in public, private, and international schools. This covers pre-primary to upper secondary levels, except the four years for higher education. Primary education will last six and three years for the lower and upper secondary levels. The remaining four years are for taking degree programs from top universities.

Most international schools in Bangkok cater to ex-pats and individuals who want the benefits of global education. They require a higher tuition fee but offer superb facilities to improve the student experience.

Things You Need To Know 

International schools have a different education system than regular schools. It is more advanced in terms of cost and curriculum that parents need to know before enrollment. We have listed the most important factors that will affect your choice.

  • Tuition Fees 

The annual tuition fee in Bangkok’s international school from year 1 to year 7 is up to 800,000 baht. It will increase as the educational need rises, not more than a million baht annually.

This is why only wealthy parents have the audacity to send their kids to study abroad; it is costly. The course fees exclude hidden fees, like paying for an apartment, processing fees, and other campus expenses. When these costs add up, they will be as massive as the annual tuition fees. 

  • Curriculum 

Your home country’s curriculum may be the curriculum you will be looking for abroad. Nothing is wrong with that; however, be ready to face changes. Lucky you are because Thailand has a range of programs to choose from – from the host country’s curriculum, IB, American, and British curriculum.

Remember that the child’s abilities and interests significantly impact your decision to choose the right curriculum. Consider what the curriculum offers; research it to determine if it suits your child’s needs. IB schools are the most popular. They support creative and critical learning, which is necessary to make students globally ready.

The American curriculum is the best choice if you want a well-rounded education. They offer a more comprehensive range of subjects, helping students discover more skills. On the other hand, the British curriculum makes every student more globally competent. They will learn to set more precise goals following international standards.

In Bangkok, each curriculum can guarantee quality education. The main contrast is the learning approach and focus.

  • Faculty 

International school is made up of different races. For example, it will consist of host-country nationals, third-country nationals, and U.S. citizens. These individuals must obtain a Thai license, certification, and credentials to teach abroad.

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Bangkok aims for excellence in hiring teachers based on qualifications and experiences. They must hold a bachelor’s degree, teaching certificates, and must be a native English speaker. Most educators in top-tier international schools are Westerners; this does not mean you can dismiss non-Westerners. 

  • Facilities 

Thailand is known for its latest technologies, which are also present in schools. That is why international schools are costly due to the modern facilities offered to the students. As a result, they provide more advanced education in a safer environment.

International schools in Bangkok are designed to be family-oriented and are highly secure from outsiders. The overall facility supports the student’s academic needs and other activities to enhance educational experiences. 

  • Learning Support System 

What makes international schools in Bangkok is being life-centered. This means supporting students holistically. They use a unique learning solution for students with special needs to help them develop new skills. The educators are well-trained in dealing with individuals with various needs.

International schools manage to supply mild to moderate learning processes not to miss out on each student’s needs. They also consider developing peers so foreign students feel safer in class. Behind all of this are highly qualified educators to ensure the best possible outcome.

Final Thoughts 

To sum it up, Bangkok has the best international schools in the world. They follow a broader curriculum to cater to more nationalities and ensure a degree of excellence in the workplace. Students going abroad have increased over the years, making Thailand the most suitable place to pursue a global career. The education standard of Bangkok might be expensive but an investment for a better future. It includes an excellent facility, staff, and learning support system that will journey with the students toward the most promising career path.

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